25 Of The Best Long-Distance Date Ideas

Sometimes, there's no way to avoid a long-distance relationship. When you really love someone, living in different cities, states, or countries shouldn't be enough to make you throw in the towel on your relationship. If work or school obligations are the reason you and your significant other are apart, it doesn't mean the relationship is doomed to fail. Distance can cause some relationships to crumble, but that isn't always the case.


Plenty of people thrive in long-distance relationships with partners they can't physically reach over and touch all the time. It might not be convenient for the two of you to cuddle up in bed at the end of each night, but it's still possible for you to share tons of intimacy while growing closer. Hopefully, the reason for your long-distance setup isn't something that's going to last forever. In the meantime, though, it's a good idea to consider some memorable and enjoyable long-distance date ideas that will keep a fire of passion burning between you.

Take a virtual tour together

Signing up for a virtual tour with your long-distance partner is a way to keep you both feeling as connected as ever. Some of the places you can tour virtually include museums, aquariums, zoos, and actual houses. If you and your partner have a mutual interest in a specific artist or historical era, a virtual museum tour together might be your best bet. If the two of you absolutely adore sea creatures and other animals, exploring aquariums and zoos virtually will work out in your favor. 


If the two of you are planning to move into a home together when you're no longer stuck in a long-distance situation, touring houses virtually is an exciting and fulfilling activity. While going on a virtual house tour together, you and your partner can discuss your likes and dislikes in terms of bedroom sizes, ceiling materials, wall fixtures, paint colors, and more.

Stitch each other's TikTok videos

In the age of social media, tons of people have been effortlessly keeping up with each other on TikTok. The popular video-sharing app is beyond fun for folks who enjoy hopping on to different trends, using hilarious sounds, and going viral. One of the best things you can do on TikTok is stitch videos from other content creators who post about things you agree with or feel excited about. When you and your partner share your own personal videos on TikTok, you can stitch each other's videos in order to post them on your own pages. 


Stitching TikTok videos allows you to feel connected to your partner on social media as you respond to something they care about. For example, if your partner posts a video breaking down a list of their favorite skincare products, you can stitch their video agreeing with them about certain products you approve of. If your partner uploads a clip describing their go-to gym workouts, you can stitch their video hyping them up.

Try phone sex

Some people are super comfortable with the concept of phone sex, but it might make others cringe. Depending on how close you are to your partner, phone sex could be a wonderful long-distance date idea to think about. Your main focus when bringing up a phone sex date should be ensuring that you and your partner both feel completely fine with the overall concept. If one person is feeling restless and anxious about it, it probably won't turn out well. 


Another thing to consider is how much privacy you and your partner both have wherever you're located. It would be super embarrassing to have someone listening in on the private phone sex experience you're trying to have with your partner. When having phone sex, you and your partner have to rely heavily on your voices and word choices. Knowing exactly what your partner wants to hear is a must because you don't want to accidentally say something that kills the mood.

Try video chat sex

A lot of the same rules that come into play with phone sex or sending intimate photos apply when having video chat sex. The biggest difference here is that instead of solely relying on each other's voices and words, you also get to see each other on screen. You can have endless fun with video chat sex if you and your partner are on the same page about how far to take things. Picking out some nice lingerie, using sex toys, and staying in the moment will give you and your partner the opportunity to feel connected sexually. 


Since you're not able to share physical moments of intimacy with your long-distance partner, it makes sense that you two might want to explore different options that lead to similar pleasurable results. When preparing for a video sex chat session, make sure your camera is set up in a way that captures your best angles, and your lighting isn't casting any unfortunate shadows.

Sign up for a virtual cooking class together

Whether you and your significant other are fabulous cooks or not, signing up for virtual cooking classes together will allow you to brush up on your skills while concocting a matching recipe with guidance from an instructor. The same way you would join a classroom setting for online school, you can hop on to a virtual cooking class to learn how to make delicious foods together. 


The reason this long-distance date is so fun and thoughtful is that you both end up with something tasty to eat at the end of your virtual cooking class. All you have to do in preparation for a long-distance date like this is make sure that you and your partner each have all the necessary ingredients on deck to follow all the steps. You'll both also need the proper tools and utensils on hand, as well.

Screen share a movie or TV show

You and your partner can screen share a movie or TV show together to feel super connected. Couples who live in the same area can easily link up for movie nights at theaters or at home. Since you and your partner aren't conveniently close to each other, screen sharing is the next best option. It's up to you both to narrow down which movies or TV shows you want to watch together. 


