Tips For Rocking The Ultimate '60s-Inspired Bombshell Blowout

Some beauty trends resurface every couple of decades, while others are timeless and are in rotation regularly over the years. Voluminous hair definitely falls in the latter category, as it exudes glamour and fierceness. The '60s did voluminous hair better than any other decade, and in 2023 the retro style is bigger than ever. Everyone from Jennifer Coolidge to Kim Kardashian has been spotted with a '60s-inspired hairstyle recently.

"These looks harken back to a period when class and sophistication were at their peak," celebrity hairstylist Sabrina Rowe Holdsworth tells Byrdie. "... people everywhere are eager to get in on the action and embrace styles that were once considered old-fashioned and I am all for it." 

If you want to explore a '60s hairdo but have no idea where to start, we've got you covered. From how to get that bombshell blowout to what to do with it on day three, these tips will make you feel and look like Brigitte Bardot!

Hair rollers are your best friend

To get the most volume out of your blowout, make sure you put your hair in rollers after you finish blow-drying each section. This will ensure that your hair cools into shape, which will give you that fullness you are looking for. To make sure the volume lasts, spray your hair with a bit of hairspray while your rollers are still in.

No '60s hairstyle is finished without a headband

You know that preppy Blair Waldorf style that everyone obsessed about when "Gossip Girl" came out? Well, that was actually already popular in the '60s; everyone wore headbands all the time! So if you really want to go for that retro vibe, put on a fun headband that matches your outfit. Trust us, hair accessories are so underrated!

Curtain bangs look great with a voluminous blowout

A '60s blowout looks particularly great with curtain bangs, as they tend to add plenty of volume around your face. If you want to refresh them, put the bangs into a hair roller and blast them for a minute or two with your hairdryer. Let them cool down, remove the roller, and you'll be surprised to see just how much volume they have!

Don't be afraid of teasing the roots

Some people are lucky enough to have super thick and voluminous hair naturally, but most of us actually have to work hard to get that volume — especially the over-the-top '60s volume. Rough teasing isn't very healthy for your hair as it can cause breakage, so do it carefully and slowly and you should be fine. The volume you get may actually be worth losing a strand or two!

Flipped ends are so '60s

If you want to go the extra mile with your '60s-inspired hairdo, consider flipping the ends of your hair out. This works best on shoulder-length hair, as the flipped ends appear to be sitting on your shoulders. This hairstyle has been spotted on a number of celebs in the past couple of years, including Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber.

Switch it up by curling your hair toward your face

Flipped hair ends are absolutely adorable, and they will definitely make you look cute and fun, but if you're looking for a more elegant and glamorous hairstyle, curl your hair towards your face. Yes, forget everything you've been taught about hair curling — this method is what will give you that retro femme fatale vibe!

Keep your hair out of your face with a high ponytail

Even though voluminous '60s hair looks fabulous, it is highly impractical if you're having a busy day. However, if you still want to rock that '60s vibe but in a slightly more modern way, tie the upper half of your hair into a high ponytail, and don't forget to flip your ends out!

Create a half-updo to hold onto volume all day

For some people, not even teasing and using a lot of hairspray can ensure that their hair remains voluminous all day long. If that's the case with your hair, we recommend clipping half of it into a voluminous pompadour-esque style. The best part of this look is that you can use a fun hairclip to accessorize your 'do!

Slick down the front pieces to mimic a headband

The truth is that even though headbands are super cute, they can also be very annoying — especially if they slide or don't fit properly. If you want to achieve that headband look but aren't willing to commit to an actual headband, you can just slick down an inch of your hair around your face with gel and hairspray. If the rest of your hair is teased and voluminous, this one-inch section will mimic the look of a headband.

Don't forget to add volume to the back of your head

If you're creating a '60s hairstyle on yourself, make sure you double-check the back of your head. The last thing you want is for the front to look super glamorous and have lots of volume and for the back to be a flat mess. If you're unsure what the back looks like, snap a couple of photos with your phone to check it out.

If you have thin hair, don't skip the texture spray

Those who have fine and thin hair can use rollers and hairspray all they want, but chances are that in a couple of hours, the roots of their hair will fall flat. Luckily, texture spray exists, and it provides a super easy way to add more lasting volume to your hair.

A '60s blowout looks incredible on a wolf cut

Even though a retro '60s blowout works with any haircut, it tends to look particularly good on layered hair. Specifically, the currently popular wolf and shag cuts will look amazing, as the layers provide plenty of texture, and the crown of the head can easily hold the volume.

Have a bob? You can still rock some '60s volume

A bob haircut is edgy and chic, but it can also look very old-school if you give it a bit more curl at the ends. Again, make sure there's plenty of volume at the roots, and you will look like a chic Parisian headed out for lunch back in the '60s.

'60s hair looks best with a middle part

Gen Zers will love this one — '60s hair looks best with a middle part. Parting hair this way adds volume at the roots, and if you have curtain bangs, they will seamlessly blend into the rest of your hair. However, this rule shouldn't be taken too seriously — if you prefer a slight or deep side part, you can totally rock that with a voluminous blowout, too.

Second- or third-day hair is perfect for a voluminous updo

Since you put that much effort into getting that voluminous blowout, you might as well make the most of it. Once your hair starts looking greasy and you begin losing volume, apply a bit of texture spray and put your hair up in a messy bun. If you have bangs, you can freshen them up with a roller and some dry shampoo, and you can accessorize the hairdo with a headband for that extra '60s touch!