Folding Your Jeans This Way Can Make Your Closet Look Like A Gap Ad

Relaxation may look like a trip to the beach, your favorite book, and sometimes, an organized closet. And most of us can agree that a messy closet makes for a messy mind. On top of all the stress in life and at work, no one wants to come home to a closet that's about to explode. When you find the time to take care of your space, it'll leave you feeling a lot better. Tackling your laundry pile can get overwhelming, so take it step by step. First, you can start with your jeans. 


You might have an impressive denim collection, and no matter how nicely you try to fold your jeans, there's just never enough space. Denim can be bulky and take up a lot of room on your shelves or in your drawers. There has to be a better way, right? Luckily, the people of TikTok are sharing their expertise on folding jeans. Let's take a look at these quick tips to help you declutter and organize your closet.

Fold your jeans the Levi way

Working in retail not only gives you people skills but folding skills too. TikTok user @tag_herr has worked at Levi's for three years and shared his best jean folding advice that he uses at work and at home. His video has more than 240,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people saying they're going to try this out. In just a few steps, your closet will look like your favorite clothing store. 


First, fold the jeans in half once and lay them down with the zipper facing you. Put your hand by the crotch seam as a guide, and then fold the bottom half of the jeans over the front. Flip the jeans over so the front pockets are facing you, open up the pants so you can see the back pockets, and then tuck the legs inside. Flip the pants over one more time and you'll see the front panel of the pants. This leaves you with flat, neatly folded pants that are up to retail standards.

Want another way to fold? Try this method

There's another fabulous way to leave your closet looking as tidy as ever. User @lola_olson shared a tip she found that will satisfy your need for a perfect stack of jeans. Lay the jeans down with the waist closest to you. Take the bottom hem of each pant leg and fold them in half upwards. Fold the pants in half once at the waist and then fold one more time so you see the back pocket. 


To save more space, try tucking in the crotch of the pants before the last step. This will allow them to be narrower so they fit next to each other on a shelf or in a drawer. In Lola's video, she shows what her shelf looked before and after her hack, and it's clear that this method saved her space to fit a few more pairs on the shelf.

When you're done folding, have some fun with it and coordinate your jeans by color or by style. An organized closet will relieve some stress and help you rock the latest denim trends