Aging Slower Could Be The One Benefit To Having Oily Skin

If you find yourself washing your face multiple times a day or regularly dabbing your T-zone with conveniently absorbent blotting papers whenever possible, then you likely have oily skin. A totally natural situation that's not at all unusual or something you shouldn't feel self-conscious about, the oil is actually known as sebum, according to Healthline. Coming from the sebaceous glands that can be found under your skin, the oil benefits the outer layer of your face by providing it with necessary hydration.

Although it's something everyone deals with, some people clearly end up with much more oil on their skin than others, which can leave you with a noticeably shiny complexion. Healthline points out that this could be caused by a wide range of reasons, including not moisturizing properly or, on the other hand, using too many or the wrong kind of skincare products. Extra oil might also be the result of the season, the particular conditions where you live, and what the specific weather is like, not to mention simple genetics, your age or the fact that you might have enlarged pores.

Whatever the cause might be in your case, you may have spent years attempting to fight oily skin. However, it turns out that there's a reason why you might actually want to embrace the oil and it has to do with your skin aging slower than it might otherwise.

Oil can help your skin look younger in various ways

You might consider oily skin to be an unfortunate nuisance. However, we might be able to change your mind. That's because it might be just what your skin needs in order to keep it looking healthy and youthful. David Kim, MD, board-certified dermatologist at Idriss Dermatology, explained to Byrdie, "Oily skin may help with aging because sebum is a natural moisturizer and can keep the skin protected and help scars heal better and faster. This becomes increasingly helpful as we age as our skin loses the ability to hold on to moisture."

On top of that, the oil contains fatty acids, which might help to ward off the harmful effects of UV rays. As you surely know, sun damage can cause dark spots, wrinkles, as well as other potentially serious health issues. Although Kristina Collins, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at Austin Skin Physicians, was sure to point out to Brydie that when it comes to oil, "[It's] not enough to forego SPF, but enough to impart some long-term benefits."

Finally, people who have oily skin also tend to have more of the glands that produce the oil. Having a higher concentration of these glands also means that the skin is dense as opposed to thin, which helps to fill out the face. Collins says, "You can imagine that a thicker, sturdier dermis would lead to less folding and wrinkling of the skin."

How to manage and balance oily skin

Due to the fact that the oil on your skin may help to keep it looking younger, you might have changed your mind about getting rid of it. Instead, it's best to know how to balance your skin in order to ensure it remains healthy and looks fantastic. For instance, it's important to use the right kind of skincare products.

"Since some of the ingredients used to address oily skin including salicylic acid or retinoids can be drying on the skin, it is always important to use these active ingredients with caution in the winter months," Marisa Garshick, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, told Well+Good. "Certainly, they can still be used but some people may find they need to decrease the frequency of use to minimize the potential for dryness or irritation. If you are experiencing any redness or irritation, it is important to temporarily stop using a specific product or ingredient to allow the skin to recover."

As for your overall routine, you'll want to wash your face often and use a toner afterward, according to Medical News Today. When you dry your face, keep things gentle and pat the water off. Beyond that, you can always put blotting papers to good use — and the same goes for medicated pads, facial masks, and moisturizers. While you take each step, you can now do so with a renewed appreciation for your oily skin.