Can You Really Manifest The Skin Of Your Dreams?

In the (literal) face of constantly evolving fashion and makeup trends, you may notice that the "less is more" approach to our beauty routine is almost impossible to avoid when scrolling through social media. However, if this method is something you have an issue adapting to due to various issues you're experiencing with your skin, it may be time to shift your focus from the various skincare products you're using and look deeper into manifesting your way to clear skin.

It's probably not be your first thought when searching for a skin solution, but the hashtag #manifestingclearskin has taken off on TikTok with over 7 million views. The mind is a powerful tool, and while it may sound a bit unrealistic to say that simply using the "Law of Attraction" and repeating daily positive affirmations such as "My skin is naturally beautiful and unblemished" or "I have beautiful, healthy, and flawless skin" is how you were blessed with a radiant complexion, the skin and mind are actually more entwined with each other than you might think.

How can manifesting improve your skin?

Our skin and our minds are so inextricably linked that when we're dealing with stress, our skin often tends to mirror it, causing us to break out with irritations such as rashes or acne. According to Healthline, if your skin is displaying symptoms as a result of stress, one of the easiest ways to help remedy the issue is actually through meditation.

While meditating, you also have the perfect opportunity to repeat those positive affirmations to yourself and get your mind working to believe that what you want is coming to you. It's easy to argue that the meditation component is what really helps improve your skin by reducing stress, but if making time for positive affirmations is what kickstarts your meditation practice, then it's not hard to reason that this form of "manifesting" plays a role, too.

Practically, a study in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience shows that the regular use of positive affirmations increases brain activity associated with reward, encourages positive emotions, and may even be associated with healthier activity levels and behavior choices — all of which can be tied to your ability to stick to habits that encourage healthy skin, like your skincare regimen, sleep schedule, and so much more. Plus, the endorphins released in connection with positive thinking and behavior could reduce inflammation in the body — including the skin (via Fashionista).

Using manifestation in your skincare routine

If you're ready to start manifesting, the first thing to do is track your skin's journey in a journal. Jot down your concerns, your goals, and times when you notice changes. Additionally, you'll want to use this space to come up with a list of positive affirmations to apply to your skin. These can be affirmations as simple as, "I have beautiful and clear skin," or something that's more tailored to a specific skin issue you deal with, such as, "My skin is free of this blemish on my chin."

When you come up with a solid list that you're satisfied with, begin to say these daily affirmations to yourself when you wake up, or even better, every time you look in the mirror. Next, set the intention of treating your skincare regimen as an experience, even a ritual. Take your time when cleansing your face and focus on the affirmations you created by repeating them while going through your skincare routine. If nothing else, your skin may benefit from your increased attention to both its care and your overall well-being.

Lastly, always try to show gratitude by being mindful of the wonderful traits you possess. You're more than your skin, and when you show appreciation for other amazing characteristics that define you, that appreciation will begin to radiate from within. If luminous skin is what you want, it can't hurt to speak it into existence and believe that you are worthy of such benefits.