If you decide to start a TV show together, both of you have to be available before pressing "play" on each next episode. This way, the two of you will be able to enjoy shared entertainment and have tons of topics to discuss at the end of each episode. If you and your partner both love shows filled with intense action, you might consider watching something like "Game of Thrones" together. If you and your partner prefer lovey-dovey rom-coms, you can watch "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" or "Pretty Woman."

Play multiplayer video games together

Playing multiplayer video games with your significant other could be an ideal option to bond the two of you while living in different locations. Even if video games have never been your vibe, you can have a lot of fun playing multiplayer games with your partner when you choose game options that are enjoyable to both of you. If video games have already been something that interests you and your partner, it's up to you both to figure out which games are the most enticing and engaging for more than one player at a time. 


There are lighthearted video games to play with tons of bright colors, cute characters, and fluffy backdrops. There are also video games that are a lot darker and grittier. Some of the more popular multiplayer video games to consider include Among Us, Death Stranding, Destiny 2, and Diablo III. Ensuring that you and your significant other both have proper headsets to hear each other talking while playing different games is a must.

Go for a hike while on the phone together

Going for a hike while on a phone call with your significant other helps you both absorb some natural sunlight, observe some scenic views, and engage in an in-depth conversation. You might be located in two very different places with incredibly varied terrain. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy a hike together — describe all the gorgeous flowers, butterflies, and trees you each can see from wherever you are. Maybe your partner has a view of breathtaking mountains while you have a view of a clear, blue sky filled with puffy clouds. 


The magical part about hiking together during a phone call is that you can narrate your experiences and views to each other using thoughtful adjectives and creative expressions. When you aren't describing your surrounding views, you can start telling each other about everything on your mind. When you go hiking alone, it's a great time to clear your head of any random thoughts floating around. When you go hiking while on a phone call, your partner will be on the receiving end of all of those thoughts.

Experiment with remote-controlled sex toys

Remote-controlled sex toys don't have to be daunting or scary, if you know how to approach the subject. Using remote-controlled sex toys truly comes down to how comfortable you and your partner are with each other regarding bedroom topics. When using remote-controlled sex toys, your partner will press or hold their respective toy in the right area on their body while you use your remote from a distance to initiate things. 


When it's time for the roles to reverse, they'll take the lead. If you and your partner choose to press "go" on your sex toys at the same time, you can do that, too. Remote-controlled sex toys are ideal for long-distance couples since you don't have to be in the same room for them to work. Your remote control can power their sex toy on from another city, state, or country. When using items like this, ensuring total privacy is key.

Go out for coffee while video chatting

Since couples who live in the same area can easily go out for simple coffee dates anytime, this is something you should be able to do with your long-distance partner, as well. If you both head out for coffee at the same time while video chatting, it will feel like you're sharing the experience together. You can take it a step further by cash-apping your partner with five dollars (or however much money it would cost for them to buy themselves a cup of coffee). 


Once you both arrive at your coffee shop of choice, you can set up your devices on the table to chat while sipping on your drinks. Coffee dates tend to be easy-going and lighthearted. You and your partner can maintain that energy by telling each other your plans for the upcoming weeks or opening up about what you both are planning to do later that evening.

Shop for each other's Amazon wishlists

You don't have to be in the same place as your significant other to make their dreams come true by shopping for items on their Amazon wishlist. You and your partner should both set up your own individual Amazon wishlists by dropping all your dream items into a cart for a future purchase. The next step is exchanging URL details with your partner, so you can both peruse each other's Amazon wishlists. 


Based on what your budgets are looking like, you can shop for each other's most wanted items at the same time or wait for random times as a sweet surprise. This is also a great way to stay on the same page when it comes to purchasing gifts for Valentine's Day, Christmas, or birthdays. If you're feeling a bit of confusion about what your significant other might want to receive on the next holiday, you can always rely on your Amazon wishlist for answers.

Book a virtual psychic reading

This is a great bonding experience to share since you can join a virtual psychic reading together from wherever you're living. If you and your partner both believe psychic readings yield helpful results in providing guidance for the future, this idea would be absolutely perfect for you. You can participate online together, or one of you can book an in-person reading and use a video call to bring your partner.


You don't need to be in the same room with your partner or the psychic to get answers about what's to come. Plenty of psychics who offer their services virtually explain that they're able to pick up on energies and vibrations through the screen, even though you're not right next to them. When preparing for a virtual psychic reading, you and your partner can come up with a list of interesting questions to ask that will give you a little more clarity about what's coming next in life or your relationship.

