Tips For Maintaining Your Loc Extensions

Locs are a beautiful hairstyle that has been around for centuries. With a long history in Africa, they are one of the few styles that stood the test of time. The beauty of locs is that it adds an extra layer of versatility to natural hair, allowing people to sport a multitude of beautiful hairdos. However, locking hair can be a prolonged process, especially if the goal is long hair. For those who don't have the patience to wait years, adding loc extensions is a great alternative.


Loc extensions are perfect for people who want to add length to their locs instantly without going through the long growing phase. Using a crochet needle, the locticians add pre-made locs to matured locs. If you're just starting your loc journey, your hairstylist might gradually add hair into the locs to add thickness and length instead.

This is a semi-permanent solution that lasts longer than most extensions. According to Salih Watts, a Washington, D.C. salon owner, they normally last between two and four years before being cut out of the hair (via Allure). While she has seen this style last up to 10 years, this requires proper maintenance over a consistent period of time. For those ready to add loc extensions, knowing the key to keeping the locs beautiful for as long as possible is important.


Do as little as possible to your loc extensions

When individuals first add loc extensions to their hair, it's tempting to add new oils and cleansers to their routine right away. However, Salih Watts is heavily advised against doing anything to the hair for the first six weeks after the hair appointments (via Allure). It's best not to disrupt the newly installed loc extensions so the locs have time to mature in the hair before the first wash.


When it comes to styling, it's best to limit the use of rubber bands, braids, bleach, and box colors. Mukisalocs warns that excessive styling could cause unnecessary stress on the scalp, resulting in soft spots and hair thinning. The amount of stress styling could cause is often based on the tightness of the hairstyle as well as the weight of the locs. It's best to have hair breaks between fun styles to keep your hair looking its best throughout the years.

Maintain enough moisture in your locs

Moisture is the key to maintaining natural hair and loc extensions. Locs getting dry can lead to dullness, dryness, and even breakage. When working with locs, it's important to pay attention to the ingredients that are in shampoo and conditioners. Certain shampoos can have harsh chemicals and silicones that can dry out the hair and leave it feeling brittle. It's also important to not overdo it with hair products. Locs can be prone to buildup, which could also lead to dryness. Product buildup creates a film on the hair that stops moisture from coming in.


To keep the hair soft and supple, it's important to prioritize water-based moisturizers. This is great for maintaining the hair and can easily be removed with proper cleansing, unlike other products. Following up with oil is a wonderful way to seal the locs. Essential oils are great for keeping moisture and promoting overall hair growth. A great starter pack for locs would be peppermint, tea tree, and lavender oil

Cleanse the locs regularly

While there are a lot of misconceptions about washing locs, after the first six weeks it is important to properly wash your hair. According to Loc Extensions, cleansing the hair improves the scalp, removes dirt, and helps relieve any buildup. It is best to use a residue-free shampoo to work through the locs and scalp. Afterward, thoroughly rinse the hair and follow up with rose water and oil of choice.


It's imperative to never go to bed with wet hair. Sleeping on wet locs can cause added moisture to accumulate while sleeping, which could eventually lead to buildup. Moreover, while it's tempting to use heat to dry the hair, we heavily advise against it. The heat could lead to the weakening of the hair and damage. Washing locs has its benefits, but it should not be done more than twice a week. Excessive washing could strip the moisture and oils from the hair and dry out the scalp.

Implement Satin scarves into your nighttime routine

Satin scarves are the secret hair tool most do not realize they need. When going to bed at night, we often sleep on cotton pillowcases and move our heads too much, which could ruin loc extensions. This is because cotton has the power to absorb oils and take in the product that was put into the hair. In order to maintain a neat and healthy style in the morning, the incorporation of satin scarves is the right move for most.


According to Ivy Bloom Hair, having a satin hair scarf prevents friction when sleeping to avoid breakage and frizz. Not only that but it helps the hair maintain its hair growth, leading to longer and healthier hair. For those who are looking for added protection, silk bonnets or pillowcases are a terrific addition to a nightly routine. These additions will be great security when resting at night.