11 French Fashion Influencers To Follow To Inspire Your Wardrobe

When it comes to style and fashion, the French just do it differently. In France, fashion is, quite literally, an institution. French fashion dates back to the 17th century when Paris became the fashion capital of the world. Since then, the French have always been known for their impeccable style. It's not unusual for the French to use fashion as a way for the individual to respond to history or politics and also to reference art and culture. American fashion, on the other hand, is more likely to be influenced by popular culture and trends.

The fashion industry in France is highly centralized in Paris, although many are beginning to travel and gain inspiration outside the city. French fashion tends to be urban, elegant, and sophisticated, with a focus on quality materials and timeless designs, in short: chic. American fashion, on the other hand, is often more casual, eclectic, and trend-driven, with a greater emphasis on bold colors, patterns, and individualism. That isn't to say that the French style is boring; it's often sexy yet also whimsical, playful, and self-aware. We don't have a word for it in American English, but it's highly likely that Brits and Australians would describe the French look as "cheeky."

So, whether you're drawn to posh, glamorous luxury designers, the freshest streetwear, or the vintage aesthetic, exposing yourself to international influences, such as the Scandinavian summer aesthetic, will broaden your perspective. Start with these French influencers who can certainly inspire you to try something new. 

Loic Prigent

Loic Prigent is a respected and influential figure in the fashion industry, known for his work in fashion journalism, his engaging voice, and his ability to capture the essence of fashion and style. Prigent's work is always insightful, and what makes him special is that his focus transcends fashion garments as he gives us a look behind the scenes of the fashion world. 

Prigent regularly gives his viewers glimpses into haute couture ateliers where we are able to visit with workshop staff and learn about the hundreds of hours they spend hand-sewing and hand-embroidering, quite literally, the finest clothes being produced in the world. The respect which Prigent shows for the manufacturing process really sets him apart from the average fashion journalist. Loic Prigent isn't a traditional fashion influencer, he's more like a fashion gateway drug that'll put you on to fashion influences and help you understand the world of French fashion.

For us plebs, Prigent's work is an excellent way to get into the best fashion shows for many of the international fashion weeks. His casual and intimate interviews with designers feel more like conversations, and it's obvious that he is highly respected. Loic Prigent is known to present his work on his Youtube channel in both English and French, and it's not uncommon for both languages to be used in a video. Prigent is known for his catchphrase, "MOODBOARD!" which prompts his audience to take special note of an inspiring influence from a brand or designer.

Shayna Klee

Although Shayna Klee is an American ex-pat who is originally from Florida, any look into her Instagram or Youtube channel, the Purple Palace, will instantly show that this 'aint "Emily in Paris." Far, far from basic, Klee's fashion sensibilities are extremely whimsical, irreverent, self-aware, and experimental. Klee prioritizes expression over traditional beauty and isn't afraid to fully commit to a bold look by making sure that even the details — her hairstyle, makeup, and accessories — work with her outfit to strengthen the message or vibe she's trying to convey on any given day. Klee's style is extremely eclectic, postmodern, and diverse. She regularly plays off of historical French style while adding her own twist. 

To share her experience interviewing for her French nationality citizenship, Klee wore her hair in 1940s victory rolls and donned a classic white Dior-style dress embellished with large red roses. This must have been a nod to Édith Piaf's 1947 iconic French banger, "la Vie en Rose" and to Piaf's look as well. Klee modernizes the retro look and makes it distinctly hers by her use of sparkly, glittery eyeshadow and glitter gel in her hair. These thoughtful touches are the elements that differentiate Klee's look from cosplay. It's intentional and it's smart.

Let Klee inspire you to be more playful yet intentional with your style. Clothing doesn't always have to be about looking good, it can also be a vehicle for self-expression.

Mona Varichon

Like many French influencers, Mona Varichon's entire personality is not composed solely by what she wears. Rather, her clothing is an extension of her lifestyle as an experimental filmmaker, arts writer, and French horn player who is deeply invested in social justice causes and political activism. Dividing her time between Paris and New York City, Mona's Instagram page offers a view into the world of someone highly creative, intelligent, and eccentric while being inspiringly socially conscious. 

When it comes to her style sensibilities, the look is one that is highly wearable: heavy-handed 90s influences presented with a dose of self-aware humor. She expertly sports vintage, thrifted sportswear as well as more tailored pieces like structured jackets with clean lines. It's not uncommon for her to blend the two elements to create looks that are forward-thinking while being simultaneously nostalgic.

