The Bronzing Trick That Delivers A Lifted Look To An Oft-Forgotten Part Of The Face

Adding bronzer to your makeup routine is the easiest way to achieve a healthy-looking glow to the skin without lying in the sun all day. Bronzer is a warm shade that is placed around the perimeters of the face and is usually a few shades darker than the skin tone. The goal is to create a sun-kissed look that highlights your features perfectly. 


Over the years, so many beautiful bronzers have been created for every skin tone in mind. Most people apply their bronzer in a "three" motion, covering the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. While this technically is not the wrong way to do it, there is another way to apply bronzer like a total makeup pro. 

Joseph Carillo, a New York-based makeup artist, noticed there was something unnatural about the way we put on bronzer and found a quick fix to change it. With one simple trick, he was able to create an extremely lifted appearance in his clients. 

Don't forget the ears in your bronzing routine

Joseph Carillo has been doing makeup for years and has created stunning looks by observing people's natural features. While interviewing with Allure, he explained that he watched his male clients while on set to create his coveted bronzer technique. "Looking at faces with high cheekbones, I realized that lifted cheekbones started from around that little part of the ear," he said.


To create the same effect, he takes his bronzer of choice, and instead of just focusing on the cheekbones, forehead, and jawline, he takes the product past the cheekbones to the tragus of the ear. The tragus is that small piece of triangular protruding cartilage located at the side of the ears. By including the tragus in the bronzer routine, the shadow of the cheekbones is not only extended, but it gives the client a new, lifted appearance that they didn't have before.

The products you use matter

While this is a great hack to achieve amazing cheekbones and a glowing face, it's important to ensure you use the right products. Joseph Carillo appplies a cream bronzer, then follows up with a powdered bronzer to keep the product in place and intensify the color. 


When choosing the right bronzer, it is imperative to pick the right shade for your skin tone. Picking a shade that is too dark can create a muddy appearance instead of a tan one. If you go the opposite route and choose one that is too light, the effects of the makeup won't show up on your face at all.

Keep in mind the undertone matters just as much as the shade. A bronzer with an orange hue will make everything appear unnatural and odd. Stick to bronzers with warmer hues that lead to a natural finish. If you implement the right bronzer with the perfect technique, you will easily create a beautiful look.