The Foolproof Eyeshadow Painting Method That Delivers An Ombré Masterpiece

If you pay attention to hair, makeup, and nail trends, you've probably heard the word "ombré" more times than you can count. So what exactly is an ombré? According to Merriam-Webster, ombré means "having colors or tones that shade into each other." The ombré look is prominent in the beauty world, as there's something effortlessly intriguing about different hues or shades blending to create a dynamic look.


When you first hear someone mention an ombré, you probably think of the highly-talked-about hairstyle that typically fades from brown to blond, black to brown, or traditional hair color to an unconventional hue such as purple or green. This hair color technique is designed to be low-maintenance, so it's an excellent choice for people looking for low-effort glamour. Not limited to hair, there's also ombré brow shading and ombré nail designs. Ombré-inspired eyeshadow is super fun, too, and thanks to a convenient method, it's easier to create than you may expect.

TikTok shared an easy way to master the ombré eyeshadow look

At first, we assumed that creating ombré-inspired eyeshadow designs required advanced skills and that only professional makeup artists would be talented enough to achieve the look. However, TikTok proved us wrong with an easy application strategy. A makeup-loving TikToker with the username @rashakutwaroo posted a video captioned, "I'm still shook! This hack really works, perfect for beginners," and the video has more than a million likes at the time of writing. In the video, the TikToker uses black, dark brown, lighter brown, orange, gold, and silver eyeshadow hues for her design. Using a makeup brush, the TikTok user paints each shadow hue next to the other in slightly curved vertical lines on her eyelid, following her eyelid's shape. Next, she uses a different brush to gently blend it all. The result is a beautiful, dynamic ombré effect. So all you need to do is choose your eyeshadow colors, use them to cover your eyelid by vertically painting the hues next to each other, and carefully blend them with another brush. It almost seems too easy!


Many impressed viewers expressed their excitement for this technique in the comments. One commenter wrote, "I have to try this, I'm a beginner at makeup and honestly I don't have the patience for it. Lol." Another viewer commented, "It workkksss," and someone else wrote, "Wow love that look!" TikTok users seem beyond excited to explore this eyeshadow application strategy.

Other eyeshadow ombré ideas

You can even do this eyeshadow ombré hack with only three shadows for a simpler take on the look if you want to ease into it. A TikTok user with the username @carrie_twidale posted a video where she used only three eyeshadow hues. First, she uses a makeup brush to vertically apply the darkest shadow to the outermost section of her eyelids, noting that you don't have to worry about being neat since blending is more important. Next, she vertically applied another eyeshadow hue next to the shadow in the outer section of her eyelid. After this, the TikTok user applies the lightest eyeshadow next to the middle hue on the other side of her eyelid. Then, she uses the opposite side of her double makeup brush to blend the three hues in round movements, starting with the darkest shadows. The ombré is beautiful!


There are many ways to rock the ombré effect, so don't be afraid to get creative and explore. For example, you should consider going bold with a rainbow ombré, using red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple shadows. Or try a playful cotton candy effect with pastel pinks and blues. Or, go for a Barbiecore look by blending different shades of pink. The options are endless.