Kathy Nguyen

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New Haven, CT
San Francisco Art Institute
Tarot And Astrology, Women's Beauty And Lifestyle, Spirituality
  • Kathy's professional writing repertoire extends beyond articles and web copy, as she moonlights as a professional tarot reader with an exclusively long-format, text-based practice.
  • As an undergraduate in art school, Kathy was given the opportunity to study linguistics at Harvard University under professor Andrew Nevins. This course gave her an extremely thorough and deep understanding of not only the English language but also the patterns and structure of all the world's languages, both well-known and obscure. She has assisted in translation projects in both French and Vietnamese.
  • Although still "green" to the trade, Kathy has had over 30 articles published in her first year as a budding content writer. She is also a featured freelance content writer at Blissy, a luxury silk product company.


Kathy's editing and writing experience stems from over a decade of work as an English language arts tutor for advanced high school students and as an undergraduate admissions consultant, working with students hoping to gain admittance to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world. Kathy did not even realize that commercial writing or content writing was on the table for her until 2022 when she sold her first article. Since then, she has fallen completely enamored by the digital publishing industry and is ready and eager to grow and develop as a writer through practice and study.


Kathy holds a bachelor of fine art in new genres from the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) — the oldest art school west of the Mississippi and the only one to teach contemporary art exclusively. The department's curriculum placed a heavy influence on contemporary critical theory and unorthodox conceptual art practices. Being introduced to French "new school" critical theorists such as Frantz Fanon, Michel Foucault, and Roland Barthes as an undergraduate was her primer to non-fiction writing. All of this culminates in a unique voice that helps deliver lifestyle content effortlessly.

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