Are Fluorite Crystals Toxic?

While you may be aware of some of the metaphysical healing properties crystals can bring the wearer, most might not have considered the possibility that some crystals could potentially be toxic. Fluorite is a form of calcium fluoride and belongs to the halide mineral family. It's beloved for its ability to diffuse negative energy and comes in a variety of colors, ranging from purples and blues to yellows and greens. Thought to clear the psyche, focus the mind, and calm the spirit, harmonious fluorite is a popular crystal for pendants, rings, and bracelets. Fluorite points also make for a great addition to any crystal collection or spiritual altar.


So, despite the positive metaphysical properties of the beautiful stone, is it possible that -– to the dismay of crystal lovers everywhere -– it could also be toxic? Let's take a closer look at some of the concerns surrounding fluorite crystals.

Fluorite contains a concerning chemical element, but the crystal isn't toxic

The concerns around fluorite potentially being hazardous stem from its chemical makeup. Fluorite crystals contain fluorine, which as a gas is toxic and harmful (via International Gem Society). While intense and long-term exposure to flourite in mining environments could pose a serious threat, wearing a fluorite crystal or even cutting the gem isn't hazardous to our health.


To extract fluorine from a fluorite crystal, sulfuric acid must be used (via Buddhatooth), so it's highly unlikely that the fluorite crystals in your home would undergo this process. Lesser amounts of fluorine are actually needed for the health and strength of our bones and teeth, but again -– too much can lead to severe issues with the muscles, nerves, and kidneys. Fluorite is a fairly soft stone and experts recommend not submerging it in water –- although, this isn't how the toxic fluorine gas is released, so if you do drop a fluorite crystal in the bath, don't panic. Your health should be just fine, but the crystal may slightly deteriorate.

Uses for your fluorite crystals

Now that we know fluorite crystals are safe for you and your family, here's how you can utilize their healing properties. Green fluorite is a great aid for nightmares and can be put under the pillow to shield the mind from fear. It's also a crystal of prosperity and is a great tool to call in financial abundance and ease.


If you're working with purple fluorite, it's important to understand its similarities to amethyst and how it can help to align the third eye chakra, enhancing your psychic abilities and spiritual intuition. Yellow fluorite is associated with the solar plexus and is thought to bring harmony to the family through its bright, positive energy. You may have guessed that blue fluorite is connected to the throat chakra and is great for anyone struggling to speak up for themselves and trust their inner knowing. Capricorns and Pisces will most benefit from the use of fluorite in daily life for its clarity and aura-cleansing capabilities.