Backless Loafers Are Out. Here's What's Trending In Their Place

Sometimes, our basics just need an upgrade, especially in the shoe department. Even basic shoes are affected by trends, whether it be adjusting the heel height, new embellishments, color changes, or anything in between. Sometimes the newest trend can take a step back in time, reverting a new style back to its old form.

The backless loafer was our favorite basic shoe most recently, but now there's an old classic coming back to replace them: the penny loafer. The penny loafer is trending for good reason. They are practical for everyday wear while being versatile enough to be dressed up or down. Penny loafers are this season's best addition to your wardrobe. Celebrities and influencers love the classy penny loafer look. Emma Chamberlain is just one of many popular figures that have styled the trend for an Instagram post. If you are looking for the perfect way to style this trending shoe, you are in luck! We have curated five ways to style the penny loafer shoe trend.

With socks for a fun twist

Socks paired with loafers not only keep your feet warm and prevent blisters, but they also create a cute academia look. The look isn't just for elementary school uniforms anymore, instead being worn on the streets of fashion week and beyond. The classic black penny loafer and white sock look is a basic way to stay on trend, though some choose to spice up the look with unique printed socks. Portuguese fashion influencer Susana Pinheiro shows us how it is done via Instagram as she pairs classic brown and white penny loafers with striped ankle socks.

Paired with denim for a casual spin

Penny loafers don't have to always be worn with office-appropriate outfits. They look just as great with simple denim, adding a classy twist to an otherwise casual look. Denim is extremely versatile, which makes it the perfect casual pant pairing for the versatile penny loafer. Fashion YouTube star Christine Le shared her favorite casual and cool outfits to pair with her loafers, including one of her favorites, a pair of distressed blue jeans, a black bag, and a black corset tank top.

With a dress

Dresses and penny loafers go together like bread and butter. The penny loafers were originally created in Norway during the early 1900s, according to The Daily Scandinavian, but didn't become known as Penny Loafers until later on when popularized by Americans. The shoe rose to fame after men and women began putting dimes in their shoes to use in an emergency. Of course, during this time, most women wore dresses, so the original way to style penny loafers was with a dress. Today we see them styled with modern dresses, but still making the same classy impact.

Keep it classic with trousers

Trousers are another traditional pairing with penny loafers. The classic office clothing item goes well with this classic business casual shoe. This look is also great for those who prefer the minimalist Scandinavian style. Dark loafers paired with sleek trousers is a common outfit combo for those who try to achieve the look. Scandinavian and minimal style often focuses on tailored separates, knits, and chic shoes in neutrals, making this look perfect for the aesthetic. Fashion Instagram influencer Sabine showcases how she styles her loafers with high-waisted trousers, a belt, a turtleneck sweater, and multiple top layers.

Wear them in a fun color

Loafers are extra fun when they are colorful. While definitely not traditional, colorful penny loafers are a great way to spice up an outfit. Some of our favorite designers, such as Gucci and Ralph Lauren, have hopped on the playful penny loafer bandwagon. Gucci even carries a lug sole loafer featuring their classic monogram pattern in beige but pops of bright pastels throughout. Fun colorful loafers are a favorite among influencers as well, with fashion Instagram blogger Isabelle posting in her pink Gucci loafers paired with a sweater and white denim.