Send each other care packages to open at the same time

You and your long-distance partner don't have to wait for specific holidays to send each other thoughtful gifts. You can send each other care packages and make plans to open them at the same time. You'll have a lot of fun building a care package for your partner based on their interests and hobbies. If you know your partner is absolutely obsessed with baseball, you can purchase some sporting equipment, themed home decor, and maybe even some Big League Chew candy gum. 


Dating a partner who prioritizes a clean-smelling home means you can create a thoughtful care package filled with candles, incense, matches, and bottles of perfume. The purpose of a care package is to make the recipient feel cared for and cherished. It's your partner's job to take note of all the things you adore as they put together an accommodating care package for you, as well.

Play a game of Truth or Dare

There's tons of fun to be had with a game like Truth or Dare. You and your partner can keep things easy-going and light with questions that aren't too deep and dares that are fairly simple. You can also take things to another level with edgy questions and over-the-top dares. It's up to you to figure out how you want to approach a game like Truth or Dare when you have some distance between you. While playing Truth or Dare with your long-distance partner, you can be super creative with the questions. 


Ask them if they'd be willing to stay in your relationship if it was going to stay long-distance forever. Find out what their favorite memory with you has been. Ask them how they'd respond if none of your friends or family members approved of them. As far as dares go, you can dare your partner to share their phone screen with you to reveal their internet search history of the last 24 hours or even make them perform a lovey-dovey rap song for you over the phone.

Go out for ice cream while video chatting

If you're not into coffee, consider a video call ice cream date instead. Ice cream dates are fun, simple, and basic for couples who live in the same area. You can treat your long-distance ice cream date with that same energy, or you can make it even more memorable. You should mutually decide which ice cream place to visit, whether you prefer Baskin Robbins, Cold Stone, Yogurt Land, or somewhere else. 


Once you're both there, you can talk about your favorite flavors and toppings before ordering. When you sit down to enjoy your ice cream, all you have to do is set up your device to enjoy a pleasant conversation with your partner while you chow down on your ice cream at the same time. If you really want to shake things up, you can order their favorite flavor of ice cream while they order your favorite flavor in an unconventional swap.

Screen share your favorite music videos

If you're comfortable screen sharing movies and TV shows, you might also be comfortable screen sharing your favorite music videos with your long-distance partner. This is a fun date to have with your significant other, even if you aren't living together or spending physical time in the same room. This type of date gives you both the opportunity to showcase some of your favorite songs. 


You might learn something new about your partner if they show you a music video from an artist you've never heard of. You and your significant other might keep things super romantic by opting for a playlist of songs that focus on true love defying all odds. You might also get super silly by choosing songs that are a little more random or out-of-pocket. When you listen to music with your partner, it's supposed to be a highly vibrational shared experience.

Play a game of Never Have I Ever

Just like Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever is another brilliant game to play with your long-distance partner. Instead of hitting them with thought-provoking questions or challenging them to wild dares, this game is all about being as honest as possible. When you play Never Have I Ever, you and your partner are forced to open up about things you probably haven't discussed in the past. 


At the end of the day, it's up to you to answer questions honestly and candidly. If you or your partner feels uncomfortable with any burning questions being asked, you can stop the game at any point. Keep in mind that it's best to open up to your partner, so you'll have the opportunity to grow closer despite your physical distance. Never Have I Ever statements will help you learn about your partner's past relationships, most embarrassing moments, and future goals in life.

Test for and share your love language results

If you've never taken the love language test before, it's a great thing to do with your long-distance partner. When you take a love language test, you discover if your love language is physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, or spending quality time together. It's easy enough to figure out what your love language is based on the way you express your love to others. Still, you can make sure you're referring to your official results if you find a version of the love language test online. After you and your partner have both taken the test and received your results, you can go over the questions and answers you gave. 


You might even compare how different or similar your love languages are, and the way your love languages impact your long-distance relationship as a whole. After all, a long-distance relationship is more difficult for people who fall into the physical touch and quality time categories. It might be a little smoother to master a long-distance relationship if your love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, or receiving gifts.

Play a game of 20 Questions

A game like 20 Questions can get wildly intense if you and your long-distance partner are on the same page. There are a lot of similarities between 20 Questions and Truth or Dare, but the games are still very different. You might also compare 20 Questions to Never Have I Ever, but this is a game that stands alone for being intriguing in its own right. You and your partner must each come up with 20 burning questions you have for each other to start. 


