The Foundation Trick To Use When You've Applied A Bit Too Much Blush Or Bronzer

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Applying makeup can be fun when you're trying a new technique outside of your everyday routine. There are various trends on TikTok that you might've tried once or twice. However, following a tutorial video doesn't always work out as you hoped. You might've heard of the underpainting trend where makeup artists apply celebrities' makeup backward. Instead of using foundation as a base and then following it up with a concealer, bronzer, contour, and blush, they reverse the application and start with contour, bronzer, concealer, and blush. Afterward, they apply foundation over everything. It's meant to create a natural look, but using the wrong amount of product can result in a disaster.


When you put too much product on, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to tone down the look, especially if you're running late. We've all tried a blush, applied a bit too much, and ended up looking a little sunburned. By now, we know that less can definitely be more. However, in a moment of panic, you might feel like you have to redo your entire look. Now, there's a trick to solve any makeup mishaps you might have.

Apply a small amount of foundation

Foundation is the holy grail to help resolve any slip-ups when you're doing your makeup. Applying a small amount of foundation over the entire area can tone down the appearance when you go overboard with a new pigmented blush, per Paula's Choice. On the other hand, you don't have to apply the foundation on the whole face — instead, dab some on the area where it might overlap with your bronzer or where it travels too high along your brows. It's a great color corrective tool, and you can use a foundation brush or beauty blender to apply it for adequate coverage.


In addition, this technique works if you've applied too much bronzer. They're a lot darker than blushes, so they can be trickier to work with, especially if it's your first time using them. Starting with a small amount of bronzer and building the product up can prevent using too much. In moments when your hand has a mind of its own and goes too far, repeat the corrective method with foundation. This can balance the bronzer and make it appear neutral.

Use a wet beauty blender or concealer

Since blushes and bronzers are available in different shades, more is needed to tone down the look, especially when it comes to bronzer. You can use a wet beauty blender that doesn't have any product on it to absorb some of the makeup if you applied too much. It works as a magic eraser, so you'll want to lightly dab the beauty blender on areas with blush, contour, or bronzer. If you remove more than you intended, you can always go back and re-apply what you need.


If you feel that a beauty blender doesn't tone down the products enough and your foundation isn't helping, using concealer can also do the trick. Concealer brightens darker parts of your face, such as dark circles, and hides blemishes. In addition, it's usually a shade lighter than your skin tone and foundation, creating a brightening effect. Applying the concealer to the bronzer will lighten and correct any mishaps. However, concealer is a thicker product, so use a small amount like you would with foundation. Blend it with a brush or beauty blender.