Your Guide To Friendship Compatibility Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign has different needs, wants, and agendas when it comes to friendship. Understanding the framework of compatibility for your own zodiac sign, along with the others, will give you further insight and expansion when it comes to your personal relationships and friendships. Traditionally, horoscopes are measured in the format of a circular calendar divided into the 12 signs of the zodiac. When the signs are placed in this wheel, astrological theory tells us that we're able to forecast how others relate to us based on their own star chart trajectories.


Astrology has a rich historical tradition and was considered a hard science throughout a large part of the history of both Western and Eastern civilizations. For that reason, ideas presented in astrology should be considered, not dismissed entirely. So is astrology "real" or not? Our experience tells us it just might be, but nevertheless, you can turn to your friendships to see if the stars align with your compatibility.

Aries and friendship

Bold, fiery Aries is the adventurer of the zodiac. Any friend of Aries needs to be ready to invade and conquer. Those without the aptitude to go hard need not apply. Although the zodiac is superimposed on the Julian calendar, the beginning of the zodiac calendar actually begins with Aries in March. Thus, Aries is often associated with the qualities of what one needs to begin: boldness, ingenuity, and action-oriented. Aries are also known for their commitment to the truth and their unfiltered honesty. They're also typically brave individuals who always say what's on their mind without considering whether it'll hurt feelings or not. It's important to note that Aries are extremely motivated individuals who are ready to fight anyone who stands in their way.


To be friends with Aries you need to be someone who doesn't take things personally. You need to be able to accept that Aries' comments are meant to be constructive despite how hurtful they might sound coming out of their mouth. Don't be afraid to dish it back to them, Aries enjoy a debate and will respect you for sticking up for yourself. Due to their nature, it's said that Aries will get along best with Sagittarius, Gemini, and Leo, and worst with Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn.

Taurus and friendship

If you're looking for a warm, dependable bestie, look no further than Taurus. Unlike Aries, Taurus is known to be in tune with others' emotions, and this is the space they'll communicate from. It's unlikely that they'll make harsh comments or say anything impulsive that'll hurt your feelings. Taurus' consideration for the feelings of others makes them the best companion for sensitive Cancer and serene Pisces.


Taurus is the friend you might look towards to build you up after a rough day or a breakup. They'll always know exactly what to do or what to say to make you feel better. If you're going through a hard time, Taurus is most likely to treat you to a glamorous makeover at the salon or help you reinvent yourself with a new wardrobe. Taurus likes to move confidently and wants you to have the same.

Although it might seem contrary to Taurus' grounded energy, Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, making them lovers of anything that's a feast for the eyes and senses. Be mindful that Taurus isn't flashy like Leo, though. Their idea of an amazing time is more likely to be the city's finest day spas or restaurants. Even though Taurus are diplomatic communicators, they're also sincere, authentic, and genuine. This makes them least likely to be compatible with Leo, who Taurus might find obnoxious and attention-seeking. They're also unlikely to get along with Scorpio, who has a more private nature. Taurus values open communication so they won't appreciate Scorpio keeping them in the dark.


Gemini and friendship

Astute and outgoing, Gemini is the friend who's always on the move and sharing the most envious photos on their Socials. Always yearning and hungry for new sensations and experiences to stimulate them, Gemini makes for an extremely active, cool, and connected friend. Gemini's nature isn't as straightforward to describe as many of the other zodiac signs. This could be because their innate nature, being air signs, is extremely adaptable and constantly in a state of flux. In short, what you can rely on Gemini for most is that they're constantly changing, evolving, and expanding. Rather than be anchored by tradition or societal norms, Gemini follows the path of the frontiersman and the outlier.


You can always rely on Gemini to introduce you to the coolest new music, places to hang out, and trendiest fashion. They're most likely to start using the latest slang and don't hesitate when it comes to getting into the most recent viral trend. If you're not down for keeping up, Gemini will get bored and dismiss you from their friend group, which is also always changing.

For this reason, those born under this sign are most likely to get along with Aries, Leo, and Aquarius. Least likely to get along with Gemini are Virgo and Capricorn, who'll both find Gemini an unattractive friend due to their lack of practicality and ever-changing states.

Cancer and friendship

Cancer is the most loving sign in the zodiac, so these folks make for the warmest and most generous friends. They'll be the ones who support you unconditionally and offer you the affirmation you need to do what's truly in your best interest. Cancers are deeply aligned with the emotional vibrations of themselves and others. They'll never say anything to hurt your feelings, though they won't sugar-coat the truth; they'll just word their criticisms in gentle ways that'll feel supportive and constructive.


