The Sock Hack That Will Get You To Your Early Morning Workouts

Your alarm clock goes off, but you're so cozy under those blankets. It's freezing outside, and the last thing you want to do is hit the gym. We've all been there before, but you promised yourself you'd stick with your morning workouts, and you know you'll feel amazing once you do it. Keeping up your workout routine can be a difficult task, and squeezing in the time to workout during a busy day can often feel impossible. Though the mornings can be tough, an early workout is a fantastic way to start the day off strong.


There are several tips from the fitness world to spark that early morning gym motivation. You could prep a delicious post-workout meal the night before, put an alarm clock on the opposite side of your bedroom (so you have no choice but to get up), or even sleep with your gym clothes on. These tricks can all be helpful, and we have another one that starts just with a pair of your favorite workout socks. 

Set out your workout socks before bed

Sometimes, even the most hardcore gym rats still need a little extra push in the morning. Peloton bike, treadmill, and strength trainer Olivia Amato shares her favorite trick to kickstart her morning motivation. "I like to keep athletic socks on the side of my bed and I'll literally put them on right when I wake up," she tells PureWow. "I'm already one-third of the way dressed!" Once you've already put on part of your workout gear, you'll be in the mindset to get ready and go, whether you realize it or not. 


This hack will give you a little extra time to sleep and less time rummaging through the laundry pile in search of your socks, or thinking which socks you're going to put on. No one likes a stressful morning, so save yourself the trouble and have your outfit ready as soon as you open your eyes. 

How to add this hack to your routine

Laying out your socks and other workout clothes before bed can be the last step in your bedtime routine. After you've washed your face, brushed your teeth, and read your new favorite book, this hack can be a great way to help out your future self that next morning. Bedtime routines can reduce late-night stress and anxiety, ultimately leading to a better night's sleep to fuel your early workout and take control of your morning. 


This hack can go beyond just socks, too — you can also choose to lay out your entire workout outfit so it's ready to go, saving you even more time in the morning.

Having solid routines in your life can allow you to get back into fitness after taking some time off. It can be overwhelming to start working out again if you've had to stop, but preparing ahead may take some of the mental load off. After a great workout, you'll feel ready to tackle the rest of your day and take on whatever comes your way. Remember, any workout is better than no workout at all, whether at the gym or at home.