To Achieve The Quick Mascara Hack That Makes Your Eyes Look Bigger, You First Have To See Double

Whether your eyes are brown, blue, green, hazel, small, big, or somewhere in the middle, we're sure that they're simply beautiful in their own unique way. At the same time, having eyes on the bigger side might be an understandable desire when it comes to beauty ideals. That's because having big eyes is often considered more attractive, according to a study conducted by a team that included Tom Hartley, lecturer in psychology at the University of York in the United Kingdom (via Today). When those behind the study looked at how aspects of the face affected how people reacted to them, they noted the influence of big eyes. 


However, Hartley also pointed out that there is a wide range of different elements that can affect and even change this particular perception. "Many of the features that influence predicted ratings in our model are changeable features of the face — related to expression, pose, lighting, camera position, and so on," he explained. Anyone who is an experienced selfie-taker will know how much lighting, posing, and other factors can alter how you look.

The good news is there are a few things that you can do with makeup to make your eyes look bigger. For instance, there happens to be a simple yet super-effective mascara hack that will do just that.

Use two different kinds of mascara for bigger eyes

Many makeup users are loyal to certain cosmetic brands and products. That's why you might already have a favorite mascara that you tend to use every day. Although you can certainly put your tried-and-true choice to good use when trying to make your eyes look bigger, you'll actually need two different kinds of mascara to complete this hack. This will allow you to accentuate your eyes in a way that makes them look prominent and wide open.


"You need to emphasize the center of the eye," Vincent Ford, global makeup artist for Nars, told Net-a-Porter. To do that, Ford explained, "Use a regular mascara on your top lashes and then, to open up the eyes, just in the very center of your lashes (above the iris), use a volumizing mascara."

When you apply the second coat of mascara, Ford says that you need to use a certain technique to nail the look. "[A]pply it by holding the wand vertically, so it just coats, thickens, and accents those middle lashes," he said. Of course, this hack will only work if, as Ford mentioned, you use a volumizing mascara for the second coat. That's because this product can offer you some very attractive benefits.


Why you need a volumizing mascara for this hack

Unsurprisingly, volumizing mascara does exactly what the name promises: It helps your lashes look more luscious and wonderfully full. While that alone may prompt you to start using it, this product will also give you just what you need to nail the pro-recommended hack that will leave you with eyes that look beautifully big. The point of the technique is to emphasize the center of your eyes, which is why you merely add volumizing mascara to the middle section alone and apply regular mascara to your other lashes. Makeup artist Tony Tulve told Byrdie that volumizing formulas are "the quickest way to bring instant attention to the eyes without a lot of effort."


Granted, that's not the only reason to opt for this impressive mascara. Along with the fact that some volumizing mascaras also promise to lengthen or curl your lashes, they can either replace the need for fluffy falsies or be worn with them for extra flair. Beyond that, Tulve explained, "A good volumizing formula will also enhance a natural smokiness to the eye; the fuller lashes add a natural shadowing and definition to the eye."

If you consider all of these benefits together and find the perfect mascara combo to nail the technique, then this makeup hack might end up being your favorite go-to trick to create a flattering, widening look for your eyes.