Giving Your Brows A Lifted Look With Concealer Couldn't Be Easier

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Lush, lifted brows create dimension and appeal, and there are hundreds of tricks that can help you achieve this look. While procedures like microblading and permanent tattoos can help fill in sparse areas or provide shape, simple makeup hacks will give you the lift you've been craving (without the needles). Social platforms like TikTok have given individuals the tools to become makeup artists in their own time, with videos constantly popping up offering tips to conquer a particular look or trend. Because of this, hacks are becoming more widely known and easier to master, which is why getting lifted brows can be a piece of cake.


When it comes to highlighting your brows, concealer is your best friend. Your eyebrows have the power to give you an instant facelift with just a few minor adjustments. They balance out the rest of your features, and once you figure out how to shape and style them to your liking, they become transformative. Not only that, but a person's eyebrows can make them appear more youthful and flatter the rest of their features, especially the eyes. For these reasons, producing a clean, concise, and alluring brow is a surefire way to look — and feel — your best. If you've been searching for a hack to help lift and define your brows, this concealer tip is for you.

How to use concealer for a lifted look

Before you jump into this technique, it's important to take some styling steps to ensure the brows are ready. The easiest way to approach your eyebrow routine is by mapping them out. A quick search online will come up with hundreds of videos and tutorials for extra guidance, but the simplest way to map your brows is to begin at the edge of your nose and imagine a line going straight up to the eyebrow. 


This is where the eyebrow should start; you can even use an eyebrow pencil to make a small mark for later. Next, go from your nose's edge and create a diagonal that stretches through your eye's center to the arch of your brow. Make one more line from the outermost part of your nose to the outer corner of your eye, and that is where your shape should end.

Once you've mapped, drawn, and styled everything from the arch to the hairs, it's time to lift. Grab your cream concealer, and trace it all the way around your eyebrow, sticking close to the edges without getting liquid on the brow. After you've outlined it, use a damp makeup sponge to blend everything in. You can also opt for a foundation brush as long as it allows you to create a seamless finish. The result should make your brows pop and look lifted, which, in turn, will give your face a boost, too!


Tips for nailing the look

The type of concealer you use doesn't matter, but matte options are praised for giving a clean, defined shape. Because your eyebrows act as a frame for the rest of your face, creating a strong outline will build out your other features. You want to make sure any harsh lines left by the concealer are blended and blurred, so they don't draw attention — especially since this trick is meant to focus on the eyebrow itself and not the method used to lift it.


Not only does the concealer help lift the brows, but your eyes will also pop thanks to the full coverage from the liquid, leaving a clean, even surface. Nars Soft Matte concealer offers a matte finish, though it doesn't come with a brush or wand. 

If you purchase concealer that doesn't come with an applicator, look for a flat-tipped brush that will allow you to follow lines more easily. Even if you own a concealer that comes with one, using a brush with a defined edge can make this trick a breeze. Simply dip it into your liquid and trace your brow shape as consistently as possible before blending. Once you see the difference this hack makes, you'll never skip this step again.