'Baby Boomer' Nails Are A Decades-Old Classic Coming Back With A Vengeance

In recent years, flashy, colorful nails have been the way for people to express themselves, but if you love a more natural look, then baby boomer nails are right up your alley. Made popular in the 1940s (hence the name), baby boomer nails are sweeping social media and may just be hotter than the glazed donut trend Hailey Bieber started in 2022.

So what exactly are baby boomer nails? Think not quite french-manicure but a smooth transition between white and pale pink. The look is polished and sleek while adding a hint of color to your nails. What's great about baby boomer nails is that you don't have to have been born in that era to sport this trend. The soft colors look good for any age, and it's a trendy alternative to the dated french manicure. The polish is also very low maintenance, and you won't have to immediately go in for a touch-up if you see a chip or your nails grow out. Ready to try out baby boomer nails? Check out these pics and see which ones you're most inspired to try.

Baby boomer nails elongate your fingers

If you want to add length to your digits, baby boomer nails are the way to go. Because the base shade is close to your natural skin color, the gradient hues make your fingers appear longer and slimmer. For added length, round your tips into an oval shape. Add a touch of elegance by applying tiny crystal stones at the base.

Go a shade darker with a medium pink

Baby boomer nails are extremely versatile, and while most are done in a pale pink hue, you can also use a medium rose color. Since there's more of a contrast between the pink and white, you'll want to make sure the colors blend seamlessly — so there's no line of demarcation. Those with olive to deep skin tones will do well with a darker pink shade, as the pop of color will stand out more than a pale pink.

Use your baby boomer nails as a base for designs

Do you love creative, colorful nails but want to hop on the baby boomer nail trend? Why not combine the two styles? Baby boomer nails are the perfect base for fun designs. Add some sparkly glitter or gold leaf for a Jackson Pollock-esque feel. You can be as creative as you want, but remember to allow the soft pink and white shades to shine through in some areas.

Square tips continue to remain a popular nail shape

Sharp stiletto nails have been popular for a while, but long rectangle shapes will always remain a classic. The benefits of having square tips are that they're easy to maintain on your own, and the sturdy shape makes them less prone to chipping. Keep your baby boomer nails looking soft with a slight curve at the tips rather than a flat or squoval head.

Baby boomer polish also looks great on short nails

Those with short nails can also rock the baby boomer trend. The minimalist look instantly adds elegance and polish (pun intended) to unadorned fingertips. You'll have less surface area to play with, but if you start the gradient effect mid-nail, you'll still be able to pull off the ombré look.

Elevate your wedding day look with baby boomer nails

For brides who want to add elegance to their hands, baby boomer nails are the perfect accessory for their big day. Not only do they last longer than french tips, they provide just the right amount of color to let you shine without overtaking your wedding day look. To add a bridal feel to your nails, add flower accents with some pearls or crystals for a touch of shine.

Metallic tips make baby boomer nails festive

While white tips usually adorn baby boomer nails, why not swap them out with a silvery shade? The metallic color perfectly complements the light pink base, and the colors are light enough to blend seamlessly. A pale gold works just as well as silver if you like a warmer color. Either way, your baby boomer nails will look festive no matter what time of year it is.