19 TikTok Influencers With Valuable Style Advice

What's one thing that Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z all seem to come together to agree on? Arguably, we can all attest to the fact that TikTok has taken over the social media, and though Gen X and Millennials took a little longer to jump on the bandwagon, the app is currently filled with users of all ages. Busy moms can find weekly recipes and laundry hacks, office workers can congregate in the breakroom to share laughs over a new dance trend, and young teens can learn how to perfect their winged eyeliner technique in 15 minutes.


But amidst the vast ocean of topics and billions of views per a single hashtag, one category that TikTok has no shortage of is the world of fashion. The app allows regular, everyday people to have the opportunity to become bona fide celebrities and influencers just by sharing their knowledge of something they're passionate about. While it can be fun to scope out clothing inspo and OOTD videos, there are a number of fashion accounts with genuine, valuable, and educational style advice that can help change the way you shop and dress. Let's take a look at some TikTok accounts that are must-haves on your style radar.


TikTokker @big_icky, who has her name simply listed as Icky, came up with the genius idea to start a TikTok for those looking for fashion advice geared toward trans women. Icky openly acknowledges the fact that fashion can be a difficult and scary journey for people going through their transition phase, so she makes a point to help ease some of those styling fears. She teaches her followers about shapes and silhouettes to look out for, embracing feminine clothing without the fear of appearing too masculine in it, and even offers thrifting advice.


In one video, Icky shares the importance of learning your new measurements as you phase out male clothing and begin adding more and more women's pieces to your wardrobe. After uploading the video, she received hundreds of comments letting her know just how much her advice has helped other trans women. "Please never ever take down your account; I use your tips every single day," one user commented. "I can't even tell you how important your videos are."


Kristina Kacheeva is a fashion TikTokker who has accumulated over 11 million likes, 339,000 followers, and a dedicated fan base. Kacheeva's videos focus on helpful hacks and upgrading the clothes already in your wardrobe. Ever wondered how to turn an oversized puffer jacket into a cropped version? Perhaps you love to layer clothing but always find it looks too bulky? Or maybe you've always wanted to know how to style your favorite warm-weather dress in the middle of winter? Kacheeva has you covered on all these basics — plus more.


Aside from clothing tips, the popular TikTokker will also offer makeup advice on occasion. Overall, Kacheeva's account is there to help other women look and feel their very best with simple hacks that anyone can achieve, and the best part about her tips and tricks might just be the fact that they can and will work for any body type, shape, or size.


@Sophiamaccc, listed only as Sophia, is a TikTok thrift queen who is here to teach us just how to turn that thrifted skirt you bought last weekend into five different ensembles. For those of us who weren't born gifted with an eye for fashion, it can be a bit tricky to envision a certain piece as part of an entire outfit, let alone multiple outfits. What many of us don't realize, however, is that a single article of clothing can be mixed and matched with limitless options — meaning our wardrobes are essentially boundless.


Not only does Sophia offer great styling advice, she also provides us with some pretty incredible thrifting tips, too. In her videos, Sophia shows exactly what she thrifted and each way she was able to style it. Anyone who would like to save money on gorgeous clothing but has no idea where to start, Sophia's page is a great resource.


What we love about @radicalmaddie_'s TikTok account is that she takes thrifting to a whole new level. By this, we mean that she takes on thrift shopping sessions by category. While heading to the thrift shop and stocking up on whatever goods you can get your hands on is all part of the fun, shopping with a certain style in mind adds a unique and exciting challenge. For instance, in one video, Maddie shares a number of items that she thrifted with Y2K vibes. By following along with the patterns and styles that she picked up, we can easily figure out what to look for next time we're in the mood for a good early 2000s shopping trip.


If you happen to notice a clothing item that Maddie rocks and you fall in love with it, keep in mind that she often sells many of her thrift store finds on Depop.


Curvy girls rejoice — Tori Block is here to save the day with some invaluable advice on plus-size shopping. No matter what the occasion, Block has some inspiration, tips, and advice on dressing a fuller figure. On top of this, she's here to remind us that we're beautiful at whatever our current dress size may be, and who doesn't need to be reminded of that every now and again? Just as Block captions on one of her videos, "You're plus size, not a potato!"


We love that Block isn't afraid to talk about things that some fear to bring up. What should plus-size women wear on their period? What's the truth about that viral shapewear brand everyone's been raving about? And do plus-size women really need to constantly be on the lookout for clothing items to hide their bellies? Block covers all of these topics on her page, all while offering women the confidence they need to be their best selves at any age and any size.


Sasha Williams, who goes by SimplySasha on TikTok, is a Miami-based fashion influencer. Why we love her page? Sasha is no newbie to the world of Amazon shopping, and she sheds light on the fact that pretty much every trendy style that's out there can be bought at a cheaper price on Amazon. In fact, Williams has several videos sharing that she often gets teased about finding most of her dresses on Amazon, but after looking at the clothing, people have no idea her pieces didn't come straight from a designer.


