Enter The Cub Cut: The Lovechild Of The Wolf Cut And The Trendy Bob

If you're looking for a new trendy haircut to rock this spring and summer, look no further. "The cub cut is a merge of two of last season's styles, the bob and the wolf cut. It's this season's trend with a blunter exterior but soft, seamless layers, making it one of the most versatile looks," Sally Brooks, the founder of Brooks & Brooks, reveals to Stylist.

The best part about a cub cut is that it has a lot of variety, suits plenty of different fashion styles, and looks great with virtually any hair type. "It's shorter to the chin, blunt, and features edges around the face that are feathery and soft," celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook tells Bustle. "It's up to you and what suits your face shape best," she adds. Since the cub cut can look so different depending on how it was cut, we've gathered some of our favorite cub hairstyles to help you find that perfect image to show your hairstylist.

The classic short wolf cut

The easiest way to explain a cub cut to your hairstylist is to simply ask for a wolf cut that is much shorter, meaning that the longest strands should barely touch your shoulders. Just like the wolf cut, a cub cut should also have plenty of well-blended layers.

The curly cub haircut with bangs

A cub haircut suits any type of hair, including curly ones. In fact, a cub cut looks particularly good with curly hair as its layers allow the curls to shine. A good hairstylist will know that curly hair shrinks when it dries, meaning that the actual cub cut should be longer when your hair is wet.

The cub haircut with curtain bangs

This fun and flirty haircut works with numerous types of bangs. Curtain bangs have been popular for years now, and they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Since curtain bangs at their longest layer tend to reach your chin, they'll seamlessly blend into the cub cut.

The asymmetrical cub haircut

Just because a cub cut is a layered bob doesn't mean you can't have fun with it and make it edgier. An easy way to add more angles to a cub is to opt for an asymmetrical one. Ask your hairstylist to keep the front pieces on one or both sides longer than the back!

The cub haircut with wispy bangs

Wispy and thin bangs can make the cub seem more youthful and relaxed. If you want to recreate this haircut, opt for thin bangs that you can style straight across or seamlessly blend into the sides of your cub. And since a cub cut is already pretty short, you might as well experiment with some bangs — after all, they will grow out in a month or two!

The cub haircut with no bangs

Before you decide to get bangs, remember that they usually require daily styling. People rarely wake up with their bangs sitting just right. Even though this would only take a couple of additional minutes, if you don't want that (or you don't like how bangs look on you), you can still rock the cub cut without them!

The wavy cub haircut

A cub haircut looks great on wavy hair, whether it's natural or curled. If you have fine and straight hair and you're worried the layers of a cub cut won't be visible on your hair, consider rocking it with your hair wavy. This way, the layers will be more visible, and your hair will have much more volume. And, no, this doesn't mean you need to curl your hair with a wand curling daily; consider braiding it before bed or learning a new overnight curls technique.

The cub haircut with micro bangs

Since a classic cub cut will hit you around your chin, micro bangs look great with it, as they help elongate your face without having to give up bangs. If you've never tried rocking micro bangs, this haircut is perfect for them. Not only do bangs like this allow your eyes and brows to be fully visible, but micro bangs are easy to style since they just need to sit flat against your forehead.

The cub haircut with flipped ends

Flipped-out ends were massive in the '60s, but since then, they've become popular again over multiple decades. A cub haircut is excellent for exploring this style, especially since it has multiple layers. And if you're wondering how to achieve this look, you can use a curling iron, hair straightener, hair dryer, or even a heatless overnight method.

The deep side part cub haircut

No matter what your parting preference is, a cub haircut will look great. While some haircuts only work with a middle or side part, the cub is versatile enough to look incredible with both thanks to its layers. The best part is that you can run your hands through your hair and switch it up mid-day!

The wispy cub haircut

Since the cub haircut is super layers, enhancing its wispiness allows you to rock that messy, woke-up-like-this look. A hair texturizing or sea salt spray is the easiest way to let the layers shine. If you have hair that dries slightly wavy, embrace that, as it's precisely what helps those wispy layers become more prominent!

The messy wet-look cub

The wet hair look is a great hairstyle to embrace if you have shorter hair that is slightly greasy. While those with longer hair can always tie it up once it starts looking greasy, those who rock hair shorter than shoulder-length can't really do that. With a cub haircut, the wet hair look is not only an edgy choice but also allows you to wear your hair down even if it isn't freshly washed. To create this style, use plenty of gel, and finish the look off with some glossing spray.

The straight cub haircut

Even though the cub haircut looks amazing on wavy or curly hair, you can still rock it if you have pin-straight hair. To ensure the layers don't get completely lost, apply some texturizing spray and slightly mess up your hair with your hands. This will create that bedhead style and give you lots of volume!

The mini shag cub haircut

A shag haircut tends to be more voluminous around the face, while a wolf cut is choppier and can appear messier. However, the two often look very similar, which is where the confusion comes from. If you prefer the volume a shag gives, opt for a short shag haircut that will barely touch your shoulders, creating a lovechild of the shag and the bob.

The cub haircut with straight-across bangs

While a cub haircut can be worn with or without bangs, we would definitely recommend that you get it with bangs — after all, if you're cutting your hair short, you might as well go all out. The best part about getting straight-across bangs is that once they grow out, you can ask your stylist to give you curtain bangs.