The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Mature

You know the saying, "It's written in the stars"? Well, your personality traits might just be, thanks to your zodiac sign. Your zodiac sign is determined by the day and month in which you were born. Each sign has its own unique personality traits and characteristics that define them. Take, for instance, the zodiac sign Cancer, commonly known as the fiercely loyal emotional crab, or Leo, the confident star who just has to be the center of attention.


Maturity level is one distinct trait that can be based on how each star sign reacts to different situations and how they present themselves. Now, of course, maturity can vary from person to person, but what does a good representation of maturity look like? According to Psychology Today, the key characteristics of maturity include patience, perseverance, dependability, self-control, humility, and decision-making. 

While each zodiac sign has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses, some signs simply display more of these traits of maturity than others. Here's a look at how all the different zodiac signs rank in maturity, from most mature to least mature.


Ranking highest on the maturity scale is the earth sign, Virgo. Virgos have the utmost patience due to their analytical nature, which also makes them incredibly mature and wise beyond their years. Moreover, this astrological sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and logic, which allows Virgos to exercise clear communication when conflict arises. This, coupled with their meticulous nature, makes for the most balanced and grounded sign.


Virgos have a tendency to put the needs of others before themselves, and this is reflected in their maturity. Even the symbol for Virgos, a maiden, is a true representation of the patience, grace, and humbleness that this astrological sign holds while navigating tough situations. Dating a Virgo is most likely a breeze because of these mature qualities. And, if you are in need of some sound advice, you can always look towards your reliable and kind Virgo friend for direction.


Capricorns are a pretty misunderstood bunch. They have high ambitions and dreams and also possess the drive to put in the hard work needed to achieve their goals. These qualities, while wonderful, can also make them seem selfish or self-centered. 


Yet, despite their constant need to achieve, they also have the mental ability and self-control to channel this drive and ambition into their relationships with others, making them highly dependable and reliable. In fact, it's no wonder that this sign's symbol is the horned sea goat, symbolizing Capricorn's utmost loyalty and maturity.

Since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, a direct representation of rules and hard work, this explains why Capricorns are so driven in their professional and personal lives. Plus, their lavish goals also help them keep the big picture in mind and, therefore, plan ahead of time. So, it's only fitting that a highly driven and dependable planner ranks high on the maturity list.



Ah, Libras — these signs are the voice of reason and symbol of justice. The first thing you probably notice about this sign is that their symbol is a balanced scale, much like their personality in real life, which tends to be very steady and centered. Due to their balanced nature, Libras rarely get swayed by conflict or emotional upheaval, making them one of the more mature zodiac signs.


Ruled by the planet Venus, Libras are the ultimate people pleasers. While their moral compass leads them near the top of the ranking for maturity, their perfectionist nature and obsession with appearance and satisfying others prevent them from ranking first on the maturity list. However, the good news is that you can always rely on a Libra to fall back on their good morals. This is why this sign is great for mediating conflicts, as you can trust them to lead with utmost fairness.


Don't let Taurus' bull symbol fool you; this zodiac sign is totally capable of not acting like a stubborn child. Sure, Taurus can experience intense emotions where they have a few not-so-calm and composed moments, but for the majority of the time, Taureans display key characteristics of maturity through their stable, reliable, and patient personality. In fact, this star sign actually finds comfort in consistency and greatly values honesty.


Similar to Libras, Taureans also have Venus as their ruling planet. Except, the planet's influence on Taureans makes them drawn to comfort and luxury. And what screams maturity more than a self-care bath filled with lavish essential oils, right? Just be sure to steer clear of issues that a fellow Taurus feels headstrong about because they are known to take a strong stand for what they believe in. Still, even if that happens, they usually handle it with sensibility and maturity. 


The emotional crab ranks surprisingly high on the maturity list, given that a Cancer's emotions can get the best of them. This zodiac sign has a hard time with vulnerability, so it can be difficult to understand them. Just be sure to keep their feelings in mind when trying to have a mature conversation with a Cancer. 


Yet, despite their moodiness, Cancer is extremely in tune with the emotions of the people around them, yielding them a reasonably high maturity ranking. Plus, with the Moon being their ruler, you can count on a Cancer as a fellow empath and nurturer.

When you're on Cancer's good side, they'll seem like the perfect adult. However, when a Cancer has been wronged, you may see a more moody and hurt side emerge. Don't take this temporary behavior to heart, as Cancers simply get hurt easily and hate fighting or getting into arguments. Luckily, if you compromise and work with them to find a solution, their inner softie will quickly return.


Aquarius is truly an original astrological sign, as Aquarians take pride in their individuality and eccentric nature. While this sign is definitely in touch with their inner child, they know and recognize the importance of maturity. The symbol of Aquarius is a water bearer, also known as a mystical healer, which is an excellent representation of their humanitarian heart that desires to continuously better the world around them and end suffering.