Recently, Williams was featured on an episode of "Inside Southern Florida" to discuss Black women in fashion for Black History Month. In the episode, Williams explains how she is noticing Black women beginning to embrace their curves and experiment with wearing more vibrant colors to accentuate their bodies, rather than trying to mute them. With women like Williams in the fashion industry, inclusivity is closer than it ever has been before.


At first glance, fast fashion seems amazing. You can wear trendy runway styles developed and curated by some of the top fashion designers in the world, with many pieces priced less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks. However, after just a couple of wears, you'll notice the quality of these pieces begin to rapidly deteriorate, all while more and more fast fashion clothing is being pumped out in potentially environmentally and ethically harmful ways for a quick buck. So, if we want to stop fast fashion, but still want to wear trendy and affordable clothing, how can we go about this? One great option is upcycling, which is taking old and used pieces and giving them a makeover.


Acadia, known as @111threads on TikTok, is an upcycling pro. She shares daily videos on how she takes worn or outdated clothing materials and turns them into something incredible. Even if you're a complete newbie to the world of sewing and DIY, Acadia has plenty of videos on how to create your own clothing patterns, cut fabric, and thrift for materials.


If you're not familiar with Vinted, it's a website similar to Poshmark or Mercari in that users can list or buy pre-used or unworn clothing. Shopping on Vinted has become quite a practical way to shop for sustainable fashions, so it's only natural that TikTokkers have jumped on the bandwagon. UK-based TikTokker Emma, better known as Queen of Vinted on the TikTok app, has created a page dedicated entirely to selling and shopping on Vinted. Though she does cover other sites and topics, Vinted is Emma's main focus.


In general, Emma shares helpful advice on all the ins, outs, and secrets of the Vinted community. Most important, perhaps, are the lessons she teaches us on exactly how to shop the site. She recommends getting started by going in with an idea of what you're looking for; because the site is so large with so many items, it's good to narrow down your search before you get overwhelmed.


Have you ever watched a movie set in a different time period and noticed the fashions and styles of the leading ladies, wishing you, too, could don such elegant and classic looks? In reality, adding vintage flair into your wardrobe seems a lot more intimidating than it actually is. @brendogrr, or Persley, is here to show us exactly what a breeze taking new clothing and making it look old can be. Upon browsing her page, you'll notice that she loves to draw inspiration from Old Hollywood actresses and school us on how to recreate their looks.


In one of our favorite videos, Persley presents us an old black and white photo of Lauren Bacall and proceeds to effortlessly recreate the ensemble Bacall is wearing. Pairing a vintage black beret with a timeless buffalo plaid tie-waist coat, she instantly shows just how simple channeling our inner Old Hollywood glamour queen can be.


Who doesn't love a good hack? In fact, sometimes it can be hard to remember how we even functioned before TikTok was here to educate us on how to make our daily lives ten times easier. There are about a million tips and tricks accounts out there, but when it comes to fashion, @Petitelife_incolors, or Natalia, is one of the best influencers to follow. Every couple of days, Natalia blesses our feeds with a new clothing hack that just might change your life.


Moreover, Natalia's page even tells us how we can learn how to fold, hang, and store our favorite pieces. In a genius video, Natalia folds a floor-length dress — while it's on a hanger — into the size of a blouse with just a few simple maneuvers. If that doesn't impress you, one of her styling do's and don'ts uploads is sure to have you double-checking your wardrobe for any fashion faux pas you may have missed.


Unless you have a job in fashion or you're constantly reading about upcoming trends, it can be hard to keep up with the ever-moving and changing flow of style. Thankfully, TikTokkers like @Loveyourmariemuch (Marie) are here to help. Marie's channel not only keeps us up-to-date on all the latest and greatest in the trend world, but also explains exactly how to style each one. For example, plenty of people were aware that maxi skirts were huge for 2022/2023 winter fashion, but not many actually knew the best options for styling them since we haven't seen maxis in rotation for quite a while. Not to fear, however: Marie came to the rescue with a video on how to pair them with all of the other Y2K pieces we're living for right now.


If you're looking to elevate your style, Marie has us covered in that department, too; several of her videos instruct us on why our wardrobe basics may be a little too basic, and how we can amplify them with simple steps.


If you're anything like us, your closet is stashed with a million different pieces of clothing (most of which you've never even worn) and you still can't ever seem to find something to wear. But what if we told you there was a way to minimize your wardrobe and still always feel like you have options? It might sound crazy, but this notion is the exact aim of TikTokker Kenzie Crouch. In a live news segment with "Good Day New York," Crouch shared, "It's all about creating educational videos [where] women can feel great and understand fashion, and they don't feel intimidated by it."


Crouch wants her followers to know that women go through many stages in life, so sometimes fashion doesn't always come naturally following major events. Occasionally, we lose our sense of style, give up on caring about appearance, or don't know how to feel good in what we're wearing. However, Crouch is here to tell us that all of these things are normal, and she's available to guide us on how exactly we can find who we are through clothing.


