For Extra Dimension And Brightness, Use Highlighter Around One Particular Facial Feature

Everyone knows that a good highlighter application can make (or break) a makeup look, adding brightness and shine with one simple swipe. Applying a lit-from-within shimmer to your makeup is a simple way to add some flair, light, and dimension to your look. Not to mention your highlight can help capture light from all angles and draw attention to your face.

While it seems like most people know how to use highlighter, not everyone knows the correct areas to apply it. We are all aware of placing highlighter in your highest points to best capture and reflect light; however, there are other places many seem to forget. While applying this beauty product in several places might seem overwhelming or excessive, the trick is to apply it with a light hand.

Like any beauty product, you want to apply your highlighter with measure and build up your coverage. With a noticeable product like highlighter, slowly increasing your glimmer is the best way to avoid it looking overdone. Knowing where to apply your highlighter will help give your face more radiance and glam — and there's one particular feature you can't forget for extra dimension and brightness. 

Don't forget the brows

While most people think of using highlighter on their cheekbones and nose, it's equally important to apply it to your eyebrows. Applying highlighter to your eyebrows enhances their shape, brightens up your eyes, and makes them look more awake and youthful. Adding extra light to your brows can give you a helpful eye lift without surgery or treatment. Giving you some extra definition on your brows, you can create a perfectly contrasted makeup look that defines all of your facial features. This extra shine on your face will add more light to your face in general, giving you an overall glow.

Highlighter on the brows also helps to define their shape and create a more polished and put-together look. Whether your eyebrows are thick, bushy, sparse, or thin, this sparkling beauty product can work wonders in making them appear more defined. It can also help cover up stray hairs or imperfections and give you a more even and flawless finish. It's safe to say: If you want to achieve a well-groomed and put-together look, never forget to apply highlighter to your eyebrows, as it can make all the difference in your overall makeup look.

How to apply highlighter on your brows like a pro

To apply your highlighter to your brows, place the product directly underneath your eyebrow arch by following your eyebrow shape. In one swipe, apply your highlighter using your brow as a guide. You never want to leave your product unblinded, as it will appear streaky and harsh on your skin.

Instead, blend in your highlighter — either with your finger or a brush — to make it seem more natural and seamless for a glow-from-within appearance. Fluffy and fan brushes are great tools to help diffuse the product instead of making it look like one harsh line of product.

To amplify this look, you want to add a slight touch of highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes for a subtle pop. Brightening this small corner will help make your eyes seem bigger and give you even more of a glow. However, you want to be careful not to overdo it and only add a few hints of the highlighter in this area. Continue your makeup routine by filling in your brows in the sparse areas, and you are ready to go!