The Wide-Legged Pants Trend Is Perfect For Keeping Warm In Winter. Here's Why

We all thought skinny jeans wouldn't make a comeback, but they did. They're not going anywhere, but that doesn't mean we're getting rid of straight jeans, wide-leg pants, or other loose-fitted pants. While skinny jeans are great for hugging your body and keeping you warm during the winter, they're not as fashionable as they used to be. Now, wide-leg pants have become a staple for everyone since they're more comfortable and make putting outfits together easy. In addition, they're ideal for making your legs appear longer and accentuating your curves, especially if you're shorter.

While they have some benefits, they allow extra air to flow inside since they open up at the bottom. You might be having a hard time staying warm this winter, and although it will start being less cold, the wide-legged pants trend will keep you warm in the meantime. The trick is wearing leggings under your pants.

Wide-legged pants are perfect for layering leggings underneath them. They're incredibly roomy and give you enough space to layer tights or leggings without them bunching up or making your pants feel tight. Here are a few ways to style your wide-legged pants to keep you warm.

Wear high-waisted leggings under wide-leg jeans

TikTok is the gateway to learning about hacks that will make your day-to-day a little easier. For example, if you live somewhere that gets snowy days, layering leggings under your jeans will provide extra warmth while running errands. TikToker @laurenskody gives us a step-by-step on how she puts together an outfit for the first snow day. She starts with leggings under her jeans, a tank top, a long sleeve, a crewneck layered under a puffer vest, and a knee-length coat. In addition, accessories, like a beanie, will keep your head warm.

Layer tights under trousers

Trousers are worn outside of the office and out to brunch, on coffee runs, and on date nights. They're versatile, making the perfect casual or dressy outfit, but their often thin material won't always keep you warm. Layering tights underneath won't be noticeable and will insulate heat. Tights are thinner than regular cotton leggings, but they'll still keep you warm without taking up too much room in the pants. Style your outfit with a neutral turtleneck, suede boots, and a fluffy scarf to boost the cozy feel.

Wear your coziest wide-leg pants

You don't have to be limited to jeans or trousers; opt for cozy knit wide-leg pants to wear on cold days. They still provide ample room to layer tights or leggings underneath. These knit pants are meant to be layered and give a flattering appearance with a black bodysuit and cardigan. Leather boots elevate the outfit, but sneakers will pair perfectly if you prefer a casual fit.

Leggings aren't noticeable under wide-leg pants

On the days when it's colder in the morning than in the afternoon, you don't want to carry your layers. The benefit of layering wide-leg pants with tights or leggings is they're not noticeable; there won't be any outlines that people will see when you're walking around. In addition, if you wear high-waisted leggings, you'll keep your core warm, so you won't have to wear various layers. A turtleneck underneath a chunky sweater will keep you toasty throughout the day.

Allows you to show off your curves

Since wide-leg pants are baggier than straight-leg jeans and skinny jeans, sometimes you can lose your curves along the way, especially with looser pants. However, leggings and tights are form-fitting, so they hug your natural shape. Plus, when you layer them under wide-leg pants that fit looser, they will fill in gaps while showing off your curves and protecting you from the cold.

Wear oversized tops with wide-leg trousers

The layering trick with leggings under your trousers works perfectly to keep your lower half warm, so you can keep it light everywhere else. In addition, you won't have to wear long socks or boots to keep your feet warm. Instead, you can get away with wearing your favorite sneakers. However, if you run cold easily, oversized layers, like a sweater and leather jacket, will keep you extra warm and make a stylish outfit.