Cancers like to be comfortable and they'll always welcome you into their homes with great hospitality. They throw the best movie nights and dinner parties. You'll never have to be someone you're not with Cancer; they'll never judge you for your outfit or whether or not your makeup is done. Cancer is the friend you can always rely on to listen when you need to vent your feelings or talk to when you need serious advice.

Due to their high levels of sensitivity, Cancers resonate deeply with other Cancers, Scorpios, and Taurus. Furthermore, Cancers are deeply loyal. Their circles might be small, but you can trust that they've known everyone in them for years, if not decades. Cancers often clash with Aries, who finds this sign aggressive and abrasive. Since Cancer also values consistency in friendship, they're also not likely to get along with hard-to-pin-down Geminis.


Leo and friendship

If Gemini's astrological symbolism is difficult to understand, then Leo is the opposite. It won't take you long to figure out why those born under this zodiac sign are aptly named after the lion, the "king of the jungle." Leo is the showman of the zodiac, as this sign is flashy, bold, and spellbinding. Always popular, people are drawn to Leo for their natural "it" qualities. They love to loudly celebrate their own great qualities and what makes them the best companions is that they'll also loudly celebrate you.


Like Taurus, Leo loves glamour and the high life, but you're less likely to see them at a luxury spa because Leo is more about being seen in the VIP section of the best nightclubs in Miami. They love to party and go to all the places where you might want to be seen, like Art Basel and Coachella, dressed to impress. Their fun-loving and extroverted nature makes them the best companions for Sagittarius who loves the same thing.

Leo is least likely to get along with Pisces, whose spaced-out and low-key behavior does nothing for Leo but bore them. Leo and Cancer are also unlikely to get along, as Cancer's moodiness and need for consistency are just things Leo doesn't like to deal with.

Virgo and friendship

Virgo was your friend in high school whose assignments were always completed on time. They'd always be kind enough to tutor you since they knew that if they just let you copy their work, you'd never learn anything — and copying would build toxic dependency upon them. Integrity is something Virgo has in spades. Those born under this zodiac sign are known to be highly cerebral and well-spoken while also being modest.


There are some who will mistake Virgo's less outspoken nature or aloofness for arrogance and accuse Virgo of being "stuck up" when in reality they're just introverted. Virgos are creatures of intellect, and they're always thinking of ways in which they can improve themselves in all aspects of their lives. This makes them the best partners for enriching activities such as visiting the contemporary art museum, meeting up for a yoga class, or hitting up the local bookstore.

Virgo's open and accommodating nature allows them to get along easily with most signs of the zodiac and especially Pieces and Capricorn who both share many similar personality traits as Virgo. The only sign that Virgo might be completely turned off by is the extraverted and attention-seeking Leo. Virgo may find Leo superficial and be annoyed by their lack of awareness of the social or political issues that Virgo might care passionately about.


Libra and friendship

Sophisticated, sensible, and smart, Libra is the friend you want to have on hand if you're ever in trouble. What makes Libra unique is that it is the only zodiac sign that is represented as an object: scales. This means that Libra is innately drawn to truth, fairness, and balance. Libras are extremely methodical and known to weigh matters back and forth in the minds before making a decision and you can trust that it'll be the right one. Many misunderstand this slower pace to spring from hesitancy or stupidity and this is definitely not the case. Libras are extremely intelligent but are classy enough to keep this to themselves.


Libra is the friend who you'll have the best time shopping with since they're known to have elegant taste. However, they're also likely to make a dig or snide remark at someone's expense when the occasion demands it. Typically introverted and quiet, Libra doesn't mince words when they do choose to speak.

Libra and Aries might not make a good match due to Aries' lack of tact which Libra finds uncouth. A friendship with Pisces might not work, either, since both signs are known to not speak much, therefore arriving at a dull friendship. On the other end of things, Libra and Gemini make a great match. Libra will be stimulated by all the stories that Gemini has had of their adventures and admire their well-roundedness. Gemini will respect Libra for their sophistication and quiet assertiveness.


Scorpio and friendship

There is no more apt phrase to describe Scorpio than "still water runs deep." On the surface, Scorpio will appear collected and put together, giving them an aura of cool, seductive mystery. However, don't mistake any of their nonchalance or silence for passivity. Being a fixed water sign, Scorpio is one of the most deeply perceptive signs of the zodiac. Chances are they've already sized you up and have fully analyzed you before giving you their time of day. Describing the Scorpio personality is notoriously difficult. They are serious people, and being so perceptive, they don't have time for any BS from others. Try to play with a Scorpio's heart or deceive them and you're in for a world of hurt or trouble.


