Fake Fur Isn't A Faux Pas This Spring (Even On Shoes)

Both faux and real fur coats have certainly had more than their rightful time to shine throughout the history of fashion trends, and we have all heard about the notorious "boots with the fur," à la 2008 Flo-Rida featuring T-Pain. Now, according to New York Fashion Week, it's time for the simple shoe to take its place as the next accessory to be covered, trimmed, or lined in fur. Of course, today's fur trends are strictly of the fake, cruelty-free variety.

If full-on fur boots have always felt like a bit too much for you, consider starting with a shoe. Sandals, clogs, pumps, loafers, and every other type of footwear you can imagine can be created in a design that includes at least one fur element. Take in these examples of shoes featuring fur to help you decide exactly how you'd like to utilize this new trend in your own wardrobe. 

Fur lined sandals

A Birkenstock (or Birkenstock-inspired) sandal literally seems to never go out of style. Get ready to see soft suede, fur-lined versions popping up on store shelves. As far as footwear trends go, this is the one to jump on if you're a fan of comfy and casual. 

Clogs with the poof

Move over, boots with the fur! Clogs with the poof have entered the chat, and they're much more appropriate for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. If you like to go big when you try out a trend, these long-haired gems can't be missed (and won't be by even a single passerby).

Animal print fur accents

If you're not ready to go full fur or rock a super noticeable tuft on your feet, consider a pair of shoes with strategically styled fur accents. Limiting the surface area of the fur keeps the trendiness in moderation, and opting for a visually interesting pattern prevents this look from falling flat.

Shaggy mules

Looking for a new spring-centered look this year? Borrow a note from the Easter Bunny himself with these pastel-colored fur mules. They'll take you straight from the egg hunt at your grandmother's house to hunting down your next beau at the wine bar without missing a beat. 

Classic tufted heels

If you've been in search of an extra layer of extravagant femininity to add to your going-out ensemble, your new look has arrived. Soft, neutral heeled sandals or pumps with an ultra-feathery tuft of fur pair perfectly with a delicate dress or contrast dramatically with an edgy denim or leather outfit. Either way, heads will turn.

Double fur slides

Slides have had an erratic on-again, off-again relationship with the trend cycle over the past decade. While we can't say with certainty that the style is back in fashion in general, we can say that a pair featuring two different lengths and colors of fur deserves a pass. 

Fur trimmed embroidery

If you're a fan of luxury fashion, there is no more appropriate mashup than fur trim and intricate embroidery. Bright floral stitching stands out like a masterpiece on a black backdrop, providing a pop of color perfect for accompanying a solid black cocktail dress or high-class jumper. 

Luxury flip flops

Looking for a way to jazz up your footwear at your next hot summer pool party? Consider a high-heeled, elevated flip-flop featuring a fun, feathery tuft of fur over the toe strap. Bonus points for a sheer, fur-lined robe for the ultimate in rich housewife vibes.

Fur loafers

If you're after that quirky, androgynous vibe, get yourself some unisex fur loafers. Reminiscent of vintage smoking slippers, faux fur loafers provide a base of luxurious masculinity while preserving your right to gender bend as little or as much as you'd like. Consider pairing with a silk vest and oversized glasses if you'd like to bring all the hipsters to the yard.