Range Beauty: Where Is The History-Making Brand From Shark Tank Now?

What's left of makeup when we scrape away the veneer of glam and glitter? For those with normal skin, a bare face with enlarged pores and dark spots on full display is the worst that could happen. For those with reactive skin, breaking out in painful blisters and itchy rashes the next day after wearing makeup is part of the package. How would you navigate the treacherous waters of makeup and skincare if you had eczema and acne issues? Would you avoid everything that can make your eczema flare, or would you create your own makeup line that would cater to the needs of those with skin issues like you? This is the life story of Alicia Scott, who, after trying the former but to no avail, proceeded to do the latter.

Founded in 2018, Range Beauty represented Scott's desire to help people with reactive skin feel glamorous without fear of flare-ups afterwards. In addition to that, Range Beauty is Scott's solution to a problem that impacts the lives of untold women of color — shade inclusivity. Scott's resolve to not compromise on her skin condition and color paid off. In 2022, Range Beauty made history as the first Black woman-owned beauty brand to win a deal on ABC's Shark Tank. Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Range Beauty has been on a winning streak as an eczema- and acne-focused makeup line that caters to diverse undertones in its wide shade range. Here's where Range Beauty is now.

Recap on Range Beauty's Shark Tank appearance

In an episode of Shark Tank that aired on 25th February 2022, Scott and operations manager Myisha Fantroy — her cousin — appeared on the show to make a pitch for Range Beauty. Describing their makeup line as "clean beauty for the forgotten" — technically a reactive skin-focused beauty line with inclusivity in mind — Scott and Fantroy sought $150,000 for 6% equity. After their impressive presentation, investors Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, and Barbara Corcoran decided to not jump on board. Meanwhile, investor Lori Greiner and guest shark Emma Grede were quick to realize that Range Beauty was a million-dollar startup idea, and made an offer of $150,000 for 20% equity.

That was not what Scott and Fantroy came for, but they took the lowball gladly because they wanted to tap into the solid marketing expertise of their angel investors, whom they believed could understand their aspirations for the beauty brand. And Range Beauty made quite a success following its first TV debut. For its $23 True Intentions Hydrating Foundation Sample Kit, which the inventor said was available in 21 underrepresented hues, Range Beauty received over 1,700 orders the night the program aired. "Being up there as a Black woman-owned makeup brand in front of their first Black women guest shark, being the first Black woman-owned makeup brands to receive a deal, it was everything," Scott said in an interview with Beauty Independent. "We walked away, and it was like in the cartoons where there are stars floating around. That's exactly how it felt."

Range Beauty serves the interests of reactive skin beauties

Defining itself as clean beauty, Range Beauty's unique selling points are encapsulated in these three words: safe, shades, and soothe. Since the beauty brand's mission is to merge inclusive makeup with natural skincare, its number one priority is safe ingredients. According to Range Beauty's website, the brand's products are formulated with nourishing active botanicals such as calendula, chamomile, green tea, and argan oil, which relieve troubled skin and keep it glowing.

Shade-wise, you won't have any difficulty finding a shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. The sheer-to-medium foundation that comes in 21 colors and a broad range of undertones is what makes Range Beauty stand out. "Sometimes companies think, 'Put out 50 shades of foundation and that will solve the problem,' but it goes deeper than that, because many foundations [on the market] typically have red or ashy undertones, and Black women and women of color have different undertones," Scott tells Refinery29. There are at least three to four undertones in each shade category at Range Beauty: neutral, cold, yellow, and red. Options of undertones are crucial because even when someone finds the shade for their skin tone, if it doesn't match their undertone — which is the subtle shade within their skin tone — the color won't be quite right.

As far as soothing goes, Range Beauty avoids using potential irritants like synthetic dyes, fragrances, sulfates, and talc to minimize the risks of causing inflammation, clogging pores, or sensitizing the skin. 

What customers say about Range Beauty

Judging from the many positive reviews Range Beauty has been garnering for its products, the brand has been doing really well. For its bestselling $18 True Intentions Hydrating Foundation Sample Kit, Range Beauty has raked in 125 reviews and 3.88 out of 5 stars at the time of writing. One reviewer who goes by the name Aaliya Brown wrote: "I love how they cater to different undertones in their wide range of shades. The foundations are creamy, buildable, and feel very light on the face. No stickiness at all." Mandy, another reviewer, agreed: "The sample sizes were just enough to figure out which shade matched me best. I love that this foundation feels so lightweight, provides good coverage, and works well with my sensitive skin. I can't wait for my full-sized bottle to arrive!"

PopSugar writer Ariel Baker also waxed lyrical about Range Beauty's foundation sample kit after trying it on her face. As someone with combination-to-oily skin, Baker said she often struggled to achieve dewy skin without grease. But Range Beauty is a new beacon of hope. Baker wrote: "Not only was the color match exquisite, but I also felt like I had nothing on my face at all — there was no sticky residue or product transfer when I touched my face. Best of all? My skin had a beautiful glow without feeling at all greasy." 

What's next for Range Beauty

In a recent interview with Shopify, Range Beauty's founder Alicia Scott shared: "I'm excited to introduce Range to retail! This will be huge for us, as we've only been an ecommerce brand with in-person activations here and there. To physically have an in-store presence is going to be a game changer for us and the future of Range." Over the next five years, Range Beauty is targeted to amplify its retail presence, debut its skincare line, and establish itself as the leading cosmetics brand for those with sensitive skin.

As far as brand awareness goes, Range Beauty is on track to grow its online presence on TikTok, a social platform that allows for a more casual approach to connect with its targeted audience compared to Instagram, Scott said. It's also easier to grab people's attention on TikTok and build a community of like-minded people. When asked how she overcame her challenges as the founder of a Black-owned makeup line, Scott credited her accomplishments to her "incessant need to research everything." She also gave recognition to the network of founders she has encountered along the journey who have mentored her, offered expert advice, and helped her fill in the knowledge gaps.