Add A Subtle Pop Of Color To Your Makeup Look With Pastel Eyeliner

From TikTok's finger eyeliner technique for nailing a smoky liner look to the 'barely-there' eyeliner trend, social media introduces us to many exciting new eyeliner techniques. But have you ever put much thought into your eyeliner's hue? Of course, black eyeliner is excellent for classic dramatic looks, brown eyeliner is ideal for subtle enhancement, and navy blue can make your eyes pop. Plus, many beauty enthusiasts use white eyeliner to draw more attention to their eyes for a brightening effect. Pastel eyeliner is super cute and can be very flattering, too.

Pastels are trendy in the 2020s, thanks to their peaceful and low-key energy. "Easy to live with and non-confrontational, this group of calming shades brings people together in unity rather than cause division ... Conveying a message of cleanliness and simplicity, the pastels easily fit into a more minimalist and decluttered design aesthetic, as well as offer a quietness that is soothing to the soul," Laurie Pressman, Pantone's vice president, told POPSUGAR.

There are many fun ways to rock pastel eyeliner, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Lovely lavender and lilac

Try using eyeliner in pastel purples such as lavender or lilac for cool-girl energy with a girly twist, perfect for various daytime activities such as work or lunch with friends. Add subtle sparkly eyeshadow to the look for glamorous vibes for your next exciting night out at a party or nightclub.

Dreamy sky blue

Do you enjoy looking at the light, peaceful blue sky in the morning? Pastel blue eyeliner can help you channel that ethereal energy for a dreamy, angelic look, especially when you pair it with a shiny highlight, or try a more neon spin on pastel blue liner for a bolder electric look.

Try a multi-color look

Who says you only have to choose one pastel eyeliner color? Have fun with it, and use each color that makes you happy! For instance, try layering sky blue, light yellow, and pastel pink liners for a little bit of everything. It'll be impossible not to smile when wearing such a colorful makeup look.

Explore artsy, graphic looks

Creating graphic designs with pastel eyeliners can help you get a trending-again '60s-style look. Be as artistic and creative with your lines as you want for a trendy yet unique eye makeup look, and don't be afraid to express yourself with those light yet colorful pastel liners. Why not go bold?

Try cheerful yellow

Yellow clothing is upbeat, bold, and happy. Yellow makeup has all those qualities, too. Therefore, you should experiment with yellow eyeliner for a cheerful, fun vibe. Whether you wear a subtle, ultra-pale yellow for understated, delicate energy or a brighter, louder spin on pastel yellow for ravey vibes, yellow eyeliner is super fun to explore.

Rock a pastel waterline

Pastel eyeliner doesn't only have to be for your upper eyelids and under your eyes! If you typically enjoy wearing eyeliner on your waterline to make your eyes pop, try doing so with a pastel eyeliner. Flaunting pastel liner on your waterline can help brighten your eyes with a playful touch of color.

Rainbow-inspired looks are adorable

We love seeing people create rainbow-inspired designs with eyeshadow. Why not try it with eyeliner, too? Using pastel liners can help you create a soft-in-hue yet sharp-in-design rainbow look for your eyelids as a fun alternative to eyeshadow. Wearing rainbow designs can also help you show support for the LGBTQIA+ community!