The 'Dark Bimbo' Aesthetic Is Trending. Here's How To Get The Look

Dark bimbo is what it sounds like: a feminine style with a moody twist. Thanks to stars like "Euphoria" actress Alexa Demie and model Amelia Gray, this aesthetic – filled with bold dark lips, vampy outfits, and siren eyes — is at fashion's forefront. Of course, there's everyone's favorite star, Julia Fox, whose bleached eyebrows have become a trend — and they fit this style perfectly.

If you want to explore the dark bimbo style but have no idea where to start, we've gathered some of the most common hair, makeup, and suggestions for your fashion experimentation. If you want to explore this trend even more, we encourage you to be inspired by Pamela Anderson in "Barb Wire" or Sarah Michelle Gellar in "Cruel Intentions." In the '90s, dark bimbo was a popular aesthetic, so that decade is the perfect place to look for inspiration when it comes to figuring out how to make this style yours.

Black from head to toe is the dark bimbo uniform

When playing with this style, black items are the way to go. Since black is a popular shade, odds are you already have plenty of black pieces in your closet. Mix and match them for a sultry and monochromatic look.

Black lipstick is also a must

Of course, a black outfit alone won't do. To give off a mysterious and bold vampy vibe, opt for dark lipstick. If you dare, we recommend black. Keep the rest of your makeup simple, so it doesn't look costume-like or wash out your complexion.

The bigger the wing, the better

One of the most prominent makeup choices for this aesthetic is a super thick and ultra-black winged eyeliner. When we say dramatic — we mean it. Make sure the wing is at least as long as your eyebrow. Pair some wispy false lashes with it to enhance the siren eyes effect.

Slicked-back hair goes with any outfit

Yes, this aesthetic is all about harsh, dramatic lines, so forget the softness of curls and blowouts. Instead, you want your hair to be sharp. For this, a dense comb and a lot of gel/hairspray will be your best friend. You can opt for a half updo, low bun, or high ponytail. Whichever you choose, make sure your hair is sleek and shiny against your head.

A black corset is an essential

If you're looking to invest in a clothing piece that perfectly captures the essence of this style, we recommend a black corset. Not only is a piece like this super versatile — as it can be worn on its own or under and over other pieces — but it will also give you that extra boost of confidence that is necessary to pull off this style.

Bleached eyebrows fit the edgy aesthetic

Even though this aesthetic is still ultra-feminine, it loves playing around with dramatic and eye-catching trends that not everyone would consider beautiful. Bleached eyebrows definitely take a lot of bravery to pull off. However, you can always dye them back! If you just so happen to like them, your eye makeup will immediately look a million times more interesting.

And if bleaching is too scary, go for a skinny brow

We get it: Bleaching your brows takes a lot of commitment. If you're not ready to take that step, you can also lean into your dark bimbo alter ego by making your eyebrows thinner. If your brows are old enough to have lived through the '90s, we so understand if it left you with the fear of tweezers. If you're too young to remember or have lived through the overplucked brows-era that defined the '90s, please take our advice! Only pluck them a tiny bit thinner at first. Baby steps are key!

Over-the-knee boots add drama to every outfit

If there's one pair of shoes that encapsulates dark bimbo energy, it's over-the-knee platform boots. The chunkier the platform is, the better — you want your shoes to almost look like something a Bratz doll would own. Of course, if this style of shoe isn't your cup of tea, you can achieve a similar look with classic Doc Martens.

A sharp bob haircut is perfect for this aesthetic

Those who are in the market for a new haircut should consider getting a blunt bob. Not only is this hairstyle perfect for spring and warmer weather, but it's also easy to maintain. If it happens to look a bit messy, it just adds to the edgy vibe.

Black leather is crucial for this look

Leather is a material that perfectly suits this aesthetic — especially if you have multiple black leather pieces that you can wear simultaneously. If you don't, hit up thrift stores, as those are the best source for finding edgy leather pieces. Of course, we encourage you to always pick pleather over actual leather — particularly if you're buying a new item.

If you want to add color — go for red

Even though black is always glamorous, sometimes an all-black outfit can be a tad predictable and boring. Luckily, the dark bimbo aesthetic does allow for some color — particularly red. While any shade is fair game, a darker red will made the look more alluring.

And if you want just a hint of it, put on a red lip

Even though red is great, it is a vibrant color that will put you at the center of attention. If that is too intimidating, you can start small by incorporating classic red lips into your regular makeup routine. Just so the lips aren't the only red you're rocking, consider getting classic red nails, too.

The Pamela Anderson '90s bun is dark bimbo classic

Actress Pamela Anderson is often referenced as someone who perfected the dark bimbo style, especially in her '90s "Barb Wire" era. A hairstyle that Pam used to rock a lot back then was her messy updo with wispy voluminous bangs — a classic that fits this aesthetic perfectly.

A Matrix inspired coat is essential

A classic black coat is a clothing item that anyone who wants to explore the dark bimbo aesthetic should consider adding to their closet. The coat looks great with everything, as it can dress up a casual daytime look or add a bit of mystery to a classic little black dress.

Mesh, crochet, and lace details are always welcome

Since this trend heavily relies on black clothing (which can often look plain), a fun way to create a more interesting outfit is to experiment with mesh, crochet, or lace clothing pieces. These materials allow for some skin to show, which adds to the seductiveness of this style.

The wet hair look is perfect for nights out

The wet hair look has basically been made for this aesthetic as it literally makes you look like you just got out of a pool à la Denise Richards in "Wild Things." To create it, use a lot of hair gel and finish the look off with a shine spray, which is the key to making dry hair appear wet.

An ombre lip is unexpected

Since the '90s were a crucial part in shaping this style, it's not surprising that ombre lips — aka lining your lips with a darker lip pencil and filling them in with a lighter lipstick — are a big part of it. While you can go for any color you like, we recommend opting for a dark brown pencil and nude lipstick base.

If you dare, go bold with latex

If you've been keeping up with Julia Fox, you already know just how much she loves wearing latex outfits. If you dare, add some fun latex pieces to your wardrobe. You can go easy by adding a piece here and there — or you can go all out and wear a head-to-toe latex look.