The Nail Shape That Is Perfect For Larger Fingers

If you've been around for a couple of decades or longer, you've likely noticed that nail trends cycle in and out of style just like fashion and beauty trends do. Fingernails filed into an elongated oval shape that tapers at the end similarly to an almond was a popular style for women in the 1940s and '50s, frequently painted red and worn by fashion icons like Elizabeth Taylor. If you've ever pined after the glamour of those decades, we have good news for you: Almond shaped nails are back in a major way.

The easiest way to acquire this simple-yet-sophisticated shape, of course, is to simply ask your nail tech for it at your next manicure. If you're more of a DIY babe, however, there's no reason to fear. The almond shape is easy to achieve on your own and, as a bonus, it can make your fingers appear longer and slimmer. If you're in need of a little inspiration before taking the plunge, you've come to the right place. Here are a few of the best trendy almond nail looks.

Classic red

If you're after that classic Hollywood glamour aesthetic, you can't beat a solid high-gloss red almond nail. This manicure is best for clawing out the eyes of your enemies and liberally applying your White Diamonds perfume but can also be used for posting killer selfies on social media or glamming it up for a promising first date.

Witchy vibes

If you're the type who considers your nose piercing and tarot reading skills vital pieces of your personality, you may want to consider bringing the occult to your new fab almond-shaped manicure. You could easily swap out the evil eyes for pentagrams, crystals, or any mystical symbols of your choice. 

Metallic mani

If you're feeling futuristic, fancy, or some combination of the two, consider opting for a classic metallic-tipped manicure in an almond shape. Depending on your preferences or skin tone, you can make it your own by choosing to rock silver, gold, copper, or rose gold. Or, step away from the classic metallic options and go for a metallicized version of your favorite color instead. 

Barbie girl

Are you incredibly pumped about the upcoming Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling? Try tickling your fancy by adorning your new almond shaped nails with varying shades of pink, including Barbie's signature hot pink hue. Accent with tiny flowers or polka dots. Glistening Ken companion sold separately. 

Pastel drip

What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring and summer weather than nails that resemble melting ice cream? This super fun look features long almond shaped nails enhanced with tips that appear to drip down the rest of the nail. Stick to pastels for spring vibes, vibrant colors for summer, or opt for blood red, if you like to stop hearts.