If you want to stick to strict rules, you can agree ahead of time not to bail out from answering any questions at the last minute. If you and your partner are a little more lenient and relaxed about these types of things, you don't have to make any agreements about answering every single question that comes to the surface. Playing 20 Questions is your chance to dive as deep as you want with your significant other.

Join a virtual exercise class together

You can sign up for a virtual exercise class with your significant other if you're both interested in reaching specific health goals as a couple. Hitting the gym together in person might not be on the table for you two at this juncture, but that doesn't mean you both can't hold each other accountable by joining a virtual exercise class at the same time with the same instructor. 


You and your partner can decide what type of fitness class suits you best, whether you prefer Zumba, Pilates, HIIT workouts, or something else. A huge benefit that comes along with signing up for virtual exercise classes is the fact that you're locked into a specific time slot. If you and your partner are signed up for a virtual exercise class at 3 o'clock on a Tuesday, you'll both feel inclined to make it happen, so you won't disappoint your instructor, yourself, or each other.

Create an itinerary for your next joint vacation

One of the most exciting things to look forward to in a long-distance relationship is the next time you'll be face-to-face with your partner. Whenever it's possible for the two of you to spend time together, it likely means you're both able to take time off of work or school. In other words, seeing each other usually means you've got some free time to have fun! That being said, a wonderful long-distance date to enjoy with your partner would be creating an itinerary for your next joint vacation. 


It's up to both of you to decide where you hope to venture off to, whether you want to backpack through Europe or soak up some sun on a tropical island. Once your destination has been chosen, it's time to figure out which restaurants to dine at, which scenic views to check out, and which trails to explore. Narrowing down a list of fun excursions to try, such as rock climbing and snorkeling, is the best part of planning.

Go out to dinner while video chatting

There's something a little more intimate about going out to dinner with your long-distance partner while video chatting in comparison to a coffee or ice cream date. This time, you're certainly not aiming for anything too casual in terms of appearances. You have an excuse to dress up for a dinner date with your partner, even though they'll only see you through your device.  


Once you both decide on a specific time and restaurant, you simply show up looking your absolute best. Prop your device up on the dinner table in a position that makes it easy for you to enjoy your dinner while watching your significant other through the screen. Couples who go on dinner dates in person tend to treat these moments as times to unwind and open up to each other about whatever's on their minds. You and your long-distance partner are free to treat your dinner date the exact same way.

Read your daily horoscopes to each other

A thoughtful long-distance date with your partner could be reading your daily horoscopes aloud to each other on a phone call or video chat. If both of you don't find horoscopes to be very interesting, you might still be able to experience some joy and excitement reading about how the stars might be aligning in your favor. If you and your partner both adore the concept of daily horoscope readings, this date night is absolutely perfect for you. 


You can make this a better experience if you take charge of reading their horoscope while they take charge of reading yours back to you. Once you finish reading your daily horoscopes to each other, you can spend some time analyzing what you believe they really mean. If your horoscopes happen to be a little more vague than usual, interpret your thoughts and opinions about what's written in regard to your zodiac signs.

Create a synced music playlist

You and your partner don't have to enjoy listening to all the same music for you to have fun creating a synced playlist as a long-distance date. It's possible that your partner adores alternative music and a handful of country singers, while you prefer completely different genres and artists. The purpose of creating a synced music playlist is for both of you to contribute equally while showing off your varied music tastes. 


While creating a synced music playlist with your long-distance partner, you both might surprise each other by adding special songs that stand out to you individually. If you're already married, you might consider adding a few of the songs that were meaningful at your wedding. If you and your partner haven't tied the knot just yet, you can brainstorm the songs you believe would fit best in your wedding day playlist at some point in the future.

Build a joint bucket list

There's nothing more exciting than coming up with a bucket list full of exhilarating things to do before you die. A lot of people come up with thrilling bucket lists on their own, but this is your chance to create a shared list with your long-distance partner. While you work on your bucket list together, it will give you the chance to grow more excited about the next time you'll be in each other's physical presence to start crossing things off your list. 


Some of the most common bucket list ideas include running 5K marathons, going skydiving, going bungee jumping, swimming with dolphins, and visiting all seven continents. If you and your partner are a little too laid-back to try things like that, you can fill your bucket list with simpler things, such as lounging on a cruise together, riding horses on the beach, or taking a trip in a limousine.