Styling Silk Scarves To Keep Yourself Warm In Colder Weather Is A Breeze

While we love oversized scarves, silk scarves offer a refined option (whether it's 100% silk or just looks like it). With their long history of privilege and wealth, silk scarves communicate a whole upper-crust vibe, helping you inject a worldly, eccentric flair into your outfit and stay warm at the same time. It also comes with the added benefit of being both an indoor and outdoor clothing accessory. 

Dr. Carolyn Mair tells the BBC that scarves make an outfit feel lighter or less severe, as well as draw attention to your face, which helps improve communication. Ergo, when you feel your outfit could use a little something extra, maybe you just need to add a silk scarf. It can go a long way toward making you look and feel more attractive, and it's well documented that when we feel and look aesthetically pleasing, we're not only perceived more positively but we also feel better. So, whether you feel the urge to make a bold statement or you'd rather be more understated, here are some ideas for styling your silk scarves to stay warm and look good while you're doing it.

Try it with a turtleneck

Make turtlenecks and scarves friends when the weather gets cooler. While turtlenecks are great neck warmers in their own right, the neck scarf adds '70s sophistication — a more dynamic choice for this casual '80s-inspired jean-on-jean ensemble. And mixing a neutral-colored scarf with all-white makes an outfit feel calming or scaled back. People who are more introverted and like to go with what they trust typically favor a more minimalist style. So, if this is you, you might gravitate towards this easy-going but impactful look.

Focus on the details

It's the extra details that give your clothing allure, and a silk scarf with tassel details can feel anywhere from luxurious to prestigious and scholarly (think tassels on graduation caps). When paired with an oversized blazer, it pours on the preppy and looks oh-so comfortable during cooler weather. It's also a good choice if you want the look of a traditional winter scarf with the lightweight feel of a more versatile one.

Layer it over your hat

Who says you can't layer a head scarf over a baseball cap? Aside from keeping you snuggly and protected from the elements, wearing a silk scarf wrapped around your head and neck has to be one of the fiercest ways to elevate a baseball cap. It's pairing chic with sporty, and any time you fuse two seemingly contradictory looks, it's bound to feel informed and worldly when done well. Not to mention, the look is a great way to hide your hair if it's not quite runway (or street) ready.

Drape it over your bag

So, when we use the term "styling," we mean it very loosely. That is, you can choose to wear a styled silk scarf without it necessarily being on you. It can be just as impactful styled on things you carry as it is on your neck or head. As long as you have easy access to the scarf should a gust of wind pass you by. Here, the scarf livens up a leather handbag, and the orange and white print adds some visual complexity to the solid-color bag. 

Tuck it in your coat like a traditional scarf

While many would opt for a traditional wool scarf with an oversized coat, choosing a thinner, lighter silk scarf softens the heaviness of the coat. Plus, the mix of heavy and light feels fresh and modern. Here, the red and white printed scarf creates a point of interest against the black coat. It also picks up the white from the ultra-sassy and laced-up thigh-high boots.

Wear it like a shawl

Try layering your coat with a silk scarf that's large enough to double as a shawl. It's like having two forms of outerwear, and it creates a dynamic, comfy combo. This bright, invigorating green coat makes the moody black scarf stand out. And the scarf, along with the black shirt and white furry bag, adds a dose of minimalism to an overall vibrant sophisticated winter look.