The Easy, Commonplace Swap To Use If You Forget Deodorant

We've all been there. We're a good three hours into our work day when we realize we forgot to apply deodorant that morning. There is a moment of panic, one of realization, and finally, the inevitable sniff test. Unless you pack a travel deodorant, you may be out of luck, forced to try to move less throughout the day so as to not create sweaty underarms. This isn't easy if you are active throughout the day or have an important meeting scheduled that you may be nervous for.


Forgetting your deodorant can be stressful, especially if you are a heavy sweater, but there are things you can do to get you through the day smelling fresh. You may have heard of natural deodorants being made from pantry items in the kitchen, but not everyone has these ingredients at their disposal during the work day. If you can relate to this feeling of panic, there is an easy hack you can use to replace your deodorant that actually works.

The easy hack

If you find yourself needing a refresh for your underarms, or you were in such a hurry you forgot to put on deodorant, there is an easy trick that you can try to keep smelling fresh even in the most stressful times. The solution for your armpit conundrum is hand sanitizer. When you notice the need for odor control, simply take a pump of hand sanitizer and apply it directly to your underarms. Let them air dry before putting your shirt back on, and you'll be smelling fresh and clean the remainder of the day.


If you can't seem to find hand sanitizer at your place of work, there are other options that will help you through the day. Thompson Tee recommends using other supplies to mask the odor like antibacterial wipes, makeup remover wipes, body spray, or old fashioned water and soap. If you do have a kitchen that is accessible, mix up a little baking soda and cornstarch and apply to your underarms.

Why it works

It feels too good to be true that these products you likely always have on hand could get you out of an odor predicament, but when you look at the ingredients, it definitely makes sense. Self reports that body odor is brought on by bacteria building in your underarms, and because hand sanitizer, make up wipes, and body sprays usually contain rubbing alcohol, these products work by killing that very bacteria. In addition, the rubbing alcohol assists in evaporating sweat, keeping you dry and smelling fresh throughout the day. 


When searching for the best hand sanitizer to use, reach for fragrance-free options first, but any sanitizer will be effective as you fight against odor. The next time you leave the house without using deodorant, don't panic. You most likely have the ingredients you need to solve your underarm problems so that you can take on your day feeling dry and fresh.