The Lip Bar: What Happened To The Beauty Brand After Shark Tank?

According to The Hustle, only 56% of contestants manage to land a deal on "Shark Tank," meaning their fate is practically sealed by the flip of a coin. While many contestants manage to land a once-in-a-lifetime deal, there are also many who miss the mark, despite having what appears to be a fantastic idea or product. Some of the most well-known rejections from the show include Ring, Kodiak Cakes, Rocketbook, MealEnders, and Over the Moo. All of these businesses were incredibly successful despite initially being rejected by the feisty "sharks." Now, many of them are worth millions of dollars and have gone on to expand their ventures without the help of "Shark Tank" investors.


Another notable company that has gone on to achieve huge success is The Lip Bar. It first appeared on "Shark Tank" during the 6th season in 2015. Despite having a vibrant array of products, the owner of The Lip Bar, Melissa Butler, was unfortunately rejected. However, since appearing on the show, it seems that her determination has grown stronger than ever. So, where is the brand now?

The Lip Bar products are now sold at major retailers

Like many other rejected companies, The Lip Bar has since achieved massive success within the makeup and beauty industry. Since being rejected by "Shark Tank," Melissa Butler continued to push to make her brand a success. Just a few years later, her hard work and determination would pay off. In 2018, the brand landed a deal with Target — a major retailer in the U.S. However, this hasn't been her only win. To seal the deal, The Lip Bar has since gone on to stock shelves across a total of 1,000 stores (per Forbes), including Walmart and Meijer.


Landing such notable deals helped launch Butler's brand even further into the public spotlight as it started gaining more online attention. Just three years after her rejection on "Shark Tank," The Lip Bar was worth a sizable $500,000 (via Rolling Out).

The brand has since become best known for its bright colors and inclusivity, as well as being vegan and non-toxic without compromising performance. Speaking to "Gloss Angeles" podcast, Butler inferred that the sharks were not familiar with the market she was operating in, explaining, "We had a greater purpose and a greater mission to challenge the beauty standard." Clearly, her hard work and determination helped to push the brand to where it is today.


The Lip Bar raised $6.7 million in funding

After leaving "Shark Tank" and landing major brand deals, things only continued on an upward trajectory for The Lip Bar. In 2022, the company achieved yet another major feat, raising over $6.7 million in funding (via Forbes) — yet another sign that a lot of investors believe in the brand. This investment will enable The Lip Bar to expand and grow the business even further. The extra cash injection allows them to potentially hire new staff, explore new product lines, and even help with running costs.


However, this isn't the company's first funding round. Rewinding back to 2017, it also had a "pre-seed round" that consisted of one main investor. Much like the latest round, this funding likely gave the business the support it needed to thrive — which it clearly has done! What's more, its reported annual revenue for 2022 exceeded the $1 million mark (via Zippia), which is a huge feat considering its "Shark Tank" rejection.

The brand now has its own store in Detroit

Most business owners and entrepreneurs dream of opening their own stores, particularly if their brand is heavily involved in customer service. For The Lip Bar, this dream became a reality. In 2019, the company launched its first-ever physical, brick-and-mortar store in Detroit, Michigan, just a year after its major deal with Target.


However, it is likely to be pricey. The average rent for retail space in the city of Detroit is about $18.32 per square foot per year (via LoopNet). If anything, this is a marker of the brand's major success since it first launched in 2012.

It is clear that the brand has been very much on an upward spiral since its appearance on "Shark Tank," with products receiving swathes of positive reviews and profits looking even more hopeful for the future. If you love poppin' lip colors that make an impact, then The Lip Bar may be right up your alley! Pair this with the perfect overlined lip, and you'll be ready to go.