Add Dimension To Your Eye Makeup By Using Reflective Pigments In Your Inner Corner

A brightening pop of highlighter or eyeshadow with reflective pigments placed in the inner corners of the eyes is a well-known trick of the trade for many makeup wearers. However, since the late 2010s, makeup trends have taken a turn toward the subtle, and inner-corner highlighting has followed suit. That is until Dior decided to make reflective inner eyes the main makeup focal point on the runway at their 2022 autumn/winter show in Paris. Since then, dramatic metallic inner eye-corner highlights are officially back.

The more highlighted your inner corners are, the brighter, more open, and more alert your eyes appear. If you've never experimented with the technique before, now is the time. All it takes is a swipe or two of a highlighter or a light-colored, reflective eyeshadow. Coordinate the shade of your inner corner highlight with the rest of your eyeshadow or with your skin tone, depending on the aesthetic you're aiming for. Here are some of the best examples of inner corner highlighting to inspire your next eye makeup look. 

Classic golden glow

If you already routinely apply a dab of a warm highlighter on your inner corners, the easiest way to amp up the trend is to just swipe on a little more. Go ahead and add another layer and diffuse the golden glow out a little farther to cover a slightly larger diameter. 

Sultry silver

Looking to achieve a more modern metallic look? Simply swap out a reflective gold inner corner highlight for a silver one. Incorporate your silver highlight into a sexy cool-toned smoky eye and head out for an intergalactic night on that town that will leave people wondering if you're from another dimension. 

Blue and purple magic

There's no reason to limit your inner eye-corner highlight to basic silver and gold. If you love color, embrace a brighter look. Try swiping your lids with a nude hue, then add deep purple cat-eye wings that extend across the lower lash lines and stop just short of your eye's inner corner. Then, apply a highly reflective blue pigment to the inner corners and blend it into the purple lower lash lines. The result will mimic a sleek duo-chrome look with a single highlight. 

Mauve moment

If you prefer a softer aesthetic but would still like to rock a spicier look than gold or silver, consider a metallic mauve moment. A blue-based shade between pink and violet, mauve pairs well with cool-toned skin. However, when mixed with warmer pinks or purples, it can suit any shade of skin beautifully. 

Icy blue

Even the deepest, darkest, smokiest eye makeup looks have room for some inner-corner shimmer. Give one last ode to winter by applying an array of shades of blue with dramatic black liner. Save the lightest, coolest, most reflective blue for the inner corner and breeze through your day like the ice queen you are.