When you have an expensive taste in clothing but your wallet doesn't exactly agree with your spending habits, remember that there are always affordable options out there. Moreover, who do you turn to when there are so many influencers out there telling you where to shop, but no one can seem to advise you on places you should be avoiding? Let us introduce you to @LavishLana, a TikTok fashion advisor who is here to spill all the tea on where to shop, where not to shop, and why.


Based out of DC, Lana is very vocal about why spending money on the poor quality of fast fashion will end up costing you more in the long run. But she doesn't preach without alternatives; Lana's page is filled with unknown designer shops and affordable boutiques you may never have heard of. Of note, Lana's "Luxury for Less" video series is particularly helpful because it delivers maximum advice on where to look for investment pieces for a fraction of their original prices.


Curvy and plus-size women go through it all the time: One of the hottest celebrities rocks a new outfit, sending a trend alert into orbit, but women of extended sizes are left to wonder how their bodies are going to work with such clothing. Well, ladies, Ms. Kristine — known as @TrendyCurvy on TikTok — would like not only to say that women of all sizes can wear the same things, but that plus-size women can slay those same outfits just as hard.


Once Ms. Kristine selects a look worn by a celebrity, she will break down where to find similar or "spinoff" pieces in extended sizes. Then, she puts together an outfit that looks pretty close to the original, but with her own flair. Time and time again, Ms. Kristine slays her celebrity-inspired stylings as she hopes to show other plus-size women that they, too, look fantastic in the latest trends and fads.


Women who choose to dress modestly are sexy, too. So while there are loads of plus-size fashion TikTok influencers, some women feel that a majority of them show too much skin for their own personal liking. If you're a plus-size woman who likes to keep things on the more conservative side but still look chic and fashion-forward, TikTokker Tiera Sharie's page might be the one for you. Sharie's videos detail fantastic plus-size outfit inspiration on office attire, church wear, brand name dupes, plus more.


When we say modest style, however, it doesn't mean you can expect to find all turtlenecks and ankle-length skirts on Sharie's page; Sharie is all about bringing out your inner sexiness without revealing too much. You can catch her donning streetwear, mini skirts, crop tops, and vibrant prints. In fact, she even has a series of videos on how to slay an inexpensive outfit from Walmart and have people questioning which designer your ensemble is from.


We've all heard of the apple and pear body types, but what about Dramatics and Classics? These are part of the Kibbe body types — a body shape system developed in the 1980s by David Kibbe. The system, which is based more on your own energy than body type, focuses on five main categories: Dramatic, Classic, Natural, Gamine, and Romantic. While the entire Kibbe system is a lot of information to read up on and take in, those who are interested in learning more about dressing their specific Kibbe type need look no further than TikTok.


Personal stylist Ellie-Jean Royden, who has accumulated over 500,000 followers on TikTok, takes to her content pool to reveal a massive collection of styling tips and tricks based on your Kibbe. She explains how to coordinate your wardrobe to your facial features, match your interior self to your exterior self, and channel your personal style energies.


For hijabi fashion inspiration, @itisamyk is your one-stop-shop. Amy has a different color hijab for just about any outfit you can think of, and she uses her massive collection to bring us modest fashion inspiration for all occasions. With over 400,000 followers, an accumulation of 6.9 million likes, and videos that rake in hundreds of comments per day on TikTok, you can say Amy's videos have helped out quite a large number of viewers in need of her content.


Aside from lending us all of her outfit advice, Amy also teaches followers some great tips and tricks for pinning and styling hijabs, which is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their overall hijab style. In fact, sometimes she will even post celebrity-inspired outfit looks — but with a modest twist adorned with a hijab. In one of her highly liked videos, Amy recreates Kendall Jenner's famous cowboy boot look and teaches us exactly how to rock it in a whole new way.


When it comes to unique TikTok accounts, we're so here for it. @officialzeopatra might just win in this category due to her wide array of intriguing and insightful fashion videos you won't see anywhere else. Most notably, Zeopatra is famous for her "one-third ugly" rule, which is a fashion concept that creates balance in an ensemble by pairing one comfort piece with two other garments that are more structured and stylish — creating an elevated take on casualness.


In case these one-third ugly videos weren't interesting enough, Zeopatra's page is chock-full of other useful information regarding makeup, accessories, and confidence. It's clear that a lot of her inspiration pulls from Parisian styles, as she often shares her favorite French books and styling techniques that she picked up during her trips to Paris. If you're looking to really amplify your wardrobe and learn how to make even the simplest basics in your closet look like they're ready for the Parisian streets, check out Zeopatra's page.


In the fashion world, trying to figure out the basics of textures, color combination do's and don'ts, and how to make styles from any decade look contemporary can be a headache with all of the information there is to discover out there. But Ameera Watkins knows these things like the back of her hand, so her informative TikTok videos take all of the hard work and guessing games out of attempting to discover our individual styles.


With a love for all things vintage and retro, Watkins discloses the best ways to make old-school fashions work for any body type, including where and how plus-size women can shop for the most ideal vintage fabrics and textures for their body types. What's more, in case appearing like you just stepped out of an episode of "That '70s Show" is a bit more retro than what you're going for, Watkins teaches us how to actually make dated outfits look more trendy and modern.