Yes, You Can Still Save Your Clumpy Mascara. Here's How

Mascara is a must-have makeup product that can be found in most people's arsenal. It's amazing for adding drama to the eyelashes in one easy step. Sadly, it doesn't always last long and is expected to be thrown out after two to three months. Sometimes before the expiration date, individuals can find their mascara clumpy and dry. This is often based on user errors, including pumping the mascara wand multiple times before applying it. This adds air to the tube that ultimately dries it out faster.

There are cases, though, where brand-new mascara could have this problem at first use. After all, certain mascara brands are made with thicker formulas that lead to clumpy eyelashes and a ruined makeup look. It's normal to get frustrated and want to try again with a better mascara. However, there is a simple trick that will help you hold onto your mascara for a little while longer.

Add contact solution to your mascara

Contact solution is the key to reviving dry and clumpy mascara. Contact solution adds moisture to the product without completely changing the formula. It's important to note that this hack is meant to be used on mascara that has yet to expire. If the mascara has been around for longer than three months, it's best to just get rid of it.

You can add two to three drops of contact solution into the mascara. From there, it's best to shake the mascara to allow the solution to coat the formula. Then, place the mascara into hot water for a few minutes. It's important to use boiling water to help the method works faster. This helps melt down the mascara and contact solution to help it mix further. Afterward, once the tube has fully soaked for a few minutes, take it out of the hot water. Shake the tube one more time and apply the mascara. It should be good as new!

When to throw out the mascara

All makeup has an expiration date, and mascara is no exception. While there is usually a small symbol that explains when to toss the product after opening it, sometimes it's best to look for other signs.

One thing to look out for is the smell. Unfamiliar scents are usually due to bacteria and can be subtle, so stay alert. If you smell a foul odor, don't apply the mascara and throw it away immediately. It's also important to pay attention to the color of the mascara. Air can often cause mascara to oxidate, which leads to key ingredients breaking down in the formula. When this occurs, it can easily lead to color changes in the mascara.

Using expired makeup is dangerous because it's introducing bacteria to the face, and it's even worse in this case because bacteria would enter your eyes. If the mascara is passed two to three months, it could lead to serious eye infections, so please be safer than sorry when applying your trusty tube.