The Zodiac Element You Don't Want To Get In A Fight With

Each of the four elements of the zodiac naturally excels in certain areas that the rest must put forth far more effort to navigate. And if you've ever found yourself in an argument with someone who seems to come out on top no matter what, you might've wondered about their astrological sign. Some elements seem to have a knack for proving their point and bringing the heat to any confrontation in their path.


And if you're even vaguely familiar with astrology, you've likely heard that you must take into account the entire birth chart when attempting to understand the depths of someone's personality, preferences, and quirks. So, a water-heavy birth chart could be the reason why your air sun sign bestie also happens to have a deep propensity for wading in the emotional waters of life. Let's take a closer look at the zodiac element you simply don't want to get in a fight with.

Impatient and impulsive, avoid arguing with fire signs if you can

It's likely no shock that the zodiac element you'll want to avoid fighting with is the fiery bunch: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Fire placements are known for their ability to power forward and make things happen with their innate assertion -– and perhaps, their lack of forethought. If you're close to a fire sign, you've probably learned firsthand that they leap before they look and speak before they think. This can certainly lead to some hurt feelings.


A more evolved fire sign has likely developed the capacity to take pause and consider how their words and actions will affect their loved ones, but chances are it took a fair bit of intention to reach that point. And just as the thing that irritates us about someone we love can also somehow be the thing we admire in them, it's the bold confidence and passionate impatience fire signs hold that makes them such wonderful leaders and visionaries.

What to know about Aries in a fight

The cardinal fire sign of the zodiac, Aries is always on the move. They have big aspirations and aren't afraid to take a leap. While they do struggle with impulsivity, being the first sign of the zodiac wheel, there is also something resilient about their naive nature and they intuitively know how to make mistakes without risking permanent damage. Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries are associated with the head, hence their headstrong nature and hotheadedness.


Charm flows naturally to these rams -– born between March 21 and April 19 -– and they certainly use it to their advantage. While their anger can flare up in a pretty threatening manner, they chill out just as quickly. Many have (endearingly?) compared their temperament to that of a toddler. Essentially, Aries are hot-tempered, but they also don't hold a grudge. How can you cling to past wrongs when there are so many thrilling quests to conquer?

How to argue with a Leo

Leos have huge hearts and care deeply for their loved ones, but as fixed signs, they aren't likely to see things from your point of view right off the bat –- or possibly ever. Their self-assuredness is also what makes these lions king of the jungle. So, if you do find yourself in a heated argument with anyone born between July 23 and August 22, it might be wise –- if you can -– to simply let things go and agree to disagree.


These placements make for great high-powered executives and it's their unwavering sense of self that gets them far in life. So, as Leos do tend to struggle with what is a balanced and healthy dose of egoism, their passion is what we adore about these proud fire signs who might just not have it in them to embody humbleness. If a Leo is irked with you, do your best to play it cool and let them work through the motions of their upset.

Working with a Sagittarius

The archers of the zodiac are likely the easiest of the fire signs to navigate a fight with. Their direct bluntness often gets them in trouble, so they're typically slow to point the finger at anyone else –- hoping that others will adopt a noninterventionist attitude along with them. However, as fire signs, once they are angry, Sagittarius isn't likely to use a filter or hold back with the insults. While they tend to feel regretful of the hurtful words they spewed in an argument, they probably feel as though there wasn't much they could do to stop it in the moment.


If you're close to this mutable sign, enjoy the freedom they give you to be yourself and join in on the spiritual adventures they prioritize in life. And if you do find yourself the target of their harsh words, don't take it too personally -– but definitely hold them accountable.