Aquarius does have a rebellious side, which can sometimes call their maturity into question. However, this side mainly comes out when their own personal beliefs and morals are in question. You can always count on an Aquarian to intervene and make waves when necessary. However, keep in mind that despite their big ego and boldness, they are lovers at heart, and their intellect and care for the world and the future of society makes them a wonderful personality to be around.


When you think of Pisces, you typically imagine someone who is often lost in their thoughts or feelings. This is because this zodiac sign is very spiritual and tends to imbibe the wisdom of all the other signs. Pisceans may come across as very mature due to their zen-like nature. However, just as the Pisces twin fish are portrayed swimming in opposite directions, Pisceans have another side to them that makes them a mixed bag, landing them in the middle of the maturity scale.


Pisces can typically have low self-esteem, causing them to take criticism to heart. This is a key reason that drives their immature behavior from time to time. Since Pisces is also ruled by the planet Neptune, they may also have a very adventurous and youthful spirit that can come across as immature. However, this water sign is always growing and evolving, so there's still hope for their mature traits to shine through and overcome the immature ones.


Scorpios have a magnetic energy that makes you just gravitate toward them. However, you must beware of this charisma, as Scorpios have an immature tendency to trick others into doing something for their own benefit. Ironically, this sign is also very distrustful of others. This trait makes them put their guard up easily or shut down during times of conflict.


Scorpios are also special in that they are ruled by two planets: Pluto and Mars. These planets create a constant push and pull for Scorpios, with Pluto urging responsible behavior and self-growth, while Mars promotes aggression and sparks Scorpios' fiery nature. 

Don't take their emotional reactions to heart, though. While they may not seem like the most mature sign out there, Scorpios' irresistible magnetism is a clear indication that this astrological sign has a good soul deep down and is capable of leading others with positivity.


You will always know what a Sagittarius is thinking. This is because this sign is known to be extremely outspoken, which can make them seem immature. Yet, a Sagittarius can also adapt to different environments quickly. They also have an affinity for independence, which is a great quality to display for maturity. However, because they treasure this independence so much, it can have a way of getting in between responsibilities, such as a serious relationship.


Jupiter rules Sagittarius, which fuels this zodiac sign's love for travel. Except, this can also instill a restless nature and leave you questioning their commitment and, ultimately, their maturity. On the plus side, a Sagittarius is extremely adventurous and will always be down to travel the world with you. Plus, they are always full of energy, have a positive demeanor, and are one of those signs that seem to be good at everything. This makes being around a Sagittarius super fun and exciting.


If there is one thing that Leos love, it's themselves. Ruled by fire and symbolized by the lion, Leos do and say as they please, causing them to rank pretty low on the maturity scale. Leos are regal and majestic. It honestly wouldn't be a surprise if Leos wore an imaginary crown on their heads. 


Their constant need for the spotlight can come across as selfish or egocentric. Due to their inherent pride, they also develop a feeling of entitlement and enjoy flaunting a sense of privilege. However, this sign also desires to achieve perfection and often finds themselves exhausted from seeking it.

Leos love fanning their flames, so it's no wonder they are ruled by the sun. In fact, they are one of the top zodiac signs that boast the most confidence. Yet, while this sign acts really immature, they have the power to use its force and natural authority for good. In fact, Leos have the natural leadership and self-confidence to rise higher in the maturity ranking if they learn how to curb their rather large egos.



Much like its symbol of twins, Gemini can be extremely two-faced, thereby falling almost last on the maturity ranking. Geminis often have contrasting natural elements, which make their behavior oscillate between a reckless kid and a mature adult. These social butterflies also tend to get bored easily and, therefore, stay on the hunt for the next exciting thing. This can make them seem really irresponsible as they always prioritize a good time over their own responsibilities.


Even though Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis are also constantly worrying about their words being misconstrued or hurting the feelings of others. Luckily, because they are good communicators, they can easily mask this feeling. 

However, the duplicity of their nature gets in the way of fully attaining what they set out to do. They are also known to be catty, impulsive, and impatient, making them come across as seriously immature. In fact, don't be surprised if the Gemini in your life throws a complete temper tantrum or sends you on a guilt trip at any given second.


Lastly, we have Aries. This sign may be confident, but they are also often aggressive, dramatic, and extremely impulsive, making them the most immature of all the zodiac signs. Don't put it past Aries to quickly lose their cool in a fight. After all, their symbol is the ram, and similar to it, they think only after acting. In fact, this zodiac sign may often be the one initiating a fight, making it hard to depend on them. However, if you need someone to rage or let your inner child loose with, then you can definitely count on Aries.


Aries is ruled by Mars, which causes Aries to be strong-willed, forceful, and self-centered. This can also make them determined to achieve their goals. However, if something doesn't go their way, expect a full-blown temper tantrum, which is way worse than any other sign put together. We're talking a lot of tears and aggression. Yet, we love this hard-headed sign anyway. If Aries can learn to reel this immature nature and be more self-disciplined, they will be truly unstoppable.