TikTok Is The New Tinder: How People Are Finding Love On The Social Media App

Once upon a time, people relied on fate to find potential love interests. Love-hungry singles would keep their eyes open for attractive fellow singles on public transportation, at coffee shops, bookstores, malls, and even at work or college classes. But some eager individuals always found more ways to meet people when they didn't feel like waiting for fate to do its work anymore. So, singles would ask their friends to set them up, peruse newspaper ads, visit matchmakers, and attend speed dating events in hopes of meeting someone special. And all that is just the beginning.

Nowadays, very few people meet in person. Many have been using countless dating apps in hopes of finding the one, as these apps provide users with many nearby single people to chat with — not the most romantic way to meet potential spouses, but undeniably convenient. But that's not all; in addition to dating apps like Bumble and Hinge, more people have been using social media to get dates, hookups, and relationships in the 2020s. Not only have singles been DM-ing their crushes on Instagram, but they've been using TikTok to find love. Believe it or not, TikTok is arguably as effective as some dating apps for finding romance today.

You can learn about people's personalities on TikTok

While finding love on TikTok might sound absurd at first, you have to admit that looking at someone's profile is a good way to get a sense of their personality; the videos they upload on TikTok can give you a look at their interests and lifestyle. For instance, if you love to dance, you might feel drawn to someone who posts many impressive dance videos on the app. Or, if you enjoy cooking, you might become interested in somebody who uploads a lot of food-related content or recipes.

"That's why people have followers and why you follow people — you find something interesting about them. When you're looking for a partner, [social media] makes it easy to see a lot of their life and find things you like about them that you might not otherwise be able to find out on a first date," Corey Brooks, a TikToker who met his now-fiancé on the app, told Insider. The TikToker even has an adorable video with his fiancé discussing how a DM facilitated their relationship, proving that it's possible to find your future spouse on the social media platform. So, if you see an intriguing TikTok of someone doing or talking about something you enjoy, such as baking, painting, reading, raving, or singing, and you find that person attractive, consider commenting something flirty and respectful on the video and seeing where it goes.

People are sharing the pros and cons of dating them on TikTok

There's even a TikTok trend where people put themselves out there by posting the pros and cons of dating them. By uploading these videos, TikTokers are allowing people to express interest, opening the door for potential new love interests. For instance, one TikTok user with the username @annieflind posted a video listing various pros, such as "will make you warm pastries," "great listener," and "always on time. Adding to her cons, she labeled herself as a "theatre kid." A couple of impressed viewers commented, with one writing in all caps, "You had me at pastries" and another saying, "Can I be the trophy husband," so the video caught some attention.

Moreover, a TikToker with the username @mckenzieluskey also tried the trend, revealing what her sister thinks her pros and cons are. According to the video, her best traits include "hot," "good listener," and "tall.' On the other hand, some of the cons are "never responds," "cries too much," and "can't keep one hair color." Of course, people must be okay with making fun of themselves for this trend, but it's a fun way to put yourself out there if you're tired of dating apps and want to try something different. If someone posts one of these videos and it catches your eye, consider commenting a compliment. Or, try the trend yourself if you're comfortable being somewhat blunt and putting yourself out there!

Singles are uploading their partner applications in hopes of finding someone

When we thought people couldn't be any more straightforward in their quests for finding love on TikTok, we found the partner application videos. People treat TikTok like a dating app by posting application videos, providing photos and information about themselves, and inviting interested viewers to reach out. For example, @carsongenal, a TikToker, posted his "boyfriend application video," sharing some pictures, each with information such as, "I'm Carson," "6'4," "Very athletic," and "Mommas boy." A few excited viewers commented, "Uh marriage?" "I accept," and "We love a mama's boy. Approved."

Meanwhile, a TikTok user posted a "girlfriend application video," sharing some high-quality pictures of herself and information, including, "My name is Jordan," "I'm from Soflo," "I'm a Libra," and "I'm the host of my own self growth podcast." Some viewers commented, "Is this still open," "I swear TikTok knows when I'm single," "Wow where have you been my entire life," and "Oh wow hi hello." The partner application video strategy on TikTok might appear somewhat desperate to some. Still, to others, it's an honest and bold way to show other single people what you have to offer and that you're serious about wanting to meet someone. So, if you don't mind the idea, keep your eyes open for any intriguing love applications, or even try posting one if you feel confident enough.

TikTok is especially helpful for girls in the LGBTQIA+ community

TikTok has proven to be a helpful alternative for dating apps or in-person meet-cutes, particularly for women who want to date other women. "It's definitely possible to flirt on TikTok. I'm bisexual and have found that it's easier to find women on TikTok than anywhere else. I have given up on using Hinge and now am only using TikTok to find women. Also, I would say that TikTok is already a dating app for gay/bisexual girls, especially Gen Z," Hannah Moreno, a TikTok user, told HuffPost.

Furthermore, some women use TikTok as a platform to talk about their sexuality and experiences or difficulties they've had with dating as girls who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. For instance, a TikTok user with the username @gabrielllllaaaaaaaa shared a video expressing her frustrations with trying to meet people on dating apps as a bisexual woman. Since some girls feel more comfortable talking about dating and their sexuality on TikTok than on other platforms, some women are meeting other women in similar situations on the app. The modern social media app is helping women find love with other women — arguably more than traditional dating apps, so it can't hurt to give TikTok a chance.

Shoot your shot because why not

At the end of the day, all you need is enough confidence to look for love on TikTok. As long as you're respectful, the worst result is getting rejected, which can happen on dating apps. Everyone probably remembers when Miley Cyrus asked a TikTok user on a date in a now-deleted commentso even some of the most famous people in the world use TikTok to flirt. No, you probably won't end up going on a date with a celebrity, but there's still a chance you can find your future partner on the social media app.

It's always charming to watch a TikTok love story. For instance, a police officer with the username @lakehayes shared a beautiful video featuring wedding photos with his wife — another police officer — and explained that they met on TikTok. Moreover, another TikTok user shared the touching story of meeting his wife on the platform. In the clip, he explained that he moved from California to Florida to be with her, and they are happy and in love, thanks to TikTok. Therefore, TikTok is not a traditional place to find love, but some people have found their soulmates on the app, proving that you can find true love in the most unexpected places.