Our Out-Of-This-World Inspo To Pull Off Galaxy Nails

If you've ever experienced the world of Tumblr, then you know that galaxy nails are not new to the nail trends. This intergalactic theme has orbited the nail trends for many years, but it isn't until recently that it's fully been embraced.


Unlike other trends, the new galaxy nails are less specific and more about capturing the essence of the galaxy. Like the celestialcore beauty trend, these nails are open to your interpretation. Depending on the type of statement you want to make with your nails, you can easily create a work of art or keep it minimal, abstract, and subtle.

The galaxy nail trend is more than just drawing stars and the moon (although that's also valid), it's all about using your imagination to create a mixture of designs and colors. Some people opt for a more subtle look with just a few speckles of glitter and dots, while others go all out with bold and vibrant colors that mimic the swirling patterns of distant galaxies.


Additionally, the galaxy nail trend is versatile and can be paired with a variety of outfits and occasions. Galaxy nails can add a touch of glam and personality to your overall style. For those of you who grew up loving this on Tumblr, this nail trend is one way to bring a little nostalgia back into your life.

Reach for the stars

You can't have a galaxy-inspired set of nails without adding some stars in the picture. If you aren't a fan of dramatic nails, adding a few stars to your nails is a simple way of joining this galaxy trend. You can always incorporate a coat of shimmer polish to add another dimension of sparkle to your designs.


When creating your stars, you can go as simple or as complex as you would like. Always ensure that your stars contrast with your base color to give them the attention they deserve.

Create a work of art

Like outer space, your nails don't have to be simple or plain. Use this trend as the perfect way to delve into your creative side and showcase a real work of art. With galaxy nails, you can implement all sorts of symbolism and motifs to capture the real essence of everything in space.


From the cosmic clouds to stars and planets, there is no shortage of inspiration to draw ideas from. Using all five fingers together is another way you can tell a story throughout your nails that adds another layer of interest and creativity to your look.

Not of this planet designs

It wouldn't be space if you don't see a planet or two in your journey. Don't forget to add your favorite planets to your designs or showcase the entire solar system in your nails. While you might not be able to capture the details, use this trend as the perfect way to redesign the planets the way you would like.


You can even add planets as a subtle way to add some pops of color to your nail look. Even if you aren't a fan of too much nail design, planet accents are the perfect way to push your comfort zone without causing too much of a scene.

Intergalactic nails

While the most known elements of space include planets, stars, and moons, you can't forget about everything else in between. Although these elements are perfect for a galaxy nail, you can also use shimmers and glitters to capture some of the more magical elements of outer space.


Use a mixture of various colored metallics and shimmers to create a recreation of the night sky. Create your own interstellar clouds with your favorite colors for a subtle nod to the galaxy trend without having to add any of the more obvious elements.

A fusion of space and style

Your nails are the perfect canvas to create your own artwork or to express your style. No matter the size or shape of your nails, you can perfectly combine subtle elements to get this galaxy-inspired look on the tip of your hands. Using concepts like space clouds and stars, create a chic night sky in space.


Perhaps the most alluring part of this trend is the fact that you get the opportunity to mix colors that you normally wouldn't have the opportunity to use. There's no limit in what you can display when it comes to objects from the great beyond.

Add some length to your world

Whenever you introduce a nail trend that incorporates various elements, many find it difficult to fit all of their wants into your nails. Trends like the galaxy nails are a perfect time to add some length to your nails.


If you've been pondering the idea of acrylic nails or other long nail options, take advantage of the extra space to create an even more extravagant set of nail designs. Since we know that longer nails tend to be difficult to maintain for a long period of time, it's the perfect time to test out different trends.

A cosmic color palette

For those who aren't fans of intricate nail designs or art, you can always relay on the colors, metallics, and shimmers to get a similar feel. If you want to implement the galaxy trend to your nails, stick to a darker color palette for that eerie nighttime look.


Colors like purples, dark blues, blacks, and even shades of green are some of the popular colors when it comes to obtaining this look. Add gold or silver sparkles to get the same shine as stars. The important aspect of this trend is to add sparkle or shine to replicate the beauty of space.