A Hairstylist Explains Why Women Are Increasingly Identifying With Herringbone Highlights

For a majority of women, gray hair is an inevitable part of growing older. According to Penn Medicine, the average woman starts going gray in her 30s, but it can begin as early as in her 20s. When these little silver strands appear, you can choose to either embrace them or cover them up. Lately, many women have opted for the former, asking for herringbone highlights when they hit the salon. "Herringbone highlights is a technique used to blend in gray hair that has a subtle and natural effect by weaving in both dark and light highlights," The Salon Project creator Joel Warren tells Glam.


Though many women view going gray as a negative, it's really something that should be celebrated, which is why herringbone highlights are so great. This gorgeous, unique hairstyle welcomes gray hair instead of hiding it under a box of dye. Be on the lookout, as we're going to see more of these colorful streaks as time goes on. Now, as a globally-acclaimed hair and beauty expert, Warren tells us why so many women are identifying with herringbone highlights.

Herringbone highlights are subtle

Herringbone highlights are perfect for women who want to add color to their hair without concealing the fact they've gone gray. "This will give a natural look because you're working with the client's natural color. Leaving their existing gray, not covering the gray," Joel Warren tells Glam. Therefore, you don't have to worry whether or not your roots are showing as you would with color-treated hair (especially bright, unnatural shades).


When it comes down to it, think of herringbone highlights as less of a cover-up and more of an enhancement. Because you aren't hiding your gray strands from the world, don't be surprised if you look and feel more confident with this hair color. You're showing off your natural beauty, and that's something we, as women, don't do enough. You know what they say — once you go gray, let them stay. (Okay, we made that up, but it's true!)

These highlights are also low-maintenance

Who doesn't love a low-maintenance hair color? When you have gray hair, it's difficult to completely cover because the outer cuticle layers of your hair are resistant to absorbing and retaining color. This is why it feels like you're at the salon every other week to keep the grays at bay. "This also gives a great look with low maintenance because you're allowing the gray hair to exist while enhancing the overall look," Joel Warren adds. This significantly decreases the amount of work required to preserve the hair color you want, and time is something we could all use more of.


If you choose to maintain the highlights, you're saving yourself an extra two weeks between trips to the salon. The best part is that if you'd like to let them grow out, you don't need to worry about returning. As the highlights grow out, you won't notice a harsh contrast between the color and your regrowth. Not only does that save you time at the salon, but you're also saving a ton of money (score!).