Our Tips For Bringing '90s Brows To Modern Day

If you were old enough to pluck your brows in the '90s, you probably participated in the thin-brow trend many have come to regret today. For '90s icons like Pamela Anderson and Gwen Stefani, nearly non-existent brows were part of their signature look, which explains why so many women reached for their tweezers and plucked until they couldn't pluck anymore. As time went on, thin brows slowly transitioned out of existence (except for those whose eyebrows never grew back). Then came 2016, when we saw the "on-fleek" brow trend, which took an extraordinary amount of precision and concealer.

Not long after, natural brows took center stage, and the "soap brow" trend was born and has remained en vogue. So, what about those of us who want to take the infamous thin brows for a spin? Is it too late? As a matter of fact, you're just in time. The '90s brows are back, but with a modern spin. It's all about using the proper tools and techniques on your natural brows to give the illusion of a thinner-than-life appearance.

Take a look at some of our best tips for bringing '90s brows to modern day.

Focus on sculpting your natural brow

Back in the 1990s, the eyebrow shape of the moment took a lot of plucking. Basically, brows were shaped in a way that resembled crescent moons, which definitely looked cool on a lot of celebrities... but it could also make some folks look like they were in a constant state of surprise. The key is to sculpt what's already there. Use a pair of eyebrow scissors to carefully trim your existing hairs, and clean up the edges using a brow razor. This will make them look thinner, but natural. Now, put those tweezers down.

Don't go overboard on the gel

When applying your tinted brow gel, the best method is to begin at the center of the brow. By concentrating the product in this area, you are able to create a different shape without having to actually pluck the hairs to the high heavens. Use a very light hand to apply the gel to the hairs only, not the skin underneath. This will prevent them from looking bold and bushy.

Brush up the front hairs

Another way to update the '90s brow is using a clear brow gel to brush the hairs into place. For the front of the brow, you want to brush the hairs up. As you get to the center and tail end of the eyebrow, start brushing the hairs down instead. Doing so creates the definition every good 1990s brow has.

And carefully taper out the tail

With the traditional '90s look, eyebrows had essentially no tail — it was plucked out of existence. Today, the trick to getting the perfect modern '90s brow is to maintain a thicker shape from the front to the middle of the brow, allowing the end of the brow to gradually taper off. You can absolutely achieve this look on your own, but if you're not super confident in your plucking skills, we recommend heading to your local salon.