Mona's style encourages us to think of ways to subtly incorporate our own personal experiences and humorous flourishes into our wardrobes.  


Maroua is French of Algerian descent and is a practicing Muslim woman, as well. She has a YouTube channel where she shares information about her faith and talks about her take on being a modern practitioner in a very inviting and light-hearted way. She also has videos on beauty topics and shares recipes, in short: the usual influencer video offerings. Her videos are in French, and there are no English captions so if you speak French, check it out. 

For those of us that are just here for the fashion inspo, check out her Instagram page, where you'll be able to see her sick fashion sense. Maroua has a preference for the "clean girl" aesthetic though reinterprets it in the French style with tops and dresses that are more structured with gold hoops and necklaces that are a touch bolder than what you might find from an American. What makes her unique is that she also has a modern take on Algerian garments, and this clothing pairs with her vibe perfectly. 

Although it's not appropriate to appropriate ethnic clothing with no regard for the culture of that garment, it's important for Westerners to see that ethnic or traditional clothing is refined and wearable in a contemporary context.  


Let's be frank and honest: When it comes to the luxury, high-end market, there are very few faces like Lio on the scene. Lio's look is intimidatingly refined while innately cool, urban, and sophisticated. His Instagram page shows off his looks as he spends time between Marseilles and Paris. Lio has a strong interest in resort and cruise fashion, another rarity among fashion influencers who don't commonly highlight this luxurious arena of fashion.

Lio has a penchant for strong lines, clean tailoring, and minimal styling. Through this lens, he's able to modernize and reinterpret resort or "cruise collection" looks traditionally associated with wealthy, older white men. Lio is a class act, choosing to display his style without the help of any flashy accessories or jewelry since every garment he wears since each of his garments speaks for itself. His silhouettes are looser and very '90s influenced. He has a strong preference for the boxy button-downs and sweater vests of that era.

French men's fashion is known for its understated elegance and attention to detail. Classic, well-tailored pieces are combined with modern trends and streetwear influences to create a distinctive style that is both refined and effortless. Lio's presence on the fashion influencer scene is another example of how diverse and multicultural France and the Francophone world are. 


Smashing stereotypes and defying convention, Assia is a Parisienne YouTube content creator with 82,000 followers on Instagram currently living in Seoul, South Korea. She is a hijab-wearing practicing Muslim, which means that for religious reasons she chooses to keep her hair covered in public. Assia shows us that hijab-wearing women can definitely have thoroughly modern and urban sartorial sensibilities. This makes her one of the most inspiring and unique fashion influencers out there, bar none. 

Like many popular French fashion influencers, Assia's style is a blend of urban streetwear and hip-hop influences, juxtaposed with well-tailored suit pieces. Using a sophisticated color palette, she's able to create an aura of refinement and sophistication while being playful. Although Assia's looser silhouettes and strong preference for long-sleeved tops paired with long skirts or pants may or may not be due to religious modesty, her looks do not read this way to the secular viewer at all. Her fits feel thoroughly contemporary, and one could imagine very stylish secular women wearing these looks, as well. Assia also isn't shy of trying bold looks either, wearing her headscarf over baseball caps and tied under the chin à la A$AP Rocky's "babushka boi" look. 

Lena Situations

Lena Situations is one of the biggest influencers in France with four million followers on Instagram. Lena, whose real name is Hélène Siyouma, was born in Cameroon in 1995 and later moved to France, where she was raised. She began her career as a YouTuber in 2012 creating videos about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle topics. Her honesty and upbeat personality are what make her relatable, and her dedication to personal self-improvement is inspiring.

Lena's look is a blend of streetwear and high fashion. She often pairs designer pieces with casual, everyday items to create a look that is as stylish as it is effortless. Lena is unafraid to take risks with her fashion choices, and often plays with proportions and layering to create unique silhouettes. She also has a love for statement accessories, such as oversized earrings, bold sunglasses, and headscarves, which add a playful touch to her outfits. Her fashion style is known for being bold, playful, and experimental. She often incorporates bright colors, patterns, and unique textures into her outfits, creating bold, urban chic outfits.

