The Mob Haircut Is Perfect For Mature Women (& We've Got Proof)

Maturing hair can be a challenge to master, especially for those who enjoyed thick and luscious locks during their younger years. Throughout the aging process, hair becomes thinner, finer, drier, and more brittle. Some follicles stop producing hairs altogether and those that remain are smaller and more delicate. These inevitable changes are the reason many mature women choose to wear their hair in shorter styles. Unfortunately, many of the cuts associated with women older than middle age carry a decidedly matronly aesthetic.

If you've accepted the fact that your hair isn't quite what it used to be and you're ready to move into your mature era without looking like a Golden Girl, we've got you. Consider the versatile and universally flattering mid-bob, also known as the mob. This cut is the perfect midpoint between long and short and can be customized to fit your unique style by adding or omitting layers, bangs, angles, and — of course — colors. Here is an inspiring collection of maturing women rocking mob cuts to give you the inspiration you may need to make the change. 

Face framing blunt cut

A blunt (or one-length) mid-bob provides a sleek, classic, and chic silhouette that screams sophistication and class. Adding tiny micro layers only to the area surrounding the face creates just a subtle touch of softness to prevent the blunt cut's potential harshening effects on maturing facial features. 

Angled and wavy

If you're having a hard time letting go of your long hair, even though you don't love how it looks anymore, consider a mob that is angled in a way that allows the front to maintain some length while gradually becoming shorter in the back. This look is truly the best of both worlds.


Getting a mob cut doesn't mean that you have to give up layers. If you're hair is fine but you have a lot of it or you just enjoy a style that frames your face and is packed with movement, this is the iteration of the mid-bob for you. 

Banged and highlighted

Not only can you embrace layers with a mob cut, bangs are an option too. Choose the right length and shape of bangs to fit your face and then pair with some sun kissed highlights for a fully freshened look just in time for the warmer seasons to arrive. 

Stacked and shaggy

Not all bobs have to be sleek. If you're a fan of a more wild, shaggy look, your mob can be as choppy as you'd like. As an added bonus, a stacked cut with tons of shorter layers in the back can provide a huge boost of volume for thinning hair.


Worried that a mob will make you look too tame? For those looking for a slightly edgier aesthetic for their maturing hair, an asymmetrical mid-bob is ideal. The difference in length on one side adds visual interest while the overall cut provides the shorter length and body finer hair needs.