Why You Should Really Drink Water Before Coffee In The Morning

"I can only function if I've had my morning coffee." Sound familiar? You've probably said those exact words yourself, and you're not alone: 65% of coffee drinkers start their day off with a cup of joe, according to a 2011 study published in the journal Missouri Medicine. You may rely on coffee for a much-needed jolt of A.M. energy, thanks to its caffeine content, but the drink also offers health benefits, says Cleveland Clinic — hello, inflammation-fighting phenols and body-boosting nutrients!


Clearly, drinking coffee in the morning isn't a habit you have to feel bad about. However, it shouldn't be the first thing you guzzle after shutting off your alarm. Instead, experts suggest grabbing a glass of good ol' water before getting your morning java fix. But what could really be so bad about waking up to freshly brewed coffee? Here's how it could be messing up your day and why water is the way to go.

Kicking off your day with coffee may make you feel worse later

The perfect fix for a stressful morning is a comforting cup of coffee, right? Not so fast. "Drinking coffee as soon as you wake up could interfere with your body's cortisol production which could leave you feeling more stressed and anxious if you dive straight in for a coffee as oppose[d] to a glass of water," Parvinder Sagoo, a pharmacist and online health adviser, explained to Glamour. Coffee can temporarily increase cortisol, the body's primary stress hormone, which is already naturally high upon waking up (per Healthline). The combo could send you into a stress spiral, especially if you're sensitive to coffee's effects.


Another potential problem: poor digestion. Though there isn't much research proving that coffee causes digestive issues, some people can experience acid reflux, indigestion, and other uncomfortable symptoms after sipping their favorite brew on an empty stomach. Waiting until you've had some water — and, ideally, breakfast — may keep tummy troubles at bay.

Why water should be your morning drink of choice

You don't need to go full "that girl" aesthetic and start your day with cucumber lemon water, followed by a green smoothie. Still, you should opt for water before coffee — plain H2O will do. As Dr. Michael Breus, a clinical psychologist better known as "The Sleep Doctor," shared during a Global Wellness Summit Master Class, "We lose almost a full liter of water every single night, so we wake up dehydrated. [...] Unfortunately lots of people like to grab a cup of coffee as the first liquid that passes over their lips" (via Well+Good).


Though caffeinated beverages like coffee can contribute somewhat to hydration, they aren't as effective as water. Mayo Clinic explains that caffeine is a diuretic, causing you to urinate more frequently than if you stick with water. And that means, even if your morning coffee replenishes the body at first, you'll be dehydrated again in no time.

Given coffee's health benefits and energizing caffeine, there's no reason to cut it out from your A.M. routine altogether. The key is to adjust your habits and reach for water before sipping on that delicious bean juice.