In 2020, Lena released her first book, "Toujours Plus," which translates to "Always More" in English. The book is a memoir and self-help guide that explores Lena's personal journey and provides advice on how to cultivate self-confidence, achieve personal goals, and navigate social media. She is a role model for young women in France and beyond and continues to inspire her fans with her bold approach to life.

Camille Charriere

Camille Charriere is a highly respected figure in the fashion industry, known for her impeccable sense of style, thoughtful approach to fashion, and extensive knowledge of the industry. Her Instagram gives us a view into chic Parisienne life with envious eveningwear, red-carpet events, and views into the finest hotels and restaurants. Homegirl is definitely giving "bon vivant."

Camille is known for her attention to detail, elevating her impeccable sense of style. Her look is very sexy and she flourishes in evening wear: sexy cut-out dresses, backless gowns, and bikini-top two-sets. Like many French women, Camille is able to pull off risqué looks in a way that is 100% classy and never trashy. One of the ways she does this is to pair her sexy looks with simple hair, and she has a more minimal approach to makeup than the average American influencer. These elements balance her skimpy outfits and create an aura of refined cool.

It's obvious that Camille knows what she's doing. She's a veteran in the fashion industry, starting her career in the fashion industry as a publicist for Acne Studios and Net-a-Porter. She then transitioned into working in the fashion publication industry for Vogue, ELLE, and The Business of Fashion. She's also been featured in Harper's Bazaar and The New York Times and has collaborated with far too many high fashion brands to list.

Leia Sfez

When thinking about iconic French style, many of us conjure up images of 1960s cool girl musicians like Françoise Hardy and Jane Birkin. Their style was born from the French '60s rock 'n roll scene, known as the yé-yé movement, which was essentially the British "youthquake" in France. Like many music scenes, it was associated with a distinctive fashion style that featured miniskirts, high boots, and bold prints, as well as a general sense of youthful rebellion and independence. 

If you are seeking inspiration that's more in the vein of this "traditional" look, we've got you covered. Have a gander at Leia Sfez's Instagram page where you'll be able to find this distinctively French old-school rock 'n roll vibe, re-interpreted in a way that's thoroughly contemporary and highly fashionable.

Leia's interpretation of the classic rocker look is remarkably refined and grown-up yet retains a deep aura of sexiness and just oozes with cool. Refined and urban, her look is timeless as well as iconically French. 

Lemia Lagha

French wit is a cultural phenomenon that has become synonymous with French culture, referring to the cleverness, humor, and wordplay often associated with the French language and people since the times of Voltaire and Molière. It reflects a tradition of intellectualism and is celebrated for its cleverness, humor, and ability to provoke thought and discussion. Lemia Laghad is an influencer who keeps this playful tradition alive by infusing a sense of self-aware humor into her wardrobe.

With a large Instagram following, Lemia is someone who experiments with high-brow and low-brown fashion and elements from history. Her refined eye means she's able to express her humor in a refined, sleek, and sexy way. Her sense of humor is also what connects her to her audience and makes her relatable. Her vibe isn't intimidating or out-of-reach like other influencers who tend to make it seem as if they inhabit an extremely chic world that is parallel to our own yet far, far away.

Like many of the fashion influencers highlighted in this article, Lemia follows the French school of low-key styling — natural hair and make-up paired with well-tailored garments such as structured jackets and dress pants. What sets her apart are her subtle subversive personal flourishes: bold hair ribbons or stockings with bows that run up the seam. One gets a sense that she understands that these accessories are traditional symbols of romantic femininity that can be reclaimed and reinterpreted by the modern woman. 


Like many French influencers, Seb is a multidimensional creative and is involved in a variety of projects. He's a Youtuber, musician, and documentarian. His diverse talents and skills as a tastemaker earned him a coveted spot at designer Kim Jone's Winter 2023/2024 Dior Homme fashion show held at la Concorde, signaling his arrival as a contemporary young French tastemaker.

Seb uses his Instagram to show off his refined style. Many of his looks are influenced by American streetwear, and he shows a preference for a loose, baggy silhouette. What makes him special is his use of clean, minimal styling and neutral color palettes and monochrome looks that transcend the urban streetwear vibe into something distinctly French. Seb isn't one to pile on the accessories or flex through blatant branding, making his look effortless and "trés cool." 

Seb is a great example of how style is how we hold ourselves, how it's an extension of our lifestyles. He wears his clothes; they do not wear him.