A Lash Comb Is The Secret Beauty Product You Need For Effortless Glam

The secret to a statement makeup look is lashes that perfectly complement your entire makeup look. Those little fringes of hair may seem insignificant, but they can make or break your entire makeup look. Long, voluminous lashes can transform your eyes from plain to stunning in seconds. And let's not forget the magic of mascara, lash curlers, and falsies. Whether you're going for a natural or dramatic look, your eyelashes are the cherry on top. So don't forget to give them the attention they deserve because let's face it, no one wants lackluster lashes. Another tool you can use to refine your lashes is a lash comb.


Eyelash combs have been around for a while, but they've recently taken the beauty world by storm. With the rise of natural and 'no-makeup' makeup looks, lash combs have become a must-have tool for achieving that effortless, undone vibe. However, lash combs are also useful for creating those statement lashes that draw attention. Plus, they're affordable and easy to use, making them accessible to beauty enthusiasts of all levels.

What are lash combs and why do you need them?

A lash comb is a tiny, finely spaced comb that you can use to separate and define your lashes after applying mascara. These small tools can give your lashes a more polished look. One of the main benefits of using a lash comb is it eliminates clumps and separates lashes that may have stuck together during the mascara application process, according to Brunette on a Mission. This creates a more natural, fluttery look, which enhances the overall appearance of your lashes. Regardless of what eyelash look you are going for, lash combs can also prevent flaking throughout the day. In other words, it removes excess mascara that might gather, helping you clean some of that product up before you head out the door.


Another reason why you might want to use a lash comb is that it can improve the longevity of your mascara. By combing your lashes and removing clumps, you may be able to expand the life of your mascara and reduce the need for touch-ups throughout the day. Like your hair or lipstick, constant retouching can end up ruining your initial look. Therefore, a simple tool, like a lash comb, can help maintain your look without altering any part of it.

How to use lash combs in your routine

To use a lash comb, start by applying your mascara as you usually would. Apply your mascara in a zig-zag pattern starting from the base to cover your entire lashes. After your mascara, wait a few seconds to allow it to dry slightly. Waiting for your lashes to dry will help to prevent smudging or smearing. Once your lashes are dried, you are ready to start using your lash comb.


Starting at the base, run your lash comb through your lashes by working your way to the tips (per Brunette on a Mission). Be sure to use a light hand and avoid pulling or tugging on your lashes. Using force to run your lash comb through your lashes will only cause breakage. If you notice any clumps or excess mascara, use the tip of the lash comb to carefully separate and remove them. Repeat these steps for each coat of mascara you add, ensuring you let each coat dry before moving on. Once you're done with your lash comb, you can start to shape or fix your lashes to get the amount of lift you want.