The Irish-born British modern painter Francis Bacon, a Scorpio born on October 28, has been attributed to saying, "Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends" (via Tate). I don't think any quote has described the Scorpio mentality so perfectly. As friends, Scorpio will be intensely loyal and generous to those who have earned their trust and respect. For this reason, Cancer and Scorpio make the best of friends. Cancer is also emotionally perceptive and is patient with their secretive Scorpio friends. Cancers innately understand that Scorpio will open up once they feel more comfortable.

Scorpios will find it difficult to be friends with Taurus, as this sign wants to address every issue openly and "put it all out there" while Scorpio prefers a more reserved approach, prioritizing their autonomy.


Sagittarius and friendship

High energy, extremely funny, and optimistic, Sagittarius' magnetism makes them wildly popular at parties. Sagittarius is an idealistic dreamer who loves to party. The perpetual optimist and lover of pleasure, Sagittarius wants to have lots of carefree fun, so get out of the way if you're not down. Sagittarius is the party animal of the zodiac and loves throwing spontaneous lively events where they'll charm everyone with their sense of humor and sharp conversational skills.


Sagittarius will get along best with ambitious Capricorn since they both like to "do it big." It's easy to imagine this pair networking at the most exclusive parties and events. It's also common for Sagittarius to get along with others born under their star sign, as they'll always have a lot to talk about. The least likely to get along with Sagittarius is Gemini, whose on-and-off energy won't be appreciated. Sagittarius, like Taurus, needs open communication.

Capricorn and friendship

When it comes to friendship, Capricorn values quality over quantity. After all, you can trust Capricorn with your deepest, darkest secrets: They'll never tell. Capricorn is the disciplinarian of the zodiac with respect being one of their highest values. Similar to Scorpio, Capricorn doesn't come off as the most open person. Their priorities are being the best at whatever they do whether it's in school, in their career, or the hobby they're deeply passionate about. They have very little interest in petty drama and prefer to socialize horizontally over common interests. Luckily, once you're in with Capricorn, you're golden. They make sincere companions who'll take your friendship seriously. Most compatible with Capricorn are Pisces and Cancer, as both of these water signs are known to be considerate and Capricorn will appreciate both these signs' go-with-the-flow energy.


The least likely to get along with Capricorn are Gemini and Taurus. Capricorn is extremely devoted, and Gemini's flippancy and tendency to move on easily just won't impress Capricorn. Although Taurus and Capricorn aren't polar opposites in terms of temperament, neither of these signs is likely to make the "first move" in friendship, leading to a stalemate.

Aquarius and friendship

Aquarius is known for its fierce independence and tends to keep things close to the vest, making it a little hard to get to know them. Aquarius' detached behavior can lead to a lot of misunderstanding but take the time to know them and you'll have a best friend for life. Don't mistake Aquarius' independence for selfishness, though, as they're interested in big-picture matters like social justice and the collective good. This is a friend who spends their weekends volunteering for a worthy local political campaign or organizing a peaceful protest. If you're interested in getting involved in social causes, Aquarius is a great friend to have. They're known to be intelligent, idealistic, and motivated to work toward progressive change.


The zodiac signs most compatible with Aquarius are Aries and Cancer. Aries and Aquarius will get along due to their similar energy. They don't shrink when it comes to starting projects and devoting themselves to their endeavors completely. Cancer will bring out the softer, gentler sides of Aquarius, while Aquarius helps Cancer find the confidence to manifest their dreams into reality.

The least likely to get along with Aquarius is Virgo. Although both of these signs are highly intelligent, it's likely that Aquarius will be annoyed by Virgo's ambition to always place first. Virgo is more of a rule-follower, and Aquarius will see them as a goodie-goodie. Aquarius, after all, is a rebel at heart, so these two signs just won't see eye-to-eye.


Pisces and friendship

Accommodating and open, Pisces is the embodiment of "good vibes only." Pisces' non-judgmental character makes them easy to open up to. Pisces is your dreamer friend — your friend that always has one foot in reality and the other in the realm of fantasy. Pisces' prerogative is maintaining their sense of peace and serenity. They don't indulge in petty drama, gossip, or anything that lowers their vibration.


Pisces' chilled-out vibe and peaceful intentions make them extremely compatible with guarded Scorpio. Pisces is one of the signs that Scorpio will actually trust since they'll know that Pisces' accommodating nature is actually sincere. It's easy to imagine these two having great discussions over matcha or just taking the day off to relax.

Leo is the zodiac sign that Pisces is least compatible with. Leo is boastful and proud, whereas Pisces is modest and low-key, so they're at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of how they present themselves to the world. Ultimately, it's likely that Pisces will find Leo arrogant and self-centered.