Can You Really Use Orange Juice To Remove Chipped Nail Polish?

Nail polish chips on its own schedule. Despite your best efforts (or investments into high-end manicures), there comes a time when the polish takes its leave. While some are content to rock the rugged look until all of the polish naturally washes away, others might be ready to start fresh. 


If you don't have nail polish remover on hand, there are plenty of alternative options that you can whip up on the go. As a bonus, many of these homemade solutions avoid the harsh chemicals that are typical of store-bought nail polish removers. Acetone, a favorite high-powered ingredient, is known to irritate the skin and can also cause harm when exposure takes place in the wrong circumstances (via MedicalNewsToday). Acetone nail polish is generally safe to use, but because this ingredient is highly flammable and very dangerous to consume, those with pets or small children may want to avoid it altogether. 

Fortunately, whether you're looking for a one-time life hack or a permanent swap, there are other options available for removing your nail polish. An unexpected solution you can make anywhere (even the breakfast table!) involves an unusual ingredient: orange juice. But how effective is it?


Swap your acetone for orange juice

If you don't have acetone or orange juice, you might be out of luck (and in need of a trip to the grocery store). But if your fridge is stocked up, time's up for your chipped nail polish. In one of her weirder suggestions to date, Martha Stewart shares that a combination of fresh orange juice and white vinegar is the perfect mixture for impromptu nail polish remover. CEO of Dear Sundays Amy Ling Lin shared with the outlet that all you need is to "dip the cotton ball ... in the mixture and press [it] on your fingernails for about 10 seconds until the nail polish softens." 


The ratio is easy to remember and shouldn't even use up all of your Tropicana. An equal proportion of the vinegar and juice will create an acidic, softening mixture — and it shouldn't take too much to get the job done. 

This is a perfect swap for acetone, but don't get them confused! The last thing you want is a glass of acetone with your pancakes. 

More chemical-free alternatives

If you're not an orange juice person, there are substitutes for this substitute. Côte shares that lemon juice (or even a fresh slice of the fruit) will get the job done. Because lemons are more acidic than oranges, you don't even need the assistance of vinegar for this life hack. The outlet shares that you can either saturate a cotton ball with juice, or rub a fresh slice directly on your nail. Just be sure to avoid any paper cuts! 


Another household staple that could come in handy is rubbing alcohol. Stylecraze reports that this is a powerful solution, without all of the harsh, unnatural chemicals found in typical solutions. 

Bottom line? You have every reason to try out a new DIY and put off replacing your typical nail polish remover. There are endless alternative ways to remove that pesky polish. If, however, your lack of nail polish remover was your excuse for making that chipping manicure last for a few more weeks ... we won't tell anyone you read this.