Hoop Earrings Are Eternal Classics. Here Are Our Favorite Ways To Style Them

You can never go wrong with wearing a pair of earrings to add a bit more pizazz to any outfit in your closet. Unlike some necklaces or bracelets, you typically don't have to worry about earrings interfering with the rest of your ensemble, making them an excellent choice for elevating most outfits. The earrings' shape, size, and style can make a significant difference; some earrings look better than others. For instance, many earring enthusiasts have trendy huggie earrings in their wardrobes, and '90s chandelier earrings are making a comeback, too. And if you're looking for earrings that never go out of style, hoops are your best option.

"They suit every face shape and have an air of contemporary elegance that works no matter what your age or style. I think every woman should own at least one pair of statement hoops. They're casual, elegant and stylish all at once. Plus, they work with any outfit — dressy or casual," Suzanne Kalan, a jewelry designer, told Net-a-Porter. So, whether you have a round or heart-shaped face, are 18 or 68 years old, and dress dainty and girly or edgy and punk, you'll look great in hoop earrings. Here are some styling suggestions for how to flaunt them, too.

Showcase your hoops with a bun

We can't think of any other combination as timeless and chic as a bun with hoop earrings — and wearing your hair up will keep it out of your face, preventing your locks from getting in the way of your earrings. Try flaunting a sleek, tidy bun with a dress and hoop earrings for a fancy look, or go casual and dress the hoops down with a messy bun, jeans, and a cozy top.

Wear statement hoops with a classic black top

Whenever you wear big, bold, dramatic earrings, you should wear them with a sleek, simple top so you won't have too much going on at once. Therefore, you can't go wrong with pairing statement hoops with a black blouse or T-shirt. The combination of the eye-catching earrings and the flattering black top is effortlessly chic.

Wear them with necklaces in a similar style for a cohesive look

While it can be fun to mix and match accessories, there's something undeniably attractive and stylish about a more cohesive look. If you want to explore the monochromatic look, keep your hoops, necklaces, and other accessories within the same color range. Or, wear jewelry with the same elements, such as floral details or pearls.

Add more drama with bold lipstick

Hoop earrings are effortlessly glamorous, so why not lean into the glam with dramatic lipstick for your next formal event, romantic date, or night out? Wearing red lipstick and gold hoops is the perfect way to exude a sophisticated, elegant vibe for any event or occasion. Experimenting with hoop earrings and other lipstick colors, such as bright pink, dark purple, or intense black, can be exciting, too.

Wear them next to stud earrings

If you love hoop earrings and enjoy stud earrings, why not wear them both at the same time? If you have two or more pierced spots on your earlobe, try wearing a bold hoop in one hole and a subtle stud in the other. The two different types of earrings on your ear will provide fun contrast for a glamorous look.

Flaunt hoop earrings with your favorite going-out top

Do you want to make a show-stopping entrance next time you go out with friends? Hoop earrings are naturally sexy, so you should use them to elevate your favorite night-out tops. For instance, wearing your hottest hoops with your favorite crop top, sleeveless shirt, or corset for an ultra-sexy look can help you command attention at the nightclub or party.

Rock a statement purse

Everyone should try wearing simple hoop earrings with a statement purse and a minimalistic outfit for a chic ensemble. As long as the hoops have a simple design, it doesn't matter their size; whether they're tiny, huge, or medium, they'll look stylish with a statement purse featuring a fun pattern, such as an animal print. Why not let accessories turn a basic outfit into a standout look?

Let them accessorize your favorite dress

You can never go wrong with wearing hoop earrings and a dress; it's a timeless combination. Plus, these earrings will look good with any dress in your closet. For example, striking gold hoops look lovely for formal, elegant dresses. Simple hoop earrings look great with more casual dress options, and big hoops are super fun for sexy minidresses.