Festival Fashion Can Bring Coachella Vibes To Your Everyday Style

Music festivals are so much fun! It's beyond exciting to watch our favorite artists perform while singing and dancing along, surrounded by people who are passionate about the same songs and bands. But the music and partying aren't the only thrilling aspects of music festivals — we're obsessed with festival fashion. We love picking out our most unique, outlandish outfits for these events and observing what all the other festival-goers wear, including trends like face glitter and Y2K hair gems.

One celebrity famous for rocking festival fashion is the beautiful and talented Vanessa Hudgens. The movie star flaunts many boho-chic ensembles that match her free-spirited personality, so Hudgens is an excellent example of stylish festival-inspired fashion. Looking at some of Hudgens' outfits can help you get a sense of festival fashion, as can searching #coachella on Instagram, as the hashtag has over five million posts (at the time of writing). We also have some tips for implementing bold festival-inspired details into your wardrobe.

Sheer everything

Anyone who's ever been to a music festival has probably been surrounded by free-spirited sheer clothing, such as tops, skirts, and dresses, as there are many ways to style the naked dress trend. So, wearing more see-through pieces is an excellent way to channel the festival spirit any day of the week, and sheer clothing can be as sexy or tasteful as you want it to be, depending on the garment and what you wear over or under it.

Try a body chain

We also see countless body chains at music festivals, as these accessories are unapologetically unique and bold. While we usually see them over bra tops and bikinis in party scenes, you can still style body chains for everyday looks. For example, they look beautiful as standout focal points for minimalistic tops and dresses. These daring pieces will do the styling for you, transforming dull garments and making your life easier.

Crop tops are perfect

It's rare to see a top that isn't cropped at a music festival, as crop tops are comfortable and just plain fun to wear. Try wearing your sexiest crop top and figure-hugging bottoms for a night out with friends, or wear a crop top under a blazer with slacks for a more sophisticated everyday look.

Rock a band T-shirt

Of course, many people represent their favorite bands by wearing their merch, such as T-shirts, at music festivals. But you don't need to be attending a concert or festival to flaunt a T-shirt inspired by your favorite artists! Wear a band T-shirt whenever you feel like supporting musicians you enjoy by showing off their merchandise.

Have fun with shorts

Shorts are another casual and comfortable option many festival-goers choose to wear at these events. Wear shorts as short as you're comfortable wearing, whether the length is just below your behind or slightly above your knees. Classic denim is a popular choice for music festivals, but don't be afraid to experiment with other types of shorts, such as leather options. Ripped or colorful denim shorts are cute, too.

Wear your loudest patterns

Music festivals are places where people typically feel more comfortable and confident expressing their true selves than they would in other settings, so we see many daring, colorful patterns at festivals. However, you should never be afraid to be true to yourself, so you should try to break out your favorite pieces with patterns more frequently. As long as you're not at work where there's a strict dress code or any other venue limiting what you wear, who cares what others think as long as you're happy?