The Common Pantry Item That Can Clear Clogged Pores On Oily Skin

It's not uncommon to want a beautiful clear complexion. Those of us with oily skin constantly deal with oils that can cause a myriad of issues if left untreated, and one of the most common symptoms of oily skin includes clogged pores. According to Karidis, clogged pores can grow in size. This often results in breakouts within the skin, along with an excess of dead skin cells (which is why exfoliating is so important when you have oily skin). This of course can be disheartening, especially for those who pride themselves in their skincare routine. However, there is a simple step to take that might be one of the best ways to fight oily skin.


While there are many different skincare products that aren't worth the hype , people have been going into their kitchens to find a new ingredient for clear skin. While some hacks are unsafe and should be avoided at all costs, others might be a savior for those with oily skin.

The benefits of baking soda

Baking soda is perfect for those with oily skin. According to Femina, baking soda helps minimize the appearance of pores by closing them, causing them to shrink over time. This is due to the antiseptic properties that are found in baking soda that allows it to clear the pores from dirt and blackheads. After multiple uses, it will be hard to not see a clear difference in the skin.


This can also be great for those of us who experience issues with acne breakouts as well. Be Beautiful explains that the anti-inflammatory elements are great for clearing acne. The baking soda can dry out the pimples and stop others from appearing in its place. However, if you notice any irritation, it's best to stop using baking soda. Do a patch test before applying it to make sure your face doesn't react negatively with the baking soda.

How to apply baking soda on the skin

To get the most out of baking soda, it needs to be prepared properly to be used for oily skin. According to Femina, the first step is to take one tablespoon of baking soda and place it in a container, preferably with a spray nozzle. From there, fill the container with water, and let it mix together with the baking soda, creating a new solution. Place the concoction to the side and wash your face with a cleanser as usual. Then spray the baking soda mix onto the face and let it absorb into the skin. This should be done every day to really unclog your pores .


If you don't have a spray bottle or would rather not leave baking soda on your skin, there is another method for you. Hailey Bieber's esthetician Emma Goodman told Net-A-Porter that you just need to "mix a bit of baking soda with your cleanser [for] glow-giving exfoliation applied in a safe way." She recommends doing this a few times a week to clear blocked pores.