When Nails Collide: The French Manicure Is Getting Glazed

Everyone knows that the French manicure is one of the most classic and timeless nail designs you can choose from. Regardless of what's trending at the moment, you can be certain that French tips will always look chic and stylish. Basic French manicures will never go out of style, but one way to modernize them is to combine them with another trend.


One of the most popular nail designs to go viral recently was glazed donut nails. This high-gloss, high-shine design is perfect for those looking for something with a bit of glam. Glazed nails can come in a range of colors, from bold and bright to more subtle and neutral tones. They can also be adorned with various nail art designs, such as glitter or metallic accents, to add an extra touch of glamour.

Since both the French mani and glazed donut nails have become iconic in their own right, it was only a matter of time before they were combined. The result is a breath of fresh air that will soon become everyone's new favorite nail trend.

Pastel French manicure with glaze

For those looking for a small pop of color for the spring and summer seasons, pastels are a must. Pastel French manicures have always been a fun way of adding some color to a classic nail design. On top of the pastel color, adding a glazed top coat will help glam up your look.


There are times when French manicures can seem too professional or elegant for someone who would prefer something more fun. Choosing pastel colors is a good way to rock the glazed French manicure with an extra pop.

Almond-shaped French manicure with glaze

Adding some length to your nails is one easy way to have them make more of a statement. Combining the classic French manicure with a donut glaze top coat to a longer nail length — such as almond or stiletto — will also give you more space to show off your glamorous nails. And while not everyone is a fan of very long nails, it's easy enough to ask your nail artist to customize your length to wherever you feel the most comfortable.


Baby French manicure with glaze

There's nothing more classic for French nails than the white tip. And while there are many variations that exist, the baby French manicure features barely-there thin white tips. No matter the season or event, this look is always a safe bet for chic and elegant nails. And adding glaze will elevate them even more by adding high-gloss shine.


Chocolate French manicure with glaze

Like the French manicure, the glazed donut nail trend saw its fair share of variations, such as strawberry glazed and chocolate glazed. Either of these variations will go perfectly in combination with French manicures.


To combine them seamlessly, turn your white tips into chocolate or strawberry tips and top them with your normal glaze. Not only will this pairing look modern, but they will still give you the elegance and versatility that French manis are known for.