The Zodiac Might Prove Once And For All That Opposites Really Do Attract

While having shared interests or aligned lifestyle ideals can greatly benefit romantic couplings, we're all well familiar with the notion that opposites attract. We've seen plenty of rom-coms following the star-crossed stories of two less-than-likely lovers. "Friends," "Grease," "Clueless," "The Addams Family" –- we all get a bit heartsick over a good opposites attract love story.


And there is some solid ground for the reason we might be attracted to someone so abundantly different than ourselves: it's likely that the object of our desire holds the traits we'd like to develop personally. ​​"Many important aspects of relationships, especially personality traits, needs, and preferences are a much better fit when they are opposite or complementary, rather than similar," Manhattan-based licensed clinical psychologist Joseph Cilona, PsyD, told Women's Health. So, what does the ancient practice of astrology have to say about this extremely common phenomenon? Let's take a closer look.

Sister signs and shared modalities

In astrology, there's a theory that signs opposite one another on the zodiac wheel are sister signs. These placements are 180 degrees apart and are opposites in more than just the seasons. Sister signs tend to fill in the gaps for one another, creating a perfect balance. The six sister sign pairings of the zodiac are: Aries and Libra, Taurus and Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius, Cancer and Capricorn, Leo and Aquarius, and Virgo and Pisces.


"Astrologers often say that the remedy for any sign's neurosis is the enlightened qualities of the opposite sign," astrologer Juliana McCarthy told Well + Good. And if you know anything about astrology, it isn't too tricky to see how the bold, vivacious drive of an Aries would indeed complement that balanced, thoughtful persona of a Libra. This equation could prove beneficial in any relationship or connection, but when it comes to romance it's particularly potent.

You may have noticed within the sister sign pairings that each couplet shares the same modality -– which is no coincidence. Even if signs are opposite one another, sharing the same modality –- cardinal, mutable, or fixed –- shows the similar ways in which the opposites approach the world. Cardinal signs are the great initiators who step into action, while fixed signs tend to hold strong boundaries, and mutable signs are constantly changing and going with the flow. So, even though sister signs differ in vast and obvious ways, their shared modality brings them together.


Aries and Libra

Fire and air signs tend to play on one another, just as they do in nature and the dynamic can be a whirlwind. "For example, Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) blends well with Air (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) because air signs fuel the fire with their fascinating ideas and carefree personality. Meanwhile, fire signs warm the air and keep things interesting enough for their intellectual counterparts with their playful and passionate energy," Mecca Woods, founder of My Life Created told TZR.


In terms of how sister signs can fill in the blanks for one another, Aries is the ideal candidate to help Libra with their indecisiveness, ushering the air sign into action. On the other hand, Aries often stumbles over the consequences of their impulsivity and Libra can greatly encourage this ram to pause, reflect, and make a conscious choice from a balanced state of being. As cardinal signs, this duo is likely to be successful and accomplished.

Taurus and Scorpio

This coupling is arguably the most sensual of the zodiac and as fixed signs, they both know what they like and see little reason to stray from what works. Water placement Scorpio is comfortable diving into the depths of the emotional realm and will likely invite Taurus to do the same –- though the earth sign may have a trickier time with Scorpio's veiled indirectness.


"For Taurus, it's in pure physical pleasure: good food, soft linens, and sex," astrologer Rachel Lang told Well + Good. "For Scorpio, physical pleasure is a transcendent experience, especially sex. They feel intensely, even if they don't always show their partner what they're feeling." Both signs may be homebodies, making their lifestyle match an effortless flow of luxury and coziness. As an earth sign, some of the more pragmatic pieces of business will fall into the lap of Taurus, but intuitive and loyal Scorpio will make sure their partner doesn't face anything alone.

Gemini and Sagittarius

If there is one coupling that encapsulates the 'life of the party,' this is it. Gemini and Sagittarius are arguably the most social signs of the zodiac, flitting from one party to the next with charm and wit. These two are the socialites of the zodiac kingdom. Their shared values of freedom, exploration, and adventure are the glue that holds them together. But, there is a but. Commitment is the big, scary shadow lurking in the corner for both of these mutable signs and they may struggle to find a relationship that doesn't leave them feeling strapped down.


As an air sign, Gemini tends to be analytical, constantly thinking and chatting to process their lived experience of the world. The archer, on the other hand, is certainly one to look at the bigger picture more often than not. These opposing ways of filtering reality can leave room for a disconnect. However, if they can appreciate one another's passion for their most prized value –- adventure -– the romantic duo should be able to stay well afloat.

Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn, the mother and father archetypes of the zodiac. This pairing is top-notch and they truly have all their bases covered when it comes to matters of the home and hearth. Responsible, authoritative Capricorn is a provider through and through, making sure each element of the family is safe and established. Cancer effortlessly complements its counterpart with a nurturing maternal energy, caring for the softer matters of the family and the emotional realm. The two are really peas in a pod and tend to accomplish a lot together.


This cardinal pair is certainly more traditional when it comes to work ethic and family. Capricorn will benefit from Cancer's ability to inuit the needs of those around them and lean into some of the gentler aspects of romantic life. Cancer, often known to be the most emotional sign of the zodiac, needs the occasional push from Capricorn to not dwell on the past and take action in the now.

Leo and Aquarius

The confidence is unmatched when it comes to this fixed duo. Leo has the fire and social finesse to navigate the external world and bring the couples' desires to fruition. Adversely, Aquarius has the vision and intellect to be the compass holder in the relationship, calling the shots from a quieter place. These two are the movers and shakers, likely dressed impeccably at every turn. They are also bound to be extremely fun, light, and bubbly making them quite the assets to any social circle.


A possible point of contention for the romantic pair is Leo's deep need for praise and adoration. Aquarius may struggle to understand this desire as something other than shallow, as they highly value the mental plane of connection. But, if the air sign can remember the value of opposition and take into account Leo's ability to accept their own sometimes aloof nature, it should be a tussle easily overcome.

Virgo and Pisces

This earth and water couplet are as different as can be, but their shared sensitivity is where they shine. Virgos are the embodiment of order, efficiency, and groundedness. Meanwhile, dreamy Pisces is barely tethered to the earth. This can look like quite the conundrum from the outside, but the two are deeply intuitive when it comes to how things should be -– whether that's the contents of a kitchen cabinet or the emotional processing of a hard life event. They are mutable signs and both can flow and adapt quite effortlessly, carrying their innate wisdom prominently within them wherever they go.


Pragmatic Virgo may struggle to have a partner whose head is always in the clouds. Pisces represents the archetype of the mystic and they place much value in the ongoings of the psychic realms -– which can be a bit baffling for Virgo, who typically need to see it to believe it. But if Virgo can choose to see the beauty of polarity and Pisces can remember to put the utensils away in the right manner, these two can learn a lot from one another and create a strong, nurturing bond.