The Italian Bob Is The Chicest Take On The Short Hair Revolution

Say goodbye to French bobs — the Italian bob is taking over. You may be wondering what the difference is. Aren't all bobs the same? Au contraire, mon frère. French bobs are shorter than their Italian counterparts and sit just at the jawline or higher. Most of the time, the hairstyle is paired with bangs that hit right at the eyebrows. The chic 'do is meant to not look overly styled and is usually free-flowing with just the right amount of wave.

Just like the French bob, the Italian bob has an easy, carefree look. However, it's a bit longer and is cut below the chin, almost kissing the shoulders. Unlike the shorter French style, this hairdo is more versatile, and can be tied up or worn down. The blunt ends add weight to the hair, and while the strands should be piecy, they shouldn't have many layers. Italian bobs can be cut with bangs or without, making this style fun to play around with. Ready to make an appointment with your hair salon? Use these pictures for inspiration.

Weave a braid into your Italian bob

Italian bobs are the perfect solution for those that want a shorter hairstyle but still want to tie their hair into a ponytail or weave in some loose braids. Be sure to tell your stylist not to cut your hair above your chin, or you'll be losing that Italian bob look.

Air-dry your Italian bob

While many may think short hair is less work, it's actually difficult to style. However, the Italian bob is just long enough to make your hair manageable. The best part about this length is that it requires minimal styling. After you wash your hair, apply mousse or texturizing spray and allow it to air dry. If you want to blow-dry your hair, use a diffuser and a round brush to add volume and some waves.

Italian bobs look best when slightly wavy

When you think of Italian bobs, you may conjure up an image of Aubrey Plaza or Kaia Gerber. The one thing they both have in common is their understated, easygoing bobs. This look should be barely styled and looks best with a bit of wave. If your hair is pin straight, use a large-barreled curling iron to create some movement. Don't worry about creating perfect curls. Your waves should be carefree and moving in different directions.

Blunt ends are what give Italian bobs some weight

Along with cutting your Italian bob below your chin, your stylist should leave your ends blunt. This creates movement while adding weight to your hair. With an Italian bob, the volume should be equally distributed from the crown of your head to the ends. If your hair is on the finer side, create volume by applying mousse and scrunching your strands in sections.

Switch up your part with an Italian bob

Italian bobs are cut in such a way to maximize movement and volume. This style doesn't rely on how you part it, so you can play around with changing up the direction of your hair. If you're used to splitting your hair down the middle, try experimenting with a deep side part. Despite what Gen Z says, side parts are not just for millennials and up.

Add bangs to your Italian bob

If you want to make your Italian bob more voluminous, add some curtain bangs to the front. Your fringe should not take over the style, but it should rather complement your cut. Other than the bangs, your hair should be all one length. Add waves to your Italian bob by using a curling iron to create movement at the halfway point of your hair. Keep the bottom part straight to emphasize the blunt ends. Other than that, you don't have to do much to style this chic haircut. The Italian bob is meant to be low-maintenance while also looking bellissima.