Goodbye, Gym Bags. Purses Are A Perfect Streetwear Match For Leggings

Photos of celebs walking to and from the gym in their leggings are a dime a dozen online. Have you ever noticed, however, how rare it is to see a fabulous famous face toting around an actual gym bag? It seems that the way to upgrade your gym leggings to streetwear status is to pair them with a purse instead. If you want to be like one of the greats, consider carrying your makeup wipes and electrolyte powder in your purse next time you head out for your workout.

Not sure you can pull off leggings as fashionable streetwear, even with swapping out your gym bag for a cute purse? Of course you can. Here are some examples of exactly how to pull off this look for inspiration. Find one that works with your personal style and give it a try. You'll notice a spring in your step before you even hit the treadmill

Shades of black and gray

Grays and blacks along with a pop of white from your socks and shoes provide the perfect neutral streetwear palette for making your way to the gym. Add a classic slouchy top-handle purse of your choice and a wool trench coat to achieve the ultimate sporty-sophisticated crossover. 

Business on the top, comfy on the bottom

If you really want to make your purse pop, pair a warm neutral handbag with a black and white leggings ensemble. Need to pop into a coffee shop for a quick Zoom meeting on your way to your yoga class? Not a problem when you complement your leggings, tank, and purse with a fashionable blazer. 

Compact purse with oversized coat

Oil blotting sheets? Check. Lip gloss? Check. Deodorant stick? Check. When you're already wearing your gym clothes, you don't need a big purse. Grab your favorite compact handbag and pair it with a comfy oversized coat, hoodie, or sweater, and go get that workout finished. 

Pop of color

If the whole point of swapping a gym bag for a handbag is to improve the aesthetic of your workout leggings, you might as well make your purse cute and fun. Throw a brightly detailed sweater over your tank or sports bra and then match your purse to its boldest hue. 

Edgy punk vibes

Looking for an edgier aesthetic? Want to let everyone know that you're on your way to a boxing gym and not a Pilates class? Reach for a black leather handbag with a chain strap and a leather motorcycle jacket. Pair these punk essentials with your black leggings, comfy hoodie, and classic sunglasses.

Pastel leggings with soft slouchy purse

If you're ready to incorporate the springing of spring into your new gym look, opt for a pastel purple, pink, or green legging and tee or tank combo. Add a crisp white soft fabric slouchy handbag and you'll be the cutest thing since the Easter Bunny when you hop onto the stepper.