The Simple Concealer Hack That Delivers Full Under-Eye Coverage

Concealing your under-eye area can be tricky. You're battling to cover any discoloration without allowing the product to crease in your fine lines. It's hard to achieve both, but not impossible. Even if you don't have eye bags, you may want to include this step in your makeup routine because it'll brighten up your face and lift the shape of your eye. You could also use concealer to cover up any discoloration without covering your whole face with foundation.


When it comes to using concealer around your eyes, you'll need a different color from the one that matches your complexion. MasterClass recommends choosing a pigment that's one to two shades lighter than your skin. Doing this will elevate the brightening effect while covering any dark eye bags. Under-eye concealers usually do not have full coverage, so you should also invest in color-correcting shades like peach or red. Although, it won't prevent the product from sinking into any fine lines. This is when you should use TikTok user Vincent Ford's concealer hack.

Blend with powder on your brush

TikToker Ford recommends using a brush, but the real hack is dipping it in some loose powder first. After picking up some product, move your brush in short strokes to blend out your concealer. Pay close attention to how you do this step because roughly rubbing or tugging at the skin under your eyes can cause wrinkles, per Hide. This is because this area of your face has the thinnest layer of skin. It'll also just move your concealer around instead of covering your discoloration.


You can use a tinted setting powder rather than a translucent one for more coverage. It'll give you another layer of color to cover any imperfections. Using a loose powder is necessary to finalize your makeup look because it prevents any product from moving or settling into fine lines during the day. It will also stop any other makeup, like eyeliner and mascara, from sticking under your eyes to the creamy product.

Let the product sit

Along with bringing loose powder into the equation, it's crucial to make sure you've adequately prepared your under-eye area first. Before using any makeup, you should apply your morning skincare routine or at least a moisturizer. Don't forget to smooth it into your under-eye area. Skipping this step can leave your skin with patchy dry spots, which causes your makeup to look cakey. Then you can move onto primer to blur any fine lines and wrinkles.


When you're ready to apply your concealer, you can do so with either your fingers or the applicator that came with your product. If you prefer a more natural look, use a minimal amount of concealer in tiny dots only where you need it. Then the crucial step is to let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Doing this gives your body heat time to melt the product into your skin, giving you the most coverage possible without